Monday, September 24

the latest

So we have gotten some cute pics of Isaac and Daisy lately. I wanted to share them with you all!

holdin' hands

daisy & sofia at the latin festival this weekend in g'ville

isaac enjoying the ear muffs we made for him at the latin festival


(check out that dimple!)

baby dedication was sunday...this was his cute attire.

3-6 month outfit sported @ 5 1/2 weeks :)

"hmmm, i hope j crew sees how cute i am and wants me for their next ad...."

Friday, September 21

Adventures in Tanglewood Part 12: Having a Baby and figuring out where it should sleep

So a friend recently asked me where Baby Isaac was sleeping at our house. Good question. We have a crib but it's in Daisy's room. And while Isaac is still nursing frequently I can't bare the thought of all 3 of us being awake at 2 am OR all 3 of us suffering from lack of sleep. Only those who HAVE to be awake should be awake. And since Daniel and I have managed to have babies who are super noisy sleepers (grunts, stretches, sighs, name it...they do it...all night) them sleeping in our room is just not an option. SO...Baby Isaac is in the hall. Yes, if you have visited lovely Tanglewood or have ever been in the typical 2 bedroom townhouse you know the place. And there is not a ton of room. It's surely a fire evacuation hazard! (I will say I have neighbors that have families of 5 living in these places. So I don't have room to complain.) Any who, he is in the hall in a bassinet someone gave us. It's a good set up really. When it's time for Dan and I to go to bed, we always go in and check on Daisy. When we leave the room we drag the glider from Daisy's room in to the hall next to the bassinet. It is tight quarters til we hit the hay! ('scuse me, 'scuse me, shuffling by sideways I need to brush my teeth...pardon, shuffle, shuffle I need to get to the closet...) We lay a blanket at the bottom of Daisy's door (since there is a rather large gap there) so she won't be awakened by Isaac crying. Then we close our door and turn on the fan to drown out the baby noise. But don't worry, we can still hear a cry! Lately he has been sleeping from like 9 or 10 to 3:30! For those of you who have not been thru this before...that's great! But I am not holding my breath for this to continue. Anyway, I wanted to share our Adventures in Tanglewood Part 12: Having a baby and figuring out where it should sleep.

Below are pics of Isaac's bedroom:
Cozy, huh? Notice in the pic below the "changing table supplies" on the floor

above: see the blanket at Daisy's door...
and notice the closet that is behind and to the right of the glider? we entertained that as a bedroom for Isaac as well! ha! Don't worry the door has slats...he would have been able to breathe. :)
All this to say, we have made the best of what we have. I have spent many an hour complaining about my living situation but truly we are blessed to be in "Camp Tanglewood."
Isaac is getting SO BIG. I mean my back is feeling it. I love to see this sweet baby smile and see his dimples! He is making more sweet baby noises. And I think he really likes to be held. I am trying to get him to go a little longer than the average 2 hours between nursing. But when the boy wants to eat...he means NOW. And he is still having some drainage from his right eye. The Pediatrician said it was a clogged tear duct. I believe her. I just thought it would have improved by now. I heard some one say their friends baby recently had to have surgery to fix a clogged tear duct. Not sure I LOVE that idea. Hopefully as he grows it will get better. I went to my 6 week check today. All is well. But I tell you that to say that everyone was saying, "Whoa, what a big baby!" "Wow, how old is he?" I guess he is bigger than the usual newborn brought in at the 6 weeks check? Sheesh. And Isaac HATES the car seat. It seems to seriously hurt his feelings the second we strap him in. He has been like that since we brought him home from the hospital. Hope this doesn't last too long either! :) More pics of this sweet baby to come!


This was Daisy on Thursday when it was Picture Day at school. :)

Thursday, September 20

I've got some things to say...

Don't worry. Nothing important. Just some things on my mind that I want to blog. For those of you who are not in to the journaling part...I will throw in some pics to keep you coming back. :)

1. This is a hilarious story about my nephew Jon David. He is Anna's (Dan's older sister) son and is 4 years old. So...he was pretending to put his Mom (Anna) down for a nap. And he asked her if she wanted him to sing her a song to go to sleep. She said yes. So he sang in a soft voice, "Now that we found love what are we gonna do with thissss, Boys-2-Men-A-B-C-B-B-D. Good night Mommy." HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anna said Jon David apparently had been picking up on the 90's station music she and Don had been listening to!

2. Daniel met a stranger in the elevator while he was holding his Chick-fila lunch he had just bought. Her comment to him was, "Chick-fila...I always seem to crave it on Sundays...." :)

3. My Nanny (Bernie Coker) has a family favorite meal that is lovingly called "Beef Treat Casserole." And while this sounds like something you would NOT look forward to eating in your lower school's super tasty, easy to make, and an awesome left over dish. I made it for a friend in MOPS that I took dinner to one night. IT WAS A HIT. She has since passed it on and recently told me that it's sweeping Citrus County! I am so happy to hear that. Here is the recipe if someone wants it:

1 lb of ground beef (browned and drained) mixed with one can Cream of Mushroom Soup, 1 box (8 oz) elbow macaroni (cooked and drained) and 1 can diced tomatoes. Place in 9 x 13 dish and top with shredded cheese (as much as you want...I buy 2 cups. Oh and I think Aunt Jan puts some cheese in the mix as well). Put in oven on 350 for 25-30 mins. SO YUMMY. Thanks Nanny!

4. I am about to officially start potty training (or Mommy training as some call it) Daisy next week. Stay posted for some stories related to that! I am nervous. But the girl is ready. She KNOWS how to. She will run to the kitchen to hide and announce "I am going to go the kitchen to poop!" I will say, "If you need to poop lets go sit on the potty." (If I drag her there and sit her on it then it's over...she cries and doesn't go). "No Mom! I don't have to! (lie)" Then moments later, when the deed is done she says, "Mama, you need to change my diaper." Lately I have just said no and let her sit in it. Not for long...don't feel bad for her! She will then say, "It's not comfortable mom!" You can imagine my response..."Neither is changing your diaper!" If this potty training attempt fails...I think I will train her to put on and change her own diaper. :)

5. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!! While I have no idea what will happen this coming Saturday...I am still on a high from last weekend's game against Arkansas. I mean we actually made a play when we needed it most! It was so UN-like us! I was so proud. We had to "cheer" in mime since there were kids sleeping. But I still jumped up from my seat, hopped around (imagine the pain the "girls" felt!) and did a dance. It was amazing! GO BAMA!!!!

6. I still can't believe that Buddy dumped out all that gravy, can you? :) (sorry, a little inside joke from our Columbus trip).

Thanks for listening! And as a treat for hangin' in is a funny pic progression of Isaac. When he was brand new, we were trying to figure out a way to keep is little neck from breaking when his heavy head would fall over while he was asleep. We finally found an extra carseat insert with the head support. But before then SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless...but her name rhymes with "Beanie") suggested this....and you can see how well it worked....

we got a laugh outta these pics!

and below is Dan and his department. Orthogators....

Tuesday, September 18

Trip to Columbus to see the Caulleys

We headed to Columbus this weekend to see Daniels family. His older sister Anna lives in Colorado. She and the boys came to Columbus to see Daniel's parents. And that is as close as we ever get to seeing them! The last time we saw the Caulleys was Christmas. :( It's so sad to be far from family. But we know they love it there. :) Anna and her 2 boys Jon David (4 yrs) and Luke (2 1/2 yrs) arrived on Saturday evening (Don is coming later). Grandma and Grandpa Lewis were there too (Maurine's parents). It was great to see them too as we rarely get to go to Little Rock where they live. We had fun watching the kids play together and catching up. Maurine and Buddy were in heaven to have all the grand kids together. The traveling for us could not have gone better. We were expecting the worst...and got the best. It's about a 4 1/2 hour trip with out stopping. We had to add a stop for nursing purposes. But Isaac slept the whole way. And Daisy was a super sweet girl looking at books, singing to herself and watching DVDs. :)

Playing in the sprinkler/hose...Daisy is "naked buns"

Baby Isaac (1 month)

Sunglasses from Mimimo
Anna, Isaac and Daniel
Jon David with Daisy
Grandma with Isaac

Friday, September 14

I have lost my mind...

Hannah, thank you for pointing out that on my last post I had SPELLED MY OWN CHILD'S NAME WRONG (I just corrected it). How embarrassing!!! And sadly its not the first time. What is wrong with me??? Maybe the lack of sleep is effecting me more than I realise!? But you were's not me. Usually I am trying to hold him and blog. So that is why there is less info and less capitalization and so on. :) So, here is my public apology for BOTH times I have misspelled his name IN a title on the blog... I am so sorry sweet baby boy. Mama loves you.

So now IsAAc is 4 weeks. I am eagerly awaiting his first smile. I was talking to him today and he gave me these. I don't know if they are "real" but they seemed to be to me. :) Granted they are not HUGE or for sure smiles....but at least I got a happy smirk. :)

more pics....

Notice the spit up on his outfit. We are usually both covered by the end of the day even after outfit changes. He has turned into "Mr Spit up." I was hoping he wouldn't be like his sister in this way. But he is.above: I would love to blame the dark circles under my eyes on the lack of sleep...but they are with me always, rested or not. Worse with no make you see here. :)


So we have been calling him "bug" since my mom was here. She couldn't explain why or where this nick name came from, but she called him that (and various other names..PeeWee, You-who...). And "bug" stuck with us. :) My Aunt Jan would call her youngest Brooks "bug" too. As weird as it sounds, I thought it was sweet.

Thursday, September 13

Isaac pics requested

above: sorry to expose you buddy....

Monday, September 10

new shoes

uncle scott bought daisy shoes on our vacation in july. she has now grown into them and LOVES them. she wears them often and says she can "run so fast" in them. see evidence below...and thanks uncle scott!


so fast!

already need a break!


above: maurine organized my toys while she was here!!!

above..... onesie reads " i pulled an all-nighter"...he earned this!

Tuesday, September 4

Going it ALONE...

So today was my first day with 2 kids...all alone. Isaac has been a champ so far at night, going for some long stretches and nursing well. WELL...last night (my first night without the "night shift", night shift being my mom/mother-in-law who slept downstairs with Isaac, soothing him if needed and calling my cell upstairs which was on vibrate when he needed to nurse) was a little different. We moved the bassinet to the top of our stairs in the hall, closed our door and turned on the fan, so as not to hear every little breath he took. And I don't know if it's a growth spurt or he was testing me but the baby boy nursed every 2 hours. As you know veteran nursing moms know, 2 hours is between the time you start one feeding to the time you start the next feeding leaving minimal sleep between the two. Normal for newborns, but not so normal for Isaac so far. Even the "night shift" was bragging about how long he would sleep and how generally low maintenance he was in the night! Any who...I was not mad at him, it was fine. I was finishing in up the 6 am feeding and getting ready to get Daisy ready for school (she was already calling my name at 6:30). We got all dressed, fixed hair and we were headed downstairs when she said, "I sink I need to poop." And she her diaper of course...and it was not solid. Diarrhea. Great. She has had a runny nose and maybe she just ate something funny. But no. In 15 mins while we were eating breakfast, she did it again. And so school was not an option for Daisy. I wanted to cry I was so bummed. I had dressed all 3 of us and I was ready to conquer the day and was banking on the break that school would provide. UGH. Luckily, she has not been acting sick and whiny, and no fever. The rest of the day was fine. We stayed in and I didn't do one thing productive...except the dishes and dragging out leftovers for dinner. Daisy and I would play while Isaac slept. She has forgotten how to play alone since all the "play slaves"(grandparents/aunts/uncle) have left town. :) That was kinda hard today. But we will normalize soon. For those of you praying for me/us today...God did smile on me and give me a great nap with both kids sleeping from 12:15 to 1:45ish. AMAZING. That truly was a miracle. Daisy ended the day with practically bathing herself in mashed potatoes at dinner (Dan was not home, he had to stay late). When Dan got home, I must have looked bad cause he kept asking how I was and apologising. Ha. Over all it could have been TONS worse. And I do want more kids. So this has to improve at some point, right? :) Let's just say I will be praying for patience and waiting for the Lord to provide.

Here are some pics: I hate to post and not have pics! First tub bath below...

Jones fam with the kids

TMI (I): The Milk Is In

(***Attention to those of you who don't want to read about breastfeeding and the trials involved. This includes: Scott, Dad, Granddaddy, Buddy, Uncle Jim, and any other male (or female) who may be grossed out or offended.) :)

Yea, so as mentioned, the milk was in on about day 4. And when that happens to's notice-able to everyone, not just my husband. "The girls" (...yes, I mean those) grow exponentially. Even my own mother is amazed. They are for sure bigger than Isaac's little head. I am sure they are some what intimidating to him. I have had to pump a little to relieve the tension so he could latch on! Poor fella. They are sore and hard to hide in clothes. I know everyone notices, but you can't always take the "call it out" approach and just talk about it to everyone. That gets awkward with the guys. :) But I wish I could just say, "Hey, I know these things are huge. I can't wait till they deflate!" And isn't is terribly ironic that this happens now...when you have JUST birthed a child and the only way my husband can enjoy these is from afar? Cause there is NO chance he is coming near these loaded, painful, udders. Any who, poor Isaac gets shot in the face with milk and it is coming out like a fire hose. He is gulping as fast as he can but is gagging. Milk is pouring around his mouth and leaking down my side. And there is always the lovely initial latching pains when you first start. I cringe/wince each time, gritting my teeth and closing my eyes, curling my toes till a few seconds later it passes. Whew. The breast pad are great fun, too. I have to say I feel so sexy when my t-shirt rubs across my chest and the sound of paper bring brushed is heard. HOT. And I accidentally forgot and kinda tried to "jog" up the stairs...HA! I could have given myself 2 black eyes, besides the fact that I could have pulled my back OR lost one or both of the girls! That is just too much weight to be throwing around. So thanks for letting me vent! I will leave you with some funny pics of my changes in the past...prepare yourselves.... When I was in a wedding and nursing Daisy (5 months old). I actually had people comment TO MY FACE at the reception about my chest! YES! And not just a 5. This was one of the most embarrasing days of my life. "Is there a deflate on those things?", "Are you nursing (glance down at my chest and smiles)?", "D*&% Mel! You didn't have those in High School!"....and on and on....and you can imagine my "success" in a strapless bra with this dress!
Above: 12 year old boy nursing Daisy. The price we pay to nurse children....shame....and you can see my lack of "success" with any bra in this dress.
above: Me about 14 weeks prego with Isaac..about normal
Again (above) Daisy was about 20 months, I was not nursing...things had calmed down.
Both above: Me...within 2 weeks from today...basically now.