Wednesday, January 28

Dear Daisy...

Dear Daisy,

You are a decade old today and I am baffled.  How did this happen?! J I feel like I was just walking around Mountain Lodge in Birmingham with Papa trying to coax you out of my belly!  Even before January 28th, 2005… I was completely smitten with your ultrasound pictures and kicks.  Then you were here and you were a GIRL!!!  (We waited to find out.)  After the delivery all the staff left, family went home and I was moved to a room later that night.  I remember that night raising my hand in praise to God in the dim room with tears running down my cheeks in overwhelming thankfulness for you.  I held your sweet little warm body swaddled tight in my arms.  Your soft chubby cheeks and head full of hair were still with sleep and I was beyond thrilled and so thankful for my baby girl, Daisy Joy.

And here we are 10 years later and I find myself feeling the exact same way!! I am not really surprised.  I don’t expect this to ever change. ;)  I am so very proud of you and love so much about you.  Let me give you a few examples.  I am proud of how hard you work in school.  I am proud (and slightly jealous) of how you are a natural with babies and children (that's a Jones trait!).  I am proud of the little teacher in you.  It’s a gift!  You have the patience, the knowledge and the caring heart to want others to know and understand things.  Do you know other people can’t do that?  Even if they tried really hard?  I love how your laughs come so easily, how you lean on me while cracking up and in your cackles call me “Nom” (your lazy verse of Mom).  You have a clever sense of humor, Dais.  And I love how you can laugh at yourself.  That’s a rare quality and it makes you so fun to be around!  And I can't forget to mention that dance parties with you in the kitchen are the best!! :)

I have to tell you the proudest moment I have had lately.  It was at your 4th grade award ceremony.  I bet you think I am going to say that it was your All A’s honor roll or meeting your AR goal?  Nope.  It was when it was all over.  I walked over to you to say give my “Atta girl!”  and big hug…and your first words to me were, “Mom, I think Ali didn’t get any awards, and I don’t think his parents are here.  I bet he feels really bad.”  One of my favorite parts about you is your tender heart towards others.  You had really cleaned up at that awards ceremony!!  And you were worried about a boy to who may have felt bad.  I LOVE THAT DAISY JONES.  I thought about that later and I made me wanna come find you and squeeze you tight.  Why does that make me so proud?  Because THAT is what matters, Baby Girl.  Seeing the world around you from others perspectives and not just your own.  And that you seem to understand that in some form as a 4th grader is amazing. 

For some reason this 10th anniversary of your birth has made me feel sappy.  So you get a cheesy letter as a result.  But you can always reference this letter to know how much your Mama LOVES you and LOVES that you are hers.  I love spending time with you and being your Mama. I thank God for you all the time.

Happy 10th Birthday, Dais!


(also known as “Mother of Abraham” or “Nom”)

Wednesday, December 31


I am busy printing the last years blog book and I realized the captions don't match up due to space (so I don't have 9 volumes of 2014…2 is enough!)  So what to do from here on out?  Hmmm…  Makes me wanna skip the details but some pics need explanation!   

Like below…this is an obstacle course they set up to play and wheel around…not just a messy garage. :)

 NEW YEARS EVE IN THE SAC. ;)  Hmm not sure I should continue use of that abbreviation.  Things can get crazy and before you know it we will be using words like  "tramp" for trampoline.  "Let's go jump on the tramp!" doesn't sound good no matter what age you are. :)

 HAPPY 2015!!!!!!

Monday, December 29

Jones Christmas in SUNNY Florida :)

We had Christmas at our house!!!  It was so great to have everyone (well most everyone) here.  Daniel worked hard to make us ready.  There were stations of fun all around (fooseball table, iPad on bean bag, trampoline was new from "Santa," he had the pool heater fixed= swimming, basketball goal, old Nintendo set up in our loft and Meems and BePops gave everyone a rip stick!).  Everyone came and we just hung out around the house, shared the meals and relaxed. :)  This was our first Christmas we didn't have a toddler or baby (with us in the States)!  So we all really did sit and relax if we wanted to! Having said that…Sarah and Chris…when/if you are with us in the future …we are available and ready to help with yours!!!!!:)

 Are you proud Meems?

 Talent show by the kids...

 Brian Regan did some entertaining via his DVDs.  He did NOT disappoint. :)

 David saved a frisbee from the tree.
 We all tried to see the Nicholsons & Meems …w technical difficulties...

 They're so popular! :)

 Present time...

 Good times everyone :)  We loved having everyone here!! Tradition? :)

Loved this…Cause I ate my WEIGHT in EVERYTHING :)