Monday, May 18

Colbie Jean, age 5

Publix with Colb


Family chapel
Dancing w her friends




Sunday, May 17


Today was ROOTS! Vicki Boutwell lead us all (with the help of Casey!) to Rally Our Offspring To Serve. Today's emphasis was for Hands Of Mercy Everywhere (HOME) who house and help teen moms when they are pregnant and after the baby comes. We provided their home with paper goods. The kids were taught we can give hope when helping those in need. The verse was from Hebrews saying,"We have this hope as an anchor for our souls..."



I think Grant was paying attention during the lesson... But I can't be certain. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday in May


Saturday, May 16

Flag football --The Tide ����

 Isaac played flag football with Upward at First Baptist. He had Coach Russ and Coach Andy. Russ was a Bama Alumni---yay for us!!! I tried get all the Gator fan parents to join me and a hearty Roll Tide Roll! I had no such luck!!!�� ��. In fairness I would not do the CHOMP if they were called the Gators. ��.

  Isaac loved his team. Carson, Grady, & Jennings made the games fun with friends we love. Win-win!

This is a fun, low pressure age (for most teams!) for flag football. When it's not their turn to be on the field they are off doing who knows what (playing tag, wrestling w a teammate, having a snack, hiding in the bushes...). We usually had to find the kids on the bench when it was their turn! ��

He had a good season. He loved being a receiver. He stretched for many catches and scored several touch downs (not that we kept score)��. He played many positions and had a blast!  Gotta feeling we'll be doing this again. 

Collin and Isaac are in Mrs Wood's class this year. They're big buds. So it was fun to play Colin's team. 
It was HOT on some of those morning. So the boys would hide out in the shade under the umbrellas. Cuties!!!