Friday, May 25

Rain and Alabama

Daniel runs home from school each day. One day last week he got caught in a down pour midway through the jog (and we were so thankful...we needed this to clear the smoke from the fires!). When he came to the door he was drenched! He took Daisy out in her "bug boots" (rain boots that look like bugs) that JeJe got her. They had a blast. I have to admit I was a little worried about lightning. But Daisy was having the time of her life! Daddies are so fun. Mainly cause all they see is the immediate fun of the rain...and not the bath, the mess, the muddy clothes (with no laundry facilities in the house), the dirty muddy bathroom, etc. But hey, if I have had to learn anything being Daniel Jones's to cut loose and live a little (hence the skydiving last Feb). Below are pics of the fun in the rain at "Camp Tanglewood".


So Daniel had a conference in Seattle, WA (woulda loved to gone...maybe next time) and was gone from Friday to Wednesday. He had a good time (woulda been better with me, he agrees). So we couldn't just sit at home and pine away! We hit the road! Friday morning Daisy and I got up early and drove to Atlanta in record time (4 hours and 50 mins..mortal combat with the stops). She went down for a nap, then we threw her back in the car and Dad, Mom, Scott, Daisy and I drive 4 hours to Decatur, Alabama. Dad grew up there and some of the Cagles still live there. We visited with all of his side of the family and stayed at my grandparents house. It was great to see everyone and their kids. My Grandmother Cagle (who we affectionately call "Grandmo"...long story) suffers with Alzheimer's Disease. She was worse than the last time I saw her. It was hard to see her like this. My sweet Granddaddy does a loving and amazing job of taking care of her at home.

above: My grandparents house, my dad grew up here

above: Daisy and Papa on the riding lawn mower.

Above: Grandmo and Daisy
above: Scott, Granddaddy and Dad doing yard work

above: Scott and Dad looking their best (Dads excuse was he was borrowing Granddaddy's clothes!)

above: Scottie, me and Jules

above: Grandmo and Granddaddy outside with everyone

My cousin Dan and his son Luke. They live in Decatur also.

Everyone chillin' in the yard.

Above: Me and Daisy. I was wanting a pic of the mysterious rash on her face. But she was done with pics. :)
above: me at almost 26 weeks (one day shy).
above: Daisy and Uncle "Bake" (Blake). He is bouncing her on the ball. He was so sweet to play with her several times this day and give me a break.

It wasn't long before she announced, "Your TURN!" and she bounced him. HILARIOUS.

I had to add the pic above to show you how silly Uncle Bake funny.

Jesse, my cousin Dana's daughter, and me in the yard.

The family visit was fun. It was great to see them all. It stinks to be so far from them. We stayed at my parents after this till Wednesday. It's always great for me. They eat up Daisy and love to keep her. They change diapers, play with her...but best of all GET UP WITH HER so I can sleep late and take naps. It's every "pregnant and mother of a 2 year old"'s DREAM. Heck it's "anyone with a kid"'s dream. And I love that she spends time with them to know them since we live so far. :( Also while we were there Dad did a great sermon on sex...odd for the daughter to say. But it was so right on, tactful and anti our culture. It's always refreshing to hear that. Scott was hoping he could volunteer with the kids that morning to avoid awkward such luck. :)


Many of the Cokers gathered for Caroline's Graduation reception in Birmingham. Caroline is the daughter of Jan (Coker) Pruitt, my mom's youngest sister. It was at the Hoover Country Club. We are proud of Caroline and can't believe she is old enough to go to college. She is going to Harding and I hope she will love it like I did! :)

(above: Nanny, Mom, Grandaddy)

above: Coker gals on the dance floor...early

above: Cousin Jackson and Uncle Bryan

This is a picture of the backside of John Parker Wilson (Bama's QB)...he was at the party since his brother is graduating with Caroline from Hoover (don't act like you don't watch MTV and know who Ross is). Anywho...a brush with fame. :) HA! Honestly I love Alabama football but I am not sure I would have been able to pick him out of a line up. Caroline pointed him out to us. Hey, in my defense...they are wearing helmets most of the time. :)


Daisy was such a trooper this trip. She did amazingly well with all the driving and craziness. She is talking so much and says SO MANY funny things now. I really need to blog them. But I thing this has already been a bit long. I will tell on her later. :)
This baby boy is getting big in my belly. He is kicking ALL THE TIME. We have not yet decided on a day we will...maybe August 25th (when he comes). I am feeling great. No complaints except the acne. Ugh. I have been able to keep working out. Although, today was my first day back after being gone for a week. was rough! But I have to keep it up. Dan asks why I chose NOW when in my second pregnancy to get in the best shape of my life. HA...well I am not, but I am taking classes I was scared of when I wasn't prego. But I got bored of the elliptical trainer and had to do something! Now it's like taking a step class with weights tied around my waist. My legs feel the burn much sooner now than before. :) But the classes are fun and distracting. Don't worry, I am doing the low intensity work out. And if you read my blog regularly you know my bladder can't handle all the bouncing/jumping around.

Thursday, May 17

About MOPS

We had our last MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) meeting of the year this past Monday. It was bittersweet since there will be many changes next year. We are losing some great friends but gaining a great new host church. We had our "Extreme Make Over MOPS edition" meeting. We got to watch 2 girls totally made over from hair cut and style, make up, was great. I loved my small group. We were the "busy bees". (Busy Bees pictured above: Kelly Trent, Kelly Wagner, Kristy Cardozo, Khrystina Goodhard, middle row: Kristy Currier, Me, Jennifer Landress, Crystal Compton, bottom row: Michelle Ellison and Lark Kelsey). Several of them will be serving on the Steering Team next year. That will be a blast! Here are some pics from the day...
Giving April (the Coordinator) her gift for her last meeting ever. :(
Crazy Kelly Trent in the SteinMart Fashion Show modeling the lastest look. :) She really hammed it up and it was hilarious! Does she look like she has a 9 month old? yea, we hate her.
Lark modeling her new look (hair cut, make up, cute dress...). She has a 8 month old...and he was her second. She looks great too.
My friend, Kelly Wagner and I after the meeting.
MOPS was great fun this year. I am looking forward to next year!
Seperately I had a great Mothers Day weekend. Daniel took Daisy to Atlanta with him so I was all alone from Saturday morning till Monday evening. It was great fun. I shopped, scrapbooked (almost caught up!), slept, ran errands, watched TV...whatever I wanted. It was so great to have time alone and go places with out sippie cups and carseat unloading. But I was ready to see Dan and Daisy when they got home. I really missed them. :)
Another note for someone who wants to make a lot of money...why doesn't someone start a business where they take a blog and print it into a hard copy journal or book (complete with pics)? I am sure it would be quite expensive. But I would love to have my hands on all the posts and pics. And I don't have half the posts that others do! To me it's a journal and something I would like to have. Just a thought. So someone get on that will ya? :)
We are leaving for Atlanta soon and will be back next Wednesday. We are seeing some family we never get to see. It will be great fun. :)

Tuesday, May 8

Brace yourselves, this will be a LONG one....

Wow, so much to say. Where do I begin? Not that any of this is earth shattering news, but we have had a lot going on. Here is goes.

(This is Daisy and her BF Langston that moved to Iowa...and will soon be moving on to Illinois.)

We had some of our best friends come in town from Iowa this weekend. Sonya, Langston and Barclay Key moved to Ames, Iowa last summer. We have really missed them! Daisy and L were best buds. They seemed to pick right up where they left off from our visit to their house in October. I got to keep L one afternoon and Daisy was in heaven. She kept calling him "Lang-skin" and finally he corrected her (yes, the 2 year old) and said, "It's Lang-STON" and she repeated him exactly. To which he replied, "Good job, Daisy!" Very funny. I also had a great time seeing Sonya again. I miss her friendship being so close and hanging out with our kids that are 2 months apart. She is so fun to be around. We laugh so hard about so many things including Mom issues. She is the best. It was so fun to see her. There were several times when we saw them. One night we had a get together at the Carr's home. Many of the young couples came and hung out with the Keys.

Daisy and L in the tub.

Daisy and L playing dress up...he dressed himself and asked for assistance on the gold sash. :)

Langston knows YOGA! How funny. I think this is "meditation" pose.

That Saturday Daisy attended 3 birthday parties. One was not a planned attendance (last minute invite since L was going), and then 2 parties happened simultaneously in our back yard. All of the parties were neighborhood friends. Daisy and I went to the 2 in the back yard. One was for Karol who turned 6 and the other was for Sergio and Sebastian, 2 brothers with birthdays a month apart. There were kids everywhere. Daisy loved it. It was a HOT day. One of those you are sweating just sitting there (now even more so for me and this extra load!). At Karol's we had some yummy Brazilian treats including these Brazilian hot dogs...YUM and some homemade chocolate balls. SO good. Daisy had like 5 of the chocolate balls. She played with Sofia and Pam most of the afternoon. It was fun.

Mama and Dais at the parties. (can you tell is smokey?)

Karol's birthday party

Daisy and her friends at the party.

Daisy poses with Pam's family.

Santiago and his mama, Claudia. Cute picture!

I don't know if you can tell by the pics, but it was smokey outside and not because of a grill. There has been a fog of fire smoke over Gainesville and north central FL for like a week now from forest fires in south GA and in a near by town called Waldo. Yesterday it was literally sprinkling ashes as we played outside. It has been killing my breathing! I have had asthma my whole life and in the last few years have gotten somewhat under control. But since I am prego, the asthma meds I take are not safe (or they are unsure) for me to take. So I think this smoke just freaked my lungs out. I have been coughing, my voice is hoarse, and my breathing has been a little difficult. But I went to the Dr (an urgent care place, that wanted to turn me down cause I was pregnant...but I started bawling in the office cause everyone else, including reg and OB Dr's had put me off, so they saw me out of pity...praise the LORD!) and got some antibiotics, steroids, and airway dilators. I am feeling better despite the gross cough. Poor Daniel is about to go nuts. My cough is persistent and sometimes juicy. He tries to be patient. :) Then he makes me laugh and I go into a huge coughing fit and wind up peeing on myself. Yes, I said it. And what do you expect? I mean pregnancy (and the pressures involved) forces these little mishaps on you and a persistent cough does not help. I mean a huge bonus of pregnancy is no period, so no pads. But now I have to wear one so not to be embarrassed when I pee on myself in public. Sheesh. (sorry tmi).


Another quick note for those of you life long C of C ers:....guess who interviewed at our church for worship leader position?? Jerome Williams! He is a C of C super star. :) The man used to vacation with the Wallings! Hello? Does it get bigger than that? Well, maybe Keith Lancaster. But that's Nashville. Jerome's voice is like a peg in my memory of riding around in our grey Dodge minivan on the way to church. When they dismissed for our children's church on Sunday, I almost went. I felt like I was 8 years old. It was nuts. He had not changed one bit since the "Sing a new Song" Cd's. The man does not need a mic in our auditorium but he did a good job. We don't know if he is coming or not. He has a history with this that he came here in college and when the Crossroads mvmt was big. So they all remember him and miss him from then.


Here are some pregnancy pics for those of you who don't see me regularly. I am 24 weeks. I have no complaints worth mentioning. I am feeling well and still getting to exercise. I am out of the period of tiredness and nausea. But I know that returns toward the end. But for now I will enjoy having the energy. If I can just get my lungs in working order, we would be set. :)

This outfit above (brown shirt) was what I wore on Sunday. It loved it. I borrowed this shirt from Rachel cute. It is 100% silk so I was nervous to wear it and look like a sweat ball with wet marks. But luckily the building was its usual icy cold. Felt great to me though. :)

Daisy and Daddy on Sunday. I loved this little dress of hers. I bought it from a friend as a hand me down. Its a DAISY. So cute.

thanks for your patience on this long post!


Tuesday, May 1

McConnells Visit and MOPS Picnic at the Park

Jake, Daisy and Bode...the only pic I have of them all looking at the camera.
We had some of our good friends
from Warner Robins, GA come in town this weekend. Wes & Lori-Ann McConnell became our good pals when we lived in Birmingham. We had tons of fun adventures...all pre-kids. :) Things are different now! They have 2 boys ages 15 months and 9 months (yes, one is adopted). Jake and Bode are both SO SWEET. All 7 (and a half) of us were hanging out in Tanglewood for Saturday and Sunday! And they didn't even threaten to leave when our roach problem surfaced...twice (although I am sure it crossed their minds!). But it went quite well. Lori-Ann and I got to escape to a scrapbook thing for a few hours and then the guys went to hit golf balls when we got back. It was so great to spend time with them again.

Lori-Ann and Jake on the playground.

Daisy and Bode swingin'.

Bode says, "enough pics already!"


So then on Monday MOPS went to the Park for a playtime and picnic. We had fun. This park is great cause it's shaded. Nice relief from the FL sun...even in April.

Daisy and Reid are buddies.