Thursday, August 30

gifts for isaac

So I am so overwhelmed by these amazing gifts we received that I am overlooking all the other BILLIONS of things I need to blog to share this with you. :) I hope you can appreciate this as much as I do!
I had asked one of my sweet neighbors in good ol' Tanglewood, Claudia, to make me a baby bag for Isaac. Claudia is a mom of 3 boys and we hang out together (when it's cooler) outside when the kids play. She has a business from home of making some adorable bags. And I knew she was super talented and I had seen the things she had made so I asked her to make me one. :) She made Isaac a beautiful baby bag....but in addition to that...made a beautiful baby quilt! I have taken pics of these things. And of course the pics do not do justice to them! I keep laying out the quilt and just staring at it. And I have already packed the baby bag and hit the road with it! I love them both!! She is so sweet to spend all this time to make me these things. I am so happy to have them! I will cherish them forever. I think I may hang the quilt for a while in the kids room so I can admire it a little longer. :) Thank you Claudia for you wonderful gift! (btw...if you love these as much as I do I can send you info for her business, email, catalog and so on...let me know!) I know some of you will think I have gone a little overboard with the pics. BUT I want you to be able to see exactly why I love them...all the details.

above: see the big pocket on the front?

Cute bugs on the inside too.

above: "Por Clau" is "by Clau"(dia)...her business

"For Isaac with love by Claudia"
How cute are these fabrics???

Below are just some random pics......

above: Daddy, Isaac and Daisy dancing on the "dancing sheet"

above: Isaac napping on our bed
Daddy and Isaac

Who doesn't love a cute baby foot? :)

Sunday, August 26

More on Isaac

This baby is just so sweet. He is a sleepy head and has been giving me some great stretches in the night to sleep. Last night we had 5 hours. I don't count on (or even think that is good for him) that quite yet. But he is good about nursing too. We have been calling him a "goat" since all his little baby noises sound kinda like one. He grunts and roots all the time. He is a bit of a "root faker" since he will root even when he just ate! We also call him the "Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy" for obvious reasons. He seems to sleep well...even on his back. He takes it when Daisy lays on him, pokes on him and rubs his head too hard. She gets excited and will start to bite her bottom lip, lock in a wide eyed stare and kinda wave her hands around his head. It's hard to describe but that is when we usually intervene. :)

I have to say that baby care and nursing and so on are much easier the second time around. NOW...the part that is hard is having 2 and managing both. I know it will get better too. But I feel pulled in 3 directions...Isaacs, Daisys and Daniels! :) I have always thought I wanted 4 kids. This experience has brought that "dream" into question! However, having this precious newborn baby to hold and kiss on is just heaven. I am living my dream life. I have aspired to being a wife and mom my whole life. And adding Isaac just makes it even better.

So my mom was here from Wednesday, August 15th till Friday, August 24th. She was great just like last time. She played with Daisy (played out in the hot humid FL weather), fixed me plates of food and drinks, held Isaac, let me nap, took night duty and called me into nurse. We had a set up where Isaac and my mom slept downstairs in our town home. And when we woke up she would see if she could pacify him. If not, she would call my cell phone which was on vibrate upstairs and I would come down and nurse him. Then I would change him and put him back to sleep and the cycle would start over. :) It was great. She also cleaned my whole apt for when my in-laws arrived. We changed all my sheets and did all the laundry twice. She helped me finish up organizing the nursery (my sister did too!). We went to get pedicures and run errands that had been neglected for a week. It was great. Of course I cried the night before and the morning that she left. She did too. We were pathetic.

Since then my in-laws came. My father-in-law, Buddy, had to go home Saturday. But my mother-in-law, Maurine, was able to stay all this week. I am loving this too. Not only is she super helpful but we have great conversation and just a good time hanging out. She does all that my mom does. Could I be more blessed to have 2 women willing to serve me like this?? She has also taken over night duty. And Daisy loves to play with "Mimimo". She is cooking some yummy meals for us. I have really enjoyed this time. She stays till Labor Day. And Buddy is coming back then. Also Aunt Sarah (Dans little sis) will be coming then too. It will be fun.

Here are some pics. They are random but will show you what is going on at our house. :)

Brother and Sister :)

above: Daisy combing Isaacs hair after his bath.

above: Shands is the hospital where he was born.the nursery

below: story time with the "Babies"...Isaac is on the right. :)

Above: Daisy in JeJe's glasses

Above: Isaac in Mimimos glasses

Monday, August 20

Meeting Isaac

So the moment you have all been waiting for is here. :) I am ready to tell you all about the day we met Baby Isaac! I will try to be brief...but women love to share their labor no promises. I will tell the story by times...

  • 1:45 am--I woke up to a contraction. I had been dreaming for the last week about my water breaking or starting labor in the middle of the night. Then I would wake up...and be disappointed that none of that had occurred. When it actually did I thought I was dreaming til I felt another one 6 mins later. I tried not to get too excited as stared at the clock waiting for 6 more mins. And they kept coming. I got up unable to sleep and went to watch TV. They kept coming. (Background...we had a little false labor deal with Daisy and all the family came to town. Then it quit. I was "once bitten, twice shy" on this labor thing so I didn't even wake Daniel till I was sure this was it).
  • 3:30 am--took a shower, got ready, watched more TV. Contractions still coming. Tried to go back to bed...yeah right, like I could sleep!
  • 5:30 am--woke up Daniel. He said, "yea" in a sleepy voice and then said, "ok, are we sure?" He tried to sleep again and couldn't. So he got up with me. I called Mom who was in KY on a business trip. She hit the road ASAP to drive all day to Gainesville.
  • 7:00 am-- Daisy wakes up. We feed her, get her ready and soon after make a phone call to Shelley Russell a church friend who had said she would come get Daisy.
  • 8:00 am--Daisy left with Shelley. Daniel and got our things together and then decided to really time these contractions for a while at home. While we did that we cleaned the house. The distraction was nice. We did dishes, bathrooms, vacuumed, swept, and so on. I guess I was nesting and Daniel was forced into nesting. :) It was nice to have all that done. We went to check the mail and to take one last prego pic. This is me posing...but having a contraction...@ 38 weeks.

  • 10:15 am--We got in the car and left for Shands Hospital. It was hard to sit in a seat and have contractions. We went to triage and they hooked me up to monitors and waited to see if I was going to be admitted (I was SURE I was...not sure why they weren't sure!). I was 4 cm and having contractions 3 mins apart. Dan and I listened to my ipod, chatted and this is where I asked Dan to start writing stuff so I would remember what happened. Here are his words (my explanations in italics):

  • "10:15-- Checked in, 3 mins apart, 10:30--4 cm, 80% effaced, -1 station, Dr Glacias in, 12:20--5 cm, getting admitted! contractions much stronger, mel cried a little @ 12, I have been using this pamphlet (he was writing on) as a fan (for mel) for the past 2 hours and my arm is cramping like a pregnant uterus, lady across the way is crazy (we were in triage all on stretchers behind curtains and could hear everything everyone said) and said her sons are addicted to heroine and crack but she doesn't "believe in"'s a battle of will, and they could quit if they tried hard enough...and the CA (assistant) just announced to our nurse that she wants to "end her life."(While this was a great distraction from the pain...I was hoping that "cry for help" wouldn't interfere with me getting an epidural soon...JUST KIDDING...kind, really I am) 12:30 pm--Got IV and fluids started, mel hurting badly, contractions getting worse. (I have to insert here I have a new respect for those who do this naturally. Now I know why you take classes to prepare for natural birth. I thought I was going to pass out when they got so strong. Hence Dan fanning me. It was extremely painful and praise God for epidurals!!! When I got that thing it was wonderful.) Around 1:15-- got epidural! Feeling MUCH better now, got a little shut eye from after that till 3. At 3:00 pm-- 7 cm dilated, 100% effaced (although when the med student checked first he said 3-4 cm...glad that was not right!), was placed on her side since they saw a few "variables" and baby's heart rate slowed a little late. Slept some more. 4:00 pm fully dilated to 10 cm, broke her water, saw meconium, 4:35 pm Dr. Melendy arrived and we started pushing, 4:51 pm delivered with no complications on 5th set of pushes." :) (For those who like the gross details...I have a second degree tear, and one superficial tearing...but over all and compaired to Daisy's delivery this was GREAT!)
  • 5:15 pm mom and dad arrive in our room.

We were so blessed with this delivery. I was really hoping to go in to labor on my own. I really didn't want to be induced. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted to experience labor and my own body starting it. NOW...I will say I was ready to end my experience with the epidural much sooner than I got it. But I have to praise God for answering my prayers for an early baby and labor coming on it's own.

Of course now we are home and recovering and adjusting. My milk is in...and that will be a WHOLE new post for another day. Whew...

There is so much to write but my thoughts are not collected enough. I will just end with more pics!

My doctor, Dr Melendy, is she cute or what?

Above is Daisy visiting in the hospital. Daddy fixed her hair and dressed her that morning. What a man, huh? She loved her "baby boy" and tells everyone "his bottom hangs waaaay down heeeeere" and puts her hands between her knees. Nice. :) She didn't like that he was crying in the nursery getting his bath. It made her sad. She also announced when we were being discharged, "Dad, you have 2 kids! and baby boy!" She has been so sweet with him. I am feeling so bad about not being as available to her. With Mom in town and Dan around its not too bad now. I am going to be praying about how to balance my time with them both.

above: aunt julie (my sister)

above: Daisy, Jeannie (my mom) and Isaac

above: Her BIG SISTER shirt.

Goin' Home (insert Chris Daughtry song here and imagine us moving in slow motion like a video) :)

Friday, August 17

We're Home

Here are some pics of our sweet baby Isaac Daniel making his entrance into the, not those graphic ones. Some after that part. :) I am pretty tired now but didn't want you to have to wait to see him any longer. More details later. Thank you all so much for the prayers. It was an amazing experience and God has blessed us in a million ways through the birth of our son.

Wednesday, August 15

From Daniel...

Unfortunately, it's me: uncolorful, unvibrant, unfun me. (Daniel)

Fortunately, the nature of my news makes up for it:

Isaac Daniel Jones was born today, Wednesday August 15, at 4:41 pm. He was 8 lbs 1 oz. The delivery was amazingly smooth (compared to Daisy's) and everybody is doing well, aside from a little tired (mel started having contractions at about 1:45 this morning).

I'm sure Mel will be giving you all the gory details later, including who his nose looks like and how one time he drooled and it was so funny (just made that up ladies, don't latch on to that).

I can say that he seems like he will have a lighter hair color, he strikes me as more chilled out than Daisy was (as far as letting you mess with him and stuff), his cry sounds EXACTLY like his sister's, he quickly caught on to the boob thing, he has long fingers, and I think he likes us already.

Praise to God,



This morning at 1:45 am I woke up to a contraction...that hurt. That has been going on since and now I am having them about 5 minutes apart. Daisy just left with Shelley. Daniel and I are waiting to see if these get closer. I did have a "false labor/back labor"episode when Daisy was born. Although this seems like the real deal, we are still a little hesitant. SO...these suckers are coming regularly and hurting like pretty bad period cramps. I am a little nauseated from the contractions (just like with cramps in high school and college). I feel like a big dose of Advil would help. :) OH well. I will keep you posted as best I can. My mom is rushing from a business trip in Kentucky to Gainesville. Pray for her and my Dads safety. And please pray for all of us through labor and delivery!

Monday, August 13

Update on the Belly

Well, I went to the Dr today. I am 38 weeks and 2 days. I was 3 cm dilated. My doctor is even more concerned than I am that I will be delivering a WHOPPER of a kid like Daisy. She was certainly not the biggest baby ever born (8 lbs, 14 oz) but she was "sunny side up" when she came out...which made for some big problems for me. Anywho...I actually measured 37 (when I should measure 38) and she said she felt like he wasn't that big. If we weren't so poor and cheap would could have had an ultrasound. But it was not going to be covered so it just wasn't an option. So...all that to say, my Dr scheduled me to be induced on Sunday. I am not so sure about that. Dan and I still have to talk about this more. I still wanna pray about this more. It's not that I am not REALLY READY to have this kid but...I don't wanna rush things either. So who knows what we will wind up doing. Did I mention it's the start of Dan's week off? Nice and convenient! :) But I still don't know. We can cancel it any time before Sunday (or they can cancel us if they are full). But you can pray for us and this decision. :) I just wanted people to know what is going on!

Monday, August 6

Toddler Thoughts...

So this is a rare thing for me. But I have just been thinking. No, "thinking" is not the rare part. It's that I plan to write somethings that don't have photos to accompany them. Try to read anyway. :)

First of all I have to write all the funny things Daisy has been saying. This 2 1/2 year old is so verbal. And I really have to watch all I say around her. Here are a few fav's as of lately:

  • We have a CD that plays some oldie but goodie kids church songs. It's a recording of some church people singing in 4 part harmony and (as my mom puts it) sounds like they recorded it in a bathroom. BUT she LOVES "Roll the Gos" (Roll the Gospel Chariot Along. ', "Rosanna" (Hosanna to the King of Kings), "JiJi song" (Zaccheus was a wee little man...which was he really? turns out (thank you Schepp) he WAS short. Poor Guy. Do we have to rub it in by singing about it? :) ), "The light song" (This little light of mine), "Lors army" (the Lord's Army...YES SIR!), "Giant song" (Only a little boy David) and many more. The "Doxology" is on this CD...what VBS is not fired up by that one???? :) It reminds me of Pollyanna (it was in that movie).
  • She loves to dance and does the "chicken wing dance" to any musical notes played together in the car, grocery store, elevators....
  • She loves to tell us in the car, "MOM! DAD! Green means go, red means stop, and lellow (yellow) means STOMP ON THE GAS!" (Thank you JiJi for that. You have just won yourself a ticket to come live with us when she gets her learners license). :)
  • For some reason she keeps calling the new baby "Bah-key" or "bocky"...while we have no idea where this came from, we are kinda happy that the names "Twinkle" and "Jesus" have fallen by the wayside. :) We may use "Bocky" since we can't agree on a name for him for real.
  • She loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney. Recently I asked her what the "magic word" was when she asked me for something...I was looking for "please" when she answered "Mee-ska, Mous-ka, MICKEY MOUSE!" No, Dais, that makes the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse appear, not a favor from Mama.
  • She loves to cheer for Daniel and I anytime we use the potty and say, "I am so proud of you!" I guess she thinks that's what always what happens when she goes, so she will just return the favor. I tried to explain that we use the potty all the time, but she won't. So its a bigger deal when she does it. Oh well.
  • Today at Publix she announced loudly at check out, "Mimimo and JiJi...those are my Grandmas!" I didn't even know she knew that so literally.
  • Today in the car when she was getting out she said, "FOR THE LOVE!" I said "what did you say?" and she said, "it's what we say in the car, right?" (I had said it when I got stuck behind a slow driver...)
  • She will tell me at certain intersections while we are stopped at a light, "Mom, that way (pointing left or right) is how we go to the Y." NO, she can't tell me the whole way, but at certain points she announces which way things are. This amazes me. She will tell me how to go to church, home, Reid's house, grocery store and Daddy's work. She told us the other day "Daddy worked there" and pointed to where Dan had his review session for boards at the beginning of June for a week. This baffles me since when I got my license @ 16 I was stumped as to how to get to church and school...even though I had been driven there thousands of times. This baby girl has a good sense of direction! :)

I am sure there is something I am leaving out...but that is good for now. I will keep you posted!

I also have some random thoughts about Toddler TV. I have seen these type thoughts in Parent type magazines and totally related. But seriously, some of these programs have to be questioned. :)

  • Higgleytown Heros: Twinkle (I think that is the name of the African American girl in purple) always has an idea as to solve the issue at hand. And while it is always far fetched and not possible it is shot down by this stupid know-it-all squirrel that spends most of her time on top of another kids head. If I were Twinkle I would have given that squirrel a "love pat" with my BB gun by now! I mean, the squirell (forgive me, can't think of her name) is super patronizing to the Twinkle who is just trying to help. Twinkle always responds to the Downer with "Aww Pickles." What an example we have in Twinkle. :) And what other show has a "Pizza Guy" as a local hero?
  • And couldn't we all use a daily set of "Mousekatools" (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)? I mean I think mine would include a spare sippie cup, ear plugs (for when Daisy gets whiny), a foot bath/massage contraption (for after bedtime), and a baby elephant (there is always one of those...and some how he proves to be handy!). The mystery mousekatool would be just that...a mystery. I would anticipate its surprise each day. :) Also, are Donald and Daisy together or what? And does Pluto feel jipped that he is just a dog when Goofy is fully funtional talking/walking and so on? And don't you wish you could fold up your house when you were leaving it like they do the club house?
  • Barney...I know this one could be an entire post of complaints. I have endured it since she LOVES it. But have you noticed those kids ALWAYS get along? Yea, right. And that Baby Bop is a selfish little dinosaur. And are those other dinosaurs like Baby Bop, BJ and Riff (the cousin of the other 2) played (or suits filled) by midgets? Those suits are as tall as the little kids. I can't think of how else its done.
  • Elmo's World: how many Dorothys (Elmo's goldfish) do you think Sesame Street has been through since they started? We got one from my baby died 4 days later. Not that we are fish experts. But goldfish don't last super long do they?
  • Little Einsteins: Isn't it funny how Rocket can do so much...but sometimes can't do simple things? And that it's totally powered by 4 small kids patting their legs and then yelling blast off? If my car ran on that...we would save some major cash. And that Annie (whose special talent in times of 'trouble' is singing) can't carry a tune in a bucket? And did Leo get jipped that his "skill" is conducting? I guess to compensate he does get to drive Rocket all the time. Do the other kids not care? And does no one care that he seems to have on bright red lipstick? He does...check it out. It totally does NOT go with his complexion. Do the other kids HATE it when Quincey says for the millionth time "I CAN NOT BE-LIEVE IT!"? Are they like, "Oh, come on Dude, yes you can." And June has only really "danced" them out of a dilemma a few times. But she does get the cutest outfit. I do wish I had a Rocket...cause that sucker gets them to Rome in like 1 minute. Think of the errands that could be done!
  • Backyardigans: have you noticed that ALL of them (not just Tyrone and Uniqua) have some mad dancing skillz? I find myself in awe of those characters as they cut a rug to some of the best cartoon music I have heard.
  • Dora the Explorer: the repetition of the places they are going on the map is maddening. "First, cross the chocolate sea, then the fudge mountain, then the Lollipop forest...THEN the candy shop. Chocolate sea, fudge mountain, lollipop forest...CANDY SHOP! Sea, Mountain, Forest, SHOP! Vamonos! (sp?)" And Swiper never sneaks up...he has a noise that sounds like chaffing pants on a big person (like me now) are they ever robbed by Swiper?
  • And Thomas the Train...though I have not seen it a do they never run into each other or use the same track? Baffling.

I know all this sounds highly critical. But just the thoughts I have as we have seen these all a lot. And please don't turn me into DHR as a bad mom who lets her kid watch TV. Daisy really isn't a TV head. Please feel free to add your "beefs" with the shows you have seen in comments! :)

Friday, August 3

Daisy practicing as a BIG sister

Earlier this week some of our friends (and neighbors) had their baby girl Tiffany. Today when they came home, Daisy and I went to see them. Tiffany was 6 lbs, 8 oz when she was born. SO TINY (being that my frame of reference is Daisy at 8 lbs 14 oz). Desire and Nadia are so laid back and great new parents. Nadia handles her new baby girl like she has had 5 babies! She is a natural. They wanted a pic of Daisy holding Tiffany. I was helping Daisy when Desire said, "Move your hands, let Daisy hold her." AMAZING. They are brave. Nadia was so sweet and was letting Daisy help her change her diaper and so on. Daisy was a little confused and asked some pointed questions about nursing when she saw that going on. It was pretty funny. Her end comment about that situation was "Nadia, I just have little boobs." (And tonight when Dan got home she told him "She [tiffany] eats boobs." OH boy. :) But Daisy LOVED seeing Tiffany and helping out. Hope that's an indication of the future for us! :) Here are some pics:

Below are the ones of them in the hospital: