Wednesday, January 31

Happy Birthday Daisy!

Well our "Baby Daisy" is now 2 years old. I guess she is no longer a baby. :( My life is flying by! Daisy turned 2 on January 28th, 2007. We had a party for her the day before her real birthday. We invited all of Daisys (and our) neighborhood friends and family. Nate and Naphtali and the Russells came, too. They all came over at 3 for cake and icecream. Daisy had the best time. We sang happy birthday to her and then she got another version of Happy Birthday in Spanish! How cool is that? She understood it was her birthday...kinda. When we would say "Happy Birthday Daisy!" she would reply "Happy Birthday Mama! Happy Birthday Daddy!" like it was Merry Christmas! ahahaahha. She loved seeing all of her friends.

She got some great gifts. One of my favorites was a bag handmade by our neighbor Claudia and "Sweet Daisy" was stitched on it. We are using it now as her diaper bag. SO CUTE. Our neighbors are so kind & fun to be with . We are so thankful for great neighbors.
One of the things we got her was little dolls (look like smaller barbie type dolls) that go with a doll house set (that we dont have). But it is a "Daddy and sister" set. But when I showed it to Daisy at the store she said "Look! Daddy and Daisy!" So she has loved having Daddy and Daisy dolls to play with.

The birthday girl

Daddy, Daisy and Mama

Blowing out the candles

The Russell Family

Rodrigo (Sofia's Dad), Sofia, Daisy, Karol

Opening gifts

Ricky and Gabriel


Daisy sporting some of her gifts

Me, Paula, Claudia, Claudias Friend, & Karols Mom

Dan and Rodrigo
Daisy enjoying her birthday cake

Sarah, Daisy and Lana (Lana not so happy)

Daisy in her birthday crown from Langston and opening all the gifts he sent her from Iowa!

So after all the fun, we had some "Happy Birthday Cake" (as Dais calls it) left over. So on Tuesday of this week, Dan took it to work with him so that it would get eaten. When we were dropping him off that morning he took the cake box from the car...and you would have thought we were punching Daisy. She flipped out! "Daddy take my Happy Birthday!" "Daddy NO!" And she cried the whole way home (although not far...still not like her). Talked about it several times that day. And today she ratted her Daddy out again to the Grocery store bagger..."my Daddy took my Happy Birthday!" I had to explain... :)

Monday, January 29

Daisy and Sofia

Daisy and Sofia are buddies. They are about one month apart in age. She is one of our neighbors in Tanglewood. The girls love to hang out and play together. I keep Sofia a couple of times a week. Daisy absolutely loves it! I think Sofia does too since she runs in the door when she comes and cries when she has to leave. They love to play with the tea set, the tent, and the babies. But the biggest hit of all is the dress up clothes....

Daisy says "Cheese!" too.
The 2 lovely ladies...
BIG hug...

Cagle Christmas in January

This year we didn't get to Atlanta till January since we went to Colorado for Christmas. It was cool though since we got to be in town for my Dad's birthday (the big 5-1). We celebrated with dinner at home with the family including Nanny and Granddaddy. The night before we went out to eat at Chicago's for "Christmas dinner." It was so good. :) Then we came home and swapped gifts. Daisy had a ball in her new dress up clothes from JiJi and Papa. We also went to church on Sunday morning at GracePointe. It was great, full of energy and life. I love the worship and the preacher is great too! :) Dad & Mom are up to their eyeballs in this church. God is really using them there. I am thankful for great role models in ministry.


Daisy sitting on one of her "pess-ents"
Papa, Daisy and Jiji trying out the new clothes.

Jiji and Daisy and Julie.

Jules with the phat ca$h for Christmas...all in 1's.

Our stockings hung from the chimney with care...

Monday, January 22

Blog Mama is back!

Sorry this has taken so long! I was the Blog Queen for so long...and then nothin! Till I got a hostile call from an unnamed DFC member (JULIE JONES) I was not motivated...but I am now! There is so much to catch up on. I will start with Colorado....We went to Castle Rock, CO to visit Daniels sister Anna and her family (Don, Jon David, and Luke) as well as Dans brother David and his wife Eryn. Buddy and Maurine and Sarah came too (after much activity with Sarah health just prior to the trip! She is much better now). We had a great time in all the snow. We all stayed at Anna and Dons house. Anna was the hostess with the most-ess! We played Blokus and ate lots of Eryns yummy desserts! We played in the snow and had fun hanging out with the fam.
First time in the snow. This is in Anna's backyard.
Aunt Eryn and Daisy in the snow before Church on Christmas Eve.
Jon David (3), Luke (20 months), Daisy (23 months)
Snow Bunnies
Buddy & Maurine
The Jones Family Picture
Anna & Luke
Maurine and Daisy playing with the Nativity
Daisy and Jon David
Me and Sarah at Peg (Buddys sister) and Bobs for the day in CO Springs. We had borrowed some snow boots. Mine were thrown together. :)
David and Daniel in front of the Ski Train we rode to Winter Park. We skiied one day in a blizzard. It was 8 degrees! The stories from this day are hilarious!
Pikes Peak on the way to CO Springs
Daniel and I waiting on the ski train to pick us up!
Eryn, Dave, Dan and me while we were night sleding.

Tuesday, January 2

Daisy's Christmas Morning

Well we were leaving for Colorado on the 22nd and since Daisy doesn't know the difference between each day we celebrated early. She came down the stairs and was so happy to see her "peh-sentsss". Another way we used the "Daisy doesn't know" card is in the gifts. I have a sweet friend in MOPS who donated the Dora tent to this cause. I got her some high heels (or "tippy toes" as she calls them) from the dollar store and a umbrella stroller for her babies at Walmart. She loves it all. The tippy toes are already too small...but she does not seem to mind. It was fun to watch her!

Daddy trying on Daisy's "tippy toes" shoes. Niiiiice Dan. :)