Tuesday, July 31

Cupcakes, Fishing, JiJi, Church Shower, and Family/Prego Pics

This is a hodge podge of what's been going on.

Last week Dan was having a stressful week. So Daisy and I made him cupcakes. I am not sure which one loved them more...Daisy or Dan. Daisy told everyone we saw on Friday while we ran errands that we were making cupcakes for Daddy. :)


Saturday we went to a free fishing day at UF fishing ponds. They provide poles and bait and even a free lunch (part of the motivation to go...being the end of the month and all). We got there at 10 am. It happened to be a blazing HOT day. And we had not prepared as we should have. Most importantly, I had not put sunscreen on Daisy. All I had was an umbrella. So I sort of chased her around as she fished and played keeping her in the shade as much as I could. We were not very successful in catching fish. But we had fun trying. We stayed for the hot dogs and chips. They had a raffle at the lunch...one of those were if you were entered you won something. Daisy won a hat. She was pretty cute running up to the announcer with her ticket, handing it to him and leaving with out her loot. :) At some point they were handing out donuts after lunch and Daisy grabbed a jelly filled donut. After about 4 bites she said, "I sink (think) I had too many bites!" Ha. :)


That night my mom flew into town. She was in town for my shower at church. We had a ton of fun with her in town. Daisy was in heaven since JiJi is her play slave. :) We took some pics before the shower:
above: JiJi and Daisy doin' the "chicken wing" dance in Moes.

Below: All of us "showing our bellies"...I am 36 weeks.


The shower was amazing! It was a fish theme (no, there is no tie to a nursery theme just a fun shower theme). There were real goldfish in glass bowls on the food table! The food was soooo good. There was carrot cake with cream cheese icing, bruscetta (sp?) with bread, goldfish snacks, gummy fish, fish shaped and iced sugar cookies, shrimp cocktail, bree cheese with fig preserves, yummy punch with little fish shaped ice and one big ice fish in the bowl, ....and so much more! We had a great turn out and got lots of things we needed and wanted. A few of my favorites were a spa gift card, a Vera Bradley duffel bag, a sit n stand stroller, a handmade diaper bag, and cute boys clothes. There are so many loving people at my church. I felt so special! Here are some pics from the shower:

Some of my sweet friends gave Daisy some gifts too. She loved it!


And then last night we tried to take some family pics and prego pics. My friend Glenda from church came over to do a "photo shoot" since she has skills at photography. :) But it became overcast and the cameras we had kept messing up! We got some good ones though. But I think we will try again in the next month. Here are the pics from my camera of the shoot:

above: this was a random chair in the grass area behind our apt in Tanglewood. Besides the cars in the back, we thought this Trash of Tanglewood made a neat place for a pic. :)Mother and Daughter sporting double chins. So sweet. :)

Wednesday, July 25

34 weeks and a surprise shower!!

(**see posts below for full update!)

Well the week of vacation I was 34 weeks along. This baby boy is super active and morphs my stomach to some crazy shapes. We are STILL debating a name. But I am feeling really good. I am getting to the stage where I am outgrowing some of my maternity clothes. They just are not comfy. SO...while that is a bummer....I did get some good news that I am 2-3 cm dilated already and 50% effaced at my appt on Monday. That means I am 1 cm from an epidural...so they can hook me up tonight if they want to. Hahahaha. No really they can. :) And the weight gain slowed a bit. FINALLY. I was packing on the LB's for a few months. Here are some pics of big ol' me. :)
sporting the oxymoron "maternity swimsuit".

Above: Decided to see what it would look like if I "sucked in"....hahaha...too bad it hurt and I could only handle it for 2 seconds.
So when I got home from the beach there was a "Mothers of Tanglewood" meeting that evening. And of course I was interested but was sure Daniel would not want me to go since I had just gotten back. But he mentioned I could go if I wanted. When I got there, it looked like a real meeting with an agenda up and everything. They voiced their concerns about birds at Tanglewood being a problem. I was like, "WHAT?" And they said, "these big birds carry things in their mouths....like babies. Have you seen the storks here?" Then it clicked. :) My sweet neighbor friends honored 3 of us prego women. It was so great. They did a great job, great food from all over the world, cute prizes, fun games, yummy punch, and great company. I felt so special. And I had NO IDEA. :)

above: Paula, Me and Claudia

me (due in August), Abhi (due in Sept) and Heather (due the next day)

In my defense I had just gotten back from the beach...and not showered or anything. Other than looking so gross, it was GREAT. :)

Navarre Beach

(***don't forget to read posts below...I am publishing more than one post!)

So, Daisy and I went to Navarre Beach with my family. Daniel didn't get to come, he had to work. :( That was a bummer. But it was a super nice condo that a man Scott works with let us use. It's on Navarre Beach which is actually an island. You have to cross a bridge to get to it. Mom, Dad, Scott, Julie, Blake, Daisy and I stayed together. Some days we were at the beach all day under a rented umbrella (heaven!) and others we stayed at the pool. Daisy was not a huge fan of the ocean at first. She never totally warmed up and loved it...but would go in with one of us. She loved to play in the sand and swim with her little water wings. My family is always so spectacular at playing with her and giving me a break. My parents were great and got up with her in the mornings (so I could sleep) and would stay in with her for her naps (so I could lay out). It was great. :) We went to the outlets one night...a family tradition. :) Here are pics of the week:

above: papa and daisy on the beach
above: Daisy supervising her pool builders
above: then enjoying the fruits of their labor.
Mama and Daisy

Above: We posed for a pic...
...and mom "forgot to warn us" about the approaching wave!
above: Mom and Scott

OK...below are a sequence of pics of Scott floating with his drink. He got "beached" and took one for the team so he wouldn't spill or lose his drink....hahahahaha

Notice below he is UNDERWATER but the drink survives... :)

above: Me with my sister and mom
We had just returned from a walk on the beach where Scott mentioned he could see us from far away coming back...by "us" he meant "ME"...I told him I am sure it was because I was wearing the brightest color...not cause I am GREAT with CHILD. :)

above: the shadow box I made for Scotts Bday of his marathon stuff. He turned 26 on July 10th.

on the beach one night playing Bocce Ballabove: Jules and Blake (married one year next month)
above: Daisy at the pool
above: uncle scott and Daisy at the beach
above: Me and Jules chillin' on the beach
above: And my brother the HAM posing on the beach.
above: let the swelling begin...(toes, ankles...)

Vacation is always fun! I hate that its over!