Wednesday, November 28

A "Touch and Go" Thanksgiving

Really is wasn't "touch and go" at all. But it is a funny line that seemed to be the theme through the weekend with the Jones Family. Other honorable mentions were "It is what it is" and "How 'bout some apple crisp?" :) We had a great time in Columbus. Buddy, Maurine, Sarah, David, Eryn, Dan, Me, Daisy, Isaac and Grams all celebrated together. The Caulleys couldn't make it (since they had just come for 2 weeks in September) and we really missed them! The food was AMAZING. And the left overs even better. It also was a HUGE bonus to have Eryn (Davids wife) around making all her yummy pastry and bread treats...from scratch!!! It was heavenly. And of course the girls went shopping on "Black Friday" and had a blast. The weather in Columbus was cool, highs in the low sixties? It was a nice change. Except when we went to Callaway Gardens and rode a trolley through the awesome Christmas lights at night. It was SO COLD. But we were ready (again, I was wrong guys...we actually did need all 50 blankets, long underwear, big coats, sweatshirts, scarves, gloves, toboggans and ear muffs...esp since I had to nurse Isaac ON the trolley). But that night was a lot of fun. It was so festive and holiday-ish. :) I loved getting hot cider afterwards. Isaac rolled over for the first time and it was witnessed by BePops! I missed it! :( Although I do have several minutes of video of him fussing on his stomach WAITING for him to roll such luck. :) Also Daniel weighed him on the scale at their house...Isaac is 17.5 lbs! BIG BOY!

Anyway sorry for the "stream of consciousness" type of update! Here are some pics (out of order): Isaac at 3 months
the fam
Daisy and Mimimo

the pumpkin bowls we ate our chill cute

dave and eryn at Callaway Gardens

Sarah and me (Isaac under the blanket...but not on his face!)

Daisy and Frosty

Mama and Isaac

sarah and eryn (below)

Thanksgiving Meal

Stuff I Missed before Thanksgiving:

Also, here are some pics from before Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad came to Gainesville to visit. It was heaven as usual. For one we don't have to travel! For 2 they come bearing gifts of diapers (258 of them) and other Cost Co items. Dad bought me flowers at the grocery store. They sent us to a hotel for the night to get some good rest. It was awesome! Dad detailed my car with his own 2 hands. My car has not looked this good since we bought it. I am loving it...but know that its time is short lived with 2 kids in it! But I just stare at my dash and console. So clean, so nice. :)

Also Isaac found his hands. He has "fist fascination" and will lock it on it and really check the thing out. Pretty funny.

Some of Daisy's latest funny phrases: "Glip Gloss" for lip gloss, "Rosanna!" for welcoming Jesus in the city on a donkey, "Zessert" for dessert...that's all I can think of for right now.

Monday, November 12

Mom of 2 Update

First of all let me say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have had more comments and emails sent to me about the post "Mom of 2" than any other. And I needed them all. It was so reassuring that others have been where I am, to know I am not crazy, to know that you were praying for me. God is good. He is faithful to me and speaks to me through all of you.

Daisy has been much better. She is being so much sweeter. Dan was out of town for a few days and as it turns out...I am second string favorite! WOO HOO! She loved me. :) It was fun. She is getting so independent. She is potty trained now (what a huge blessing!) and likes to do things herself. She has voiced that she would like her room back and is no longer ok with her to be sharing it with Isaac. Unfortunately we have no solution for her. And I think I want them to be in separate rooms worse than she does. We have been having issues with bedtime. When we put her to bed she always cries out (almost waking Isaac) and has a different excuse each time we come up there ("you forgot to take my hair down," "I am sur-stee/thirsty," "these pajamas itch me,"...). So we have had to discipline her for crying out. IT'S SO HARD. Why can't she just get it and go to sleep??? But over all...things are much better than before. :)

Isaac is now getting more predictable at almost 13 weeks (3 months on Nov 15th). He is sleeping long stretches (usually 6-7 pm til 3-4 am) and will go back to sleep til around 6:30-8 am. What a blessing. He is smiling and talking so much. Rachel Warren calls him a sumo wrestler. He is so squishy! Nursing is going pretty well. I was worried about my "supply" but it doesn't seem to bother my "98% on the growth curve" baby. :) I think we are a few kilo's from a "failure to thrive" diagnosis.
One main thing I have learned through this struggle is that God is very active even in my home bound life. And not just in huge miracles and healings but in the little things. I know that there is no way I could be a loving mother to these 2 kids, have patience with them and want to be with them tomorrow if God was not working through me. I mean I have found myself still wanting to play with them and hug and kiss them, even during/after the hardest days ever. Now that is God working. It would be so easy for me to be angry at them, short with them, frustrated and just making it through the day if I did not have the Spirit leading me. As they say, "Parenting is not for the faint of heart." It makes me wanna scream at those people who are debating whether or not they want kids now or later..."IF YOU ARE DEBATING...DON'T DO IT! But if you are sure, then start praying." :)
My Aunt Jan shared this quote with me recently:

"Raising small children is full of long days, but short years."
Here are pics of what has been going on...

sarah and mimimo came to visit
The weather got kinda cool (60's) and Daisy over compensated!
Daisy loving Isaac (above)

Rachel and Alex came to stay with us this weekend. It was so great to see them!! We went to the art festival in downtown Gainesville. We enjoyed the food more than the art (kettle corn, caramel apple, and fried green tomatoes...YUM!)
Alex, Isaac and Daisy on Sunday morning
Isaac pulling for the Tide...even though we lost. :(

Isaac saying "Roll Tide" (first words...impressive!)
Daddy and Isaac

(I apologise for the spacing in my blogs...blogger does not post the spaces I place in my post!)

Tuesday, November 6

My Fairy and My Frog

Here they are all dressed up! Daisy was a fairy (thanks to a sale at Childrens Place while Mimimo was in town) and Isaac was a frog (thanks to Lori-Ann for the hand-me-down). I am biased...but they were VERY cute. :)

above: fighting fairy?

tanglewood group shot

Tiffany (Aug 1st) and Isaac (Aug 15th)

my sweet baby boy

Apologise for the delay...

I still have not gotten the flash drive from Dan. I forgot last night! :( Stay tuned for pics...

But instead I will share some randomness pertaining to the Joneses:

1. Daisy and Isaac share a room. Most of the time she sleeps right through him fussing and nursing like a champ! But sometimes I go in, pick up Isaac, sit in the glider and out of the corner of my eye in the dim light of the nightlight I see a little Daisy, bed head, sleepy eyes peeking over her guard rail on her bed, blanket in hand, sucking her 2 fingers...until she breaks suction and pulls them out to say in her raspy night time little whisper voice, "Mom...I sink he needs to eat." And then she lays back down and she is out again. HA! Thanks Dais. What would I do without you?

2. The other day in the car Daniel was saying how he was "so tired of..." something and from the back seat this little voice recommended, "Dad, you can just take a nap in the car!"

3. Night vision or lack there of....when I go in to feed Isaac at night sometimes my eyes have not adjusted to the low lighting in their room. I have to guess where he is by the noise of crying. And then sometimes it's so dark I can't see if his eyes are closed or not when I put him down. I have to do that weird thing where you can see something better in the dark if you are not looking directly at it. So I wind up staring at his ears to see if he's asleep! hahaha

4. I have ventured into making a Blog Book and am LOVING IT! What a dream! My journal in hard copy and pictures included. Such a cool thing. Highly recommend it!

5. Dan and I got to go on a date last night...thanks to Kevin and Casie Bird! It was so great. But when we went to Starbucks and I got my Soy Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte and the side read "Melon"...really? Is "Melanie" that hard to get? Even a misspelled version?
And what is even funnier is that one time my Father-in-law Buddy ordered and they wrote "Betty" on our drinks. HE HAD ORDERED. Did they think that seriously that mans name was "BETTY"? hahaha

6. Has anyone seen "World World" on PBS? Daisy loves it. It's quite clever -- most things in the cartoon are made up of the letters of their name. So the Sheep looks like a sheep but also has the letters S H E E P in her body make up. Very cute. Plus the duck is hilarious.

7. Time change is not made for small children. My children don't get the memo about the time change and are still getting up an hour earlier...even though the bed times have not changed. Bummer. But at least it's light when we get up.

8. Random question: What the heck do we need Wingdings for? Who uses those? I see them on most font lists and can't figure that out.

Friday, November 2

Small Taste of the Joneses Halloween

So it's killing me (like I am sure it's killing you :) ) that I took most of our Halloween pics on Daniel's nice big digital Canon camera. (well that part is not what is killing me..this is...)And the bummer of it all is that I have NO way of downloading them until he gets back in town and goes to work on Monday (to get the proper equipment for me). I mean, I am dying! I am keeping the fans waiting! They are getting restless!!! :) But don't worry. Monday night (I hope) you will see all the good pics of Halloween. In the mean time, I will show you the pics that I got with my little camera later that night at Trunk or Treat at church.

(this pumpkin is our neighbors...there was a "bad spot on it" so they improvised...hilarious!