Tuesday, June 9

Nashville 2015

We all LOVE this trip!! Just outta school and ready for no schedule and fun! We hang w Jeeg, Papa, Julie, Blake, Emery and Lulu.

Lulu is almost 3. Still edible as ever!!!
Lucy (2), Emery (days away from 5!), Colbie (5)

The Koi pond destruction and Blake's helpers :)
Park and creek by Julie's house
It's time for Emery's Birthday Party!!!!
I got Emery this jacket--completed w a pink mane. :). Julie LOVED it. Hahahaha!!!

Shopping w Julie and mama
Sunday we went to Crockett Park for Symphony Under the Stars (Nashville symphony). It was a beautiful night!!
We were rained out at the Zoo so we headed to Cost Co for a cheap lunch and beach chairs. :)
Creek in the back yard
Daisy has made us several awesome videos w iMovie. She's got a gift!