Monday, March 17

More March

St Patty's Day for Colbie and Kyle!
Making letters for Cheryl the girl we sponsor in Kisumu.  :)

Popsicles at the park!    and Party in the car…when you wear a sequence shirt!

Bike-a-thon at St Pauls!!!
Colbie was such a big girl riding w no training wheels!

Waiting for their medals. :)

Colbie wanted to sport her Monkey Buddies on TOP of her britches.  Ok...
Orange blossom smells are filling our yard!  One of my most favorite smells OF ALL TIME.  Now THAT'S saying something. :)

Pink Perfection. :)

Sunday, March 16


Daniel participated "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" as a fundraiser for Altrusa.  It was a fun experience. We were all his cheering section.  Daisy cried when he didn't win.  :)

Not long after that…my dreams came true and he shaved off his beard!!!!! YAY!!!!

Enjoy the progression.

and below the Buddy Jones Pose. :)
Silly Kindergarteners at lunch. :)
Isaac, Kensey and Macy
Layne tried!

IF: Table at Bible Study

Seeing Baby Kelly

Isaac's St Patty's Day sock hop!

Phillips kids and mine playing in the backyard. :)
The night we went on a double date

Cyndie kept them and we had a blast…and so did they!

Grant's last day of football.  This kid is a natural!!!!  VERY good.  :)

Isaac and Jonathan at Jonathans Super hero Bday party.
Dirty toes!
Bike riding

Isaac likes being twins w Dan. :)
This CRACKED ME UP….We were writing a card to a little girl who knocked her teeth out.  Colbie was copying us all writing sorry…but stopped short.  She just wrote, "SO."  LOL  So insensitive Colbs!! :)