Thursday, November 30

Good Tidings in Tanglewood

I have always been guilty of decorating for Christmas ASAP after Thanksgiving. Poor Dan. We have actually pulled into town and gone straight to Lowe's to get a Christmas tree. I just love it. It's all so warm and cozy. I love the music, the lights, the cards, the decorations, the food, the parties...all of it. So when we came home on Sunday (since it was early) we started the decorations. First we took the Daisy and went to Lowes. Daisy ran around the trees while we searched for the best one. We got a Frasier Pine and tied it to the Honda. When we got it home and set it up we realised we had chosen a rather slender tree. We thought the branches would "fall" with gravity. But no...lets just say "full" will never be a word to describe this tree. Oh well. Atleast it smells amazing! We pulled out all the boxes and turned on Harry Connick Jr Christmas CD. Seeing as how most years this process involves some type of tension, I dont think Dan is a huge fan (but what men are?). But I think this is just something he has decided he will do along with me to make me happy. We have had some serious wars about colored lights vs. white lights and apples (fake) on the tree or no apples. But this year we both worked hard for it to be fun. I think after 5 1/2 years we have found a common ground. I started handing him things to place around the house to decorate and he looked back at me with a blank look. He said, "I dont think this is a job you want me to do." he hung the lights outside. :) We had a great time. We stayed up late getting it all in place. And about 1 hour after we went to bed Daisy starting crying and had thrown up all in her bed. This whole night was a virus saga. None of us got much sleep. But she is much better now.

Wednesday, November 29

Black Friday

Ahhh, Black Friday. One of the greatest days of the year. Not because I find the greatest deals (like a $5 crock pot at Walmart), or I like fighting the crowds, or that I love to browse for a parking spot for 15 minutes only to be thrilled to find one in the very last spot in the lot. But because its the BIGGEST shopping day of the year and its an excuse for me to go! This year both families have decided to not do gifts. Well there are a few exceptions here and there but for the most part we are off the hook. I had no real agenda for Black Friday except for myself and how to best spend my November (and maybe December a little early) fun money. I got some great half price deals at Joannes. And Hobby Lobby had half off of the scrapbook stickers (danger DANGER!). Mom and Jules were with me. Jules has gift cards to every store in America and still didnt get that much. Mom is super bargain shopper. Dad gave Jules and I specific instructions to go with her to get a new bed. They got one of those you can regulate each sides firmness or softness. Now I want one. I will put that on my "post school and post just out of school" list of things to get (along with a sprayer for the kitchen sink, dark carpet that doesn't show stains, in home washer and dryer, a home that doesnt smell like cat pee or cigarette smoke, a garage...). So...the girls shopped and the boys kept Daisy.

The next day was the boys day. They played tennis and then lounged. Hilariously we went shopping again, but this time with the Daisy. :) The rest of the weekend was great. Mom had made a list of all the foods we each loved and made each thing at some point during the weekend. We played Nertz (a card game) and that was a ton of fun (was it fun cause Julie and I kicked tail both times we played? or cause we all laughed alot and Blake was hilarious? hmmmmm). We watched football, went thru myspace looking for high school friends, cars were washed, we all wrestled with with Scott atleast once, ate white donuts, carseats were cleaned, oh and I got to sleep late thanks to Jiji and Papa. It was GREAT. I wanted to go to Dads new office! Next time I guess. We had to leave early on Sunday morning and couldnt stay for church so we would miss traffic that day. We only hit one bad spot about 45 min from home. Thankfully it wasnt as bad as 2-3 extra hours like last year. (A note about the pics...I am fondly referred to as Olan...yes Olan Mills because I take too many pics. The one of Scott is him showing us his manly chest hair. Revenge is sweet me olan mills, I'll show you...). :)

Tuesday, November 28

Turkey Day with the Cokers

We headed to Atlanta on Wednesday evening when Dan was done with work. On the way there Daisy barfed all over herself. We don't know what happened. Hopefully she is not going to be as carsick as me. So about an hour from home we pulled over to clean that mess enough to get us home. Poor Dais. But afterward she fell asleep in the car which is a miracle (or a virus).

Thursday we went to my Nanny and Granddaddy's new house in Cumming, GA. It is a beautiful house and still has the Nanny's house feel to it. I love that. They moved there just weeks before we all came. They had it all decorated and broken in and like home. We all hung out and caught up on each others hilarious happened with Jan? what the Oprah show was like for Judy and Phil, who Caroline is dating today (& the college saga continues), what elections the Pruitt kids won, Jims job at Hobby Lobby (I love that store!), Judy and Phil's latest story on selling houses to those in the great state of Arkansas (go Hawgs), and poor Brendas jaw pain (hope that has gotten better!). The meal was SO GOOD as usual. You should have seen the kitchen after everyone had eaten. As my family would say "It looks like the locust came through!" :) It was such a yummy meal. The afternoon consisted of football, a walk around the neighborhood that involved most of the family (looked like the Exodus when we all started out), desserts, talking , family pictures, family singing from the hymnals, and napping. That night was wrapped up with an extended episode of Grey's Anatomy. All the girls huddled on the couch for the viewing. It was great fun. Here are some pics of that day:

You may be wondering why there is not a whole family pic of the Cagles. Well the best ones were taken by the unofficial (or maybe official!) family photographer Aunt Judy. But I don't have those yet. Don't you worry. When I do, you will know. :)

Visiting the Turkey (no, not you Granddaddy)

I am playing catch up with the blog posts. But I have several pics and events to get ready! On Wednesday before Thanksgiving we had a little playgroup with some of our neighbors. We went to Sarah and Lana's house. The kids (Daisy, Sofia, Lana, and Jacob) all played while I helped Sarah to prepare for her big crowd coming for Thanksgiving. One of my jobs was peeling boiled eggs for deviled eggs. Unfortunately for Sarah I stink at that hard can it be? But I tore most of the ones I peeled. Oh well. All this to explain that we took a little field trip to the big blow up Turkey outside the Tanglewood office. It was Francisca (Sofia's cousin) and I with three toddlers (all about to be 2). It was like herding cats to get them there. :) Here's a pic of that adventure:

Wednesday, November 22


We had a potluck here in Tanglewood last night. A small corner of the building was invited to promote getting to know your neighbors. Well, there were only 3 families there including us. And the other 2 families we know quite well. :) But that actually made it pretty fun. We hung out and ate with Sebastian, Paula, Sergio, Sebastian (the son), Ricky, Rodrigo, Tracy, Sofia and also Thomas and Pam (who are on staff at Tanglewood). We had a great meal. I took chicken pot pie and rice. Daisy ran around and played with Sofia and the boys. It was fun. I meant to take pics. But I am going to have to use old pics to show those that were there.

Below is Paula and her boys at the Halloween festival. Sergio, Ricky and Sebastian are always so sweet to play with Daisy.

And then there is Sofia. Daisy loves to play with sofia. Here is a pic of them painting this summer (and maybe Traci's foot?).

Monday, November 20


Well, usually they are packed. And I guess this one was. We had a MOPS play date at the play area at the mall @ 10. There were many moms there and tons of kids. They have a TV with a Christmas movie playing in it just outside the play area. BAD IDEA. All the kids kept running out of the enclosed play place to watch the movie. That was Daisy's excuse 5 of the 10 times she escaped. :) She had a small melt down about eating her snack. Apparently food is not allowed in the play area so she had to sit and eat. It just about killed her. She loved playing with "baby Caleb" (as she calls him), Reid, Riley, Chase, and all the others. We ate at Chickfila in the mall with some friends. My friend Megan gave me a gift card that she swore she would never use that was $20 to Cloud 9! I mean twenty bucks to a spa....I can find SOMETHING to do with it. :) And she also is giving us some toys she doesn't want anymore. One of which is what we wanted to get Daisy for Christmas. Yes! "Santa's" work is done. :) Wasn't that so kind of Megan? What a woman. And then as we were leaving the mall I noticed there was NO line at all for a pic with Santa. I actually walked in the area where the line should be and then decided to leave. I thought there will probably be something with Santa at the village and I can get a pic there that will be free! (Dan, how about a pat on the back for that! Did I do good on that, or what?) So as I was leaving Daisy, my precious almost 2 year old was screaming....NO, I see Sah-cause.....Sah-cause!" (Santa Claus). I didn't even know she knew him so well. She cried all the way to the car, while I buckled her in, and about 10 minutes down the road. Unreal. Then home for a nap. Later today some UF students came by (previously arranged) to do a Denver 2 exam on Daisy. They were sweet girls. Daisy performed like a champ. They said according to the test she was "advanced." She identified all her colors, identified pictures, stacked blocks 6 tall, threw the ball, named her friends in the village (ricky, jacob, karol....), and whatever else. I guess that's all about our day. No pics today. Sorry so boring. :)

Sunday, November 19

Preacher Man's Party

Last night we had a dinner to celebrate the birthday of our friend and preacher Eric Brown. He requested roast, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake. We also had green beans, a yummy salad, sister schuberts yeast rolls, and sweet tea. I think he enjoyed it. The Mittens and Haydens were in attendance as well. We all (including the whole church) love Eric Brown. He is so gifted in preaching. He can step on your toes and then have you thanking him for doing it. God is really using him here in Gainesville.And as for Daisy...her Sunday school teacher remarked about how smart she was for knowing her colors. :) I didn't know that was smart. I don't remember trying to beat it in her head...but I guess she did it in spite of me. She knows many colors: brown, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, green, or-nange, and white. That makes me a proud mama! She can sing some of the ABC's, twinkle twinkle little star, and others. She is getting better with stairs. She navigates our playground pretty good these days. I can't totally sit and watch yet...but she is getting there. I don't have to help as much as I used to. She loves the CD's in the car with her name sung on them. One is Barney and one is Veggie Tales. She requests them often. I get a little burned out on them. But when one of the songs is "God is so good" and they sing "God is so good to Daisy and me" I can't resist. When we sing that outside the car she knows it's a song from her CD.

One more note...remember how Friday was laundry day? Well so was Saturday since Daisy threw up all over Dan. We don't know what was wrong. She woke up from her nap and was unusually fussy and wouldn't eat (even though she had already skipped lunch). And then we saw her breakfast again all on poor Dan. He handled it well. They jumped in the bath and then we did a load to wash all the throw up clothes, rugs, jeans, pillows... seemed like she was hitting like a 3 foot radius. :) In the chaos when we washed Dans jeans we didn't check his pockets well enough and washed his cell phone. Ugh. So he runs to T-Mobile and the guy there just turned it on. It worked fine! hahaha. It survived a wash and dry! Unreal. It's one of the cheap free Nokias. But the way to go if you are accident prone. :) Since then Daisy has been fine. Thank you God!

Friday, November 17

My little helper...

So today was laundry day. I have to admit that it's just been recently that it has become a little more second nature to me to go to the laundry center. I used to dread it terribly and put it off since it was such an event! I don't know if it's Daisy being older or if I am just getting used to it. I do love that I can get it ALL done in about 2 hours whether it's 2 loads or 5. :) But I would still trade back to doing laundry all day and have a washer dryer in my home any day! And I would love to not have to pay $1.50 each load. Anyway, the point of this laundry deal is that Daisy loves to help me. Now that she can walk AND follow directions (most of the time) she can help me. She wants to pull the cart with the clothes in it, carry the "mu-NEY", carry the detergent, dump out the dryer sheets, and anything else. I used to have to hem her up in the washer so she wouldn't lick the laundry room floor...gross. But now she helps me put the quarters in the machines. And she loves to push the buttons that make them start. (Basically you choose hot, hotter or hottest on the dryers). Pretty good fine motor skill exercise, huh? Or am I covering for putting her to work? whatever. :) And when we are switching the clothes from the washer to the dryer, she loves to help. I hand her a sock and she takes it over and tosses it in the dryer. In the time it takes her to do that one sock, I have the rest of the load in the dryer. I am not saying she is speedy...but she is "helping." (**and about the hair in the pic...story of my life. It's so fine it falls all the time!)

Another funny about Daisy is that she calls us "Dad" and "Mom" sometimes. It makes us laugh cause what toddler calls their parents that? I thought that was for teenagers! Sometimes it's "my Dad" too. She will say, "um on my Dad! (come on my Dad!)" which cracks us up. We say "mama" and "daddy" to her. I have no idea where she got it from. Oh well.

She definitely copies everything we say. She especially loves to copy noises. Most of the time when I am on the phone with Jules she will copy things I say. Julie thinks its so funny.

Thursday, November 16

Daisy Prays

My sweet baby Daisy said her first prayer on her own last night. It was so precious. I told her we needed to say a prayer before going to bed to which she replied, "ho- -ands Mama (hold hands mama)." So holding her sweet chubby little hands I asked her to say the prayer. She closed her eyes (which is usually long consecutive blinks) and said, "Ah Ga (Dear God)....Daddy, Daisy, Mama (thank you for Daddy, Daisy and Mama).....FOOD (and double thanks for the food?)....Mama do it (I have hit a block, take it from here Mama.)!" And I said "God, we love you so much. In Jesus name..." and Daisy says "AMEN!" It was just the sweetest sound to my ears. I love this baby girl!

I have been going to the Y and working out...against my strong will to want to stay home or go to Target instead. I don't have a partner to meet there like I used to and it's killing me. My motivation is low. Each day I go, I hope that the child watch is full so I will have to say, Oh well, guess I can't work out today! But no such luck. I love having already done it...but its just the getting there that stinks.

Dan and I have watched a couple of movies this week. One was "Must love Dogs" which was good but a little too much cheese in parts. And the other was "Over the Hedge" which was pretty funny. It was fun to have some nights to spend together and hang out. I have to take this opportunity to say that I have a pretty stinking awesome husband. He cares about what is going on with me. When he comes home and I basically verbally vomit on him when he walks in cause I am SO happy I have an adult to talk to....he is so kind. He is serious about our 30 minutes of focused us time each night. He is an attentive Daddy to Daisy. She loves her Daddy. He plays with her as soon as he gets home. She has his undivided attention. They play, sing, throw the ball, read books, go on the swings, everything! One night this week I was looking for them in the yard. I was calling Daniel. And one of my neighbors pointed to the plastic playhouse in the playground that's about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Dan was in there with Daisy and her friend Pam "fixing dinner." I think that is so cool.

I love our neighbors. They are from all over the world! I mean I am learning more about other cultures than I ever have in my own back yard. Literally. I will have to take a picture of all the kids that Daisy loves to play with. She is the only American in the bunch. Which is so good for Daisy...and for me. I would say Dan too but he is pretty cultured. :)

I guess this blog has sort of turned into a journal for me. Oh well, it is what it is. :)

Saturday, November 11

Veterans Day and Sleepless Nights

Well, our precious baby girl that LOVES to sleep and has had it mastered for a while having problems. For some reason she is waking up crying and WILL not go back to sleep. One night it was from 1 am to 3:30 am and last night it was from 8 pm to 10:30 pm! What is wrong with her? I wonder if night terrors start at this age? When we go check on her she stops crying. If we are in there with her, she is fine. But as soon as we leave she starts again. She is not hot or cold, she does have a little bit of snotty nose...but that can't be it. Who knows?

We spend Friday morning with Eric walking on this cool trail by his condo. It was really pretty and the perfect temperature outside. Daisy was in the backpack. She loves Eric. She kept saying his name in the car after we left. Here is a cute pic of Daisy and Eric.

Today Dan is playing flag football this morning with some guys from church. I am going to the Micanopy Festival with Naphtali, Nate and her Dad when Dan gets done. It should be fun. Tonight is the Florida - South Carolina game....woo hoo!

Tuesday, November 7


And with her little pudgy pointer finger she shows me something random. Lately it's been every alligator she sees...which in Gator town is A LOT! Sometimes a "go gators" slips out. I have to say, "No Daisy, GO BAMA!" She already says to every single football game she sees "Alabama!" I have not corrected that though. I just say, "that's right baby girl!" roll tide roll....:) (please dont be confused by the picture below. I KNOW I have on a UF shirt. It was free and I have to say my feelings have changed since the pic was taken. When a drink was thrown on me at the UF - Bama game, a little resentment was planted in my heart. Not to say I wont sport the shirt ever again. It fits really cute. hahahaha. But I WON'T be doing the Chomp or allowing Daisy to say "go gators.").

She had a rough day today. I don't know if its the snotty nose or the rainy day gettin' her down but WHEW...I am over the whining. Just in the nick of time Daniel came home. He whisked her away outside. And now I can just sit and blog in peace.

We went to the Pediatrician today to get a follow up shot for Hep A and a flu shot. She took both like a champ. She weighs 35 pounds...yes, that is correct. Can't you just see my scoliosis developing at the thought of lifting her 9,000 times a day? I can feel it. :) The Doctor said, "oh, now she is only in the 97%." She has come down from the 99th. :)

Daisy has started to personalize her statements and its pretty funny. For instance, I will ask her to say "Thank You" after I give her her milk. And she will say, "Thank you...Mama." And she does it to everyone. It's pretty funny.

Tonight we are having dinner with some friends. I am looking forward to it!

Sunday, November 5

Sushi, Art, and Scattergories

We had a fun and relaxing weekend. Although I am ashamed to admit it, this was one of our first weekends that we were in town, with no BIG plans in like 4 months! (Obviously I have a tendancy to over do it and hate saying "no".) This was a nice change!

Friday night Daniel and I got to go out on a date. :) Eric Brown (as mentioned before) kept Daisy and they had fun. They read books, watched a little Barney and she told him about a Butterfly she used to have on her hand. It was impressive that he understood her! We had not told him about that. :) Dan and I went to Ichibans and had sushi and Pad Thai. good. I told Dan with his love for sushi he was starting to get taste like a rich man...he LOVED to hear that! :) While we were there someone had a screaming baby with them at dinner. It sounded a lot like Daisy. But since it was not my responsibility to calm the kid, the evening was not ruined. :) We went to Starbucks after that and had coffee. A soy decaf Caramel Macchiato (sp?) with 2 packs of sugar in the raw hit the spot. :)

Saturday we went downtown to the Annual Gainesville Art Festival. There were streets filled with venders and great smelling food. (note to self...dont go before lunch next time...I wanted to eat it all!). Daisy played in the Imagination Station scribbling, making a hat, watching puppets and so on. We did not buy any art but the desire was there. Next time that I have $5000 cash to spend on art I will attend this festival and bring home some cool stuff.

Saturday evening we went to the Russell's house and had burgers with them and Heather, Matt and Ryan Ross. It was fun. The babies played and we all talked. Daisy and Ryan hit a melt down around the same time. They took Ryan home for a good night sleep. Daisy went down in the good ol' pack-n-play. We played Scattergories with the Russells. It was hilarious. First of all, Dan and I were LAST in score way behind the Russell family. Dan "miraculously" won the second game. It was amazing that Gary, Shelley, Jenn and Jamie were cashing in points (often double points) almost every question. Me? I was getting like 2 per round...for those of you who dont know...that's bad. Next time I am bringing a game that I am good at. :)

Sunday was challenging as usual. Eric brought the heat in the "service" catagory. Sheep or Goats? Man, that is a hard topic. Mostly because I have some changes to make. I need to see those who are hungry, thirsty, and so on and meet those needs. What will that look like here in Gainesville, FL? I will be praying for sensitivity in my spirit to respond like Christ in these situations.

Daisy is in bed and fast asleep. Time to get somethings done....

Friday, November 3

Sweet Daisy

She is a sweet baby girl! I cant believe she is going to be 2 in 3 shorts months. I am now officially old and hear myself say the words "Its going by so fast!" Oh well, it was going to happen eventually. Daisy is saying more and more each day. She is now saying sentences which is fun. When I say sentences I mean Toddler sentences that are more like "Daddy-ah-work Mama" to which I respond "thats right, Daddy is at work." Or "Daisy shoes-on oh-outside Mama" (put my shoes on and lets go outside...and you can chase me all over the place keeping me from harms way). Or "Trick or Treat Nate!" (give me some candy Nate!). Or "boo-t-shirt mama" (can I wear my blue t-shirt to bed tonight?). Or "O-cute Daddy" (Daddy I like your outfit). All of these things are in her own language. But most of the time Daniel or I fish out the meaning. :)

Tonight Daniel and I are going out ALONE. Our sweet preacher Eric offered to keep the Daisy and we jumped on the chance to go. We dont have big plans yet except for eating our whole dinner with out a high chair, sippie cup, or saying "take a bite of the....Daisy." It's going to be wonderful. Eric is the best!

Wednesday, November 1

"Hah-o-ween Mama!"

Translation: "please take me back to that place where I was a pumpkin, I played games and got lots of candy!" She keeps repeating "hah-o-ween mama" while she carries her "pumpkin purse" and sorts all the candy. That was fun until she realised the candy was edible and tasted GREAT! So we have to limit that a little bit.

My Mama came in town Monday to see the Daisy. She just couldnt hold off until Thanksgiving...and we were so glad she came! Daisy LOVES "Jiji-n-Papa" (often combined even when referring to just one of them). We had fun shopping and eating out. On Wednesday morning Daisy kept saying "carseat! carseat!" wanting to get in the car as mom was packing to leave. She cried as she left. But then again, didn't we all?? :)

While mom was here we hit several Halloween hotspots in Gator Town. Monday night we went to a little festival on Campus in Maguire Village for all the kids in campus family housing. It was pretty neat. There was free pizza and popcorn. Daisy played games, painted a pumpkin, & turned in tickets for prizes. I made Daniel go in to the Haunted House so I could know what it was like. I hate stuff like that (super wimp!). He did and said I would have screamed for sure. Glad I didnt go it! Many of our neighbors were there from Tanglewood. Mom took pics till her camera died. The weather was perfect. Still adjusting to it getting dark so early with the time change!

Tuesday afternoon, we went to Boo at the Zoo here in Gainesville at Sante Fe Community College. It was pretty neat. There were tons of people there. Shelley and Jenn met us there to go through the Zoo. We saw many friends from MOPS there. Daisy played with Sophia. I think Daisy had fun. We left and ate at the Atlanta Bread Co and then went to Trick or Treat at the Mittens. They loved seeing our little pumpkin. After that we came home and crashed. Daisy answered the door for a few trick or treaters and the night was done. Dan, mom and I used the evening to enjoy the HILARIOUS movie Undercover Brother that we had Tivoed. It was great!