Tuesday, April 24

the latest with Dais

So there is no real big news. I just thought I would post what Daisy has been up to lately. First pics are of Daisy and Daddy playing "Burrito" with the throw in the den. She LOVES it (of course). I just hope she doesn't get a bald spot again like when she was a baby from all the carpet friction. (NOT that we played "burrito" when she was a baby... :) but you know...when they are not mobile yet).

On Saturday, one of our neighborhood friends had a birthday party! It was great fun. His mama is a great cook and made some great things to eat. :) There was a pinata (I don't have an "n-yea" on my key board, do I?) and the kids LOVED it. It was pretty fun to watch too. Here are Sofia, Pam and Daisy eating the candy they caught.
We had ventured out to the Friends of the Library Book sale. We wound up not getting anything but we did go for gelato while we were out. It was great. We stumbled upon a Child Safety Fair going on in Downtown Gainesville. There was live entertainment, food, and activities for kids. Daisy had a blast going through the Fire Dept obstacle course. Here she is in action.

In the fire truck

shooting the water hose at a cone

She cried and cried when we had to take off the hat and jacket to go. She had already gone through 2 times. :) Poor Daisy.

And then a little about Daisy's Mama...this is my MOPS (Mothers of Pre Schoolers) group. I am a group leader for about 10 of the 70-ish moms that attend. Its such a cool thing to be a part of. I love it! But Monday morning we had a meeting and made growth charts for our kids. We painted fence posts and decorated them and then marked the sides so we can mark their growth. It was great fun. Plus, I have a great group. We have a lot of fun together. :)

Monday, April 16

BePops and Mimimo Visit

We had Buddy and Maurine (affectionately referred to as "BePops & Mimomo"--started by the oldest grandkid, Jon David). Daisy calls Maurine "Mimimo" for some reason. She doesn't mind one bit. :) We had a great visit. We played in the yard, went shopping (woo hoo!), ate at Texas Roadhouse, went to the farmers market and the arts festival. It was great to have them at our house.

The first pic shown is Dan and his Mom at the Art Festival in Downtown Gainesville. Below is at the Art Festival too. We were watching cloggers and Irish dancers.

This was Daisy and BePops watching the dancers. I love this picture (except for the loaded diaper).

This was in the car sometime this weekend. Daisy was really into this toy magazine. She was cracking us up!

Saturday Buddy and Maurine had to go home so they could be at their church on Sunday (it's how it goes with BOTH sets of parents...we rarely get them on a Sunday). And I decided to put Daisy in her Easter dress she didn't wear last week cause she was sick. I took her pic outside of church before we went in. Isn' t this the most precious little girl???? :)


And this is me at 20 1/2 weeks. I think the weight gain is happening in more places than my belly...maybe a little junk in my trunk. Oh well. Pregnancy is really just taking one for the team. :)

Tuesday, April 10

Easter: Virus Style

Well as you can guess by the title, Daisy was a little under the weather for Easter. But first let me start by saying that Mom and Dad came in town the 3 days before Easter. We had a great time hanging out. Daniel was busy with a conference and studying for boards but was around as much as possible. The weather was unseasonably cool...like 45 degrees the morning of the Easter Bunny visit and the egg hunt at Tanglewood. Mom, Dad, Daisy, Dan and I all went to the festivites at 9 am at the commons room (pardon the sleepy eyes they all have in the photo above...it was early). Daisy was so excited to see the Easter Bunny but not thrilled to go see him alone. So guess what that means? Yeah! Mama sees the Easter Bunny, too!

So we saw the Easter Bunny and then hunted eggs around our complex. Daisy caught on quickly. Then we all returned to the commons room for a gift from the Easter Bunny and cupcake decorating (mmmm...cupcakes for breakfast!). Daisy loved doing all of that and being with all of her neighborhood friends. :)

OK, so the low down is that she started to run fever on Friday. We would give her Tylenol and she would perk up and play. She also started this yucky juicy cough. Lovely. Her nose ran like a faucet but it was clear. We were debating back and forth as to what to do about church: take her and wrestle her in service? just go for the brunch and egg hunt? skip it all together? We hated to miss such a great celebration day, plus fun for Daisy, plus food at a brunch potluck, not to mention we had guests coming along. Well "we got our answer" said Daniel in the wee hours of Sunday morn. That night she hacked and coughed until 1:30 am when she barfed all in her big girl bed. Daniel and I went into emergency parent mode and I held the vomit queen and cleaned her (getting chunks out of her hair) while he stripped the bed and re-made it in record time with a nice towel draw sheet addition (to limit clean up in case of recurrent similar events). We collectively decided to dose her again, pull back the vomit hair and let her go back to sleep. (These events you don't get to plan out in marriage counseling...but I must say we make a great team in these situations!) She did just that...but I felt guilty as I went back to bed knowing her hair was just going to get crusty and still smell just as bad. She still slept like a champ. Anywho...the next morning when we shoulda been donning our Easter apparel (cute hand-me-downs, borrowed maternity clothes and a 3 yr old polo for Dan) we were watching Cinderella on DVD and then opened the Easter Basket...all with vomit hair. Shortly there after we bathed our sweet baby and double shampoo-ed her since I could still smell it after the first attempt. She started to perk up a bit. I decided to attempt an Easter Party one of my friends was giving. It was at 3 that afternoon. She had been doing pretty well that day so we went for it. She got to wear her dress (with fleece pants and tennis shoes underneath...does that cancel the cuteness??). But about 5 o'clock she started to slow down and got hot again. So we left. But it was such a fun party and she LOVED it. Since then Daisy has gotten so much better. She had fever Monday morning and then that was it. So things are looking better. The cough is still there but improving. :) And that is our Easter story.

Saturday, April 7

Tooth talk, Strawberries, and Mama's Face


Tooth Talk was a dental educational time that Daniel did at Tanglewood one Saturday morning (3-31-07). The programer, Desi, asked if he would be interested in doing it for the community. Dan did a great job. There were 42 people there and of course Daniel had all the kids attention! He showed a cartoon, did a flannel board show, went over good and bad foods for your teeth, and used the kids as volunteers and it was great. All of the kids loved it. The adults were impressed with Daniel and enjoyed it, too. We were so proud of Daniel! :)


Then that next Tuesday there was a Tanglewood activity to all go to the Strawberry patch. It was great fun! Daisy got filthy. But had a ball picking strawberries with Sofia. They would pick one and take a bite then toss it down, pick another, take a bite, toss it...pretty funny. When we move, we will really miss all the fun (and free!) activites! See the pics below of our adventure.

started off a little distracted...

then got to work

Mama and Daisy in the Strawberry patch

Dirty Daisy after we were done.


So this is funny. Daisy showed me this about a month ago. She said, "Mama, do this...Mama, you make this face." And then she did the face in the pics below. I have to laugh. She must see this face a lot from me. :) I guess I better prepare myself for more revealing things from her in the future.