Wednesday, February 28

No real news...

I am just wanting to share some pics and check in to say "hey!" Daisy is becoming more and more independent and opinionated recently. I guess that is what a 2 year old does. She loves to react quickly to any request of her with "NO!" Most of the time its accompanied with a smile...not that that makes it ANY better to hear. There is a lot of selective listening going on at our house (and I don't mean Daniel). :) It's hard to decide which battles to choose to fight to the bitter end and which to let slide.
On a sweeter note, she LOVES to be outside. And she loves to be with her "fends" (friends) in the neighborhood. We recently went to a birthday party for her "fend" Sofia who turned 2. It was at a place like a gym with ball pits, a huge play place (like a McDonald's play land), trampolines, foam pits....and parents can play everywhere the kids can. It was fun for all of us. Daisy was in heaven! She LOVED the trampoline (level with the floor) and jumping in the ball pits. She had a blast and so did we! :)

I am 14 weeks and actually feeling better. I realised yesterday that I had not had a snack mid morning and did not feel super nauseated! WOO HOO. Progress. :) I still have to eat a good amount but it does not have as severe consequences as it used to. I am having some MAJOR headaches. I mean they are BAD! I had them with Daisy too. The Doctor gave me some medicine and it works. I hope these subside soon. I am still napping when Daisy does. It really helps me. And I am OUT of my regular clothes. Huge Bummer. Although I have some great pals here who have let me borrow some great maternity clothes. :) But I am still in shock that it happened SO soon. I still sport my sweats while I can. I have a ultrasound scheduled for March 15th. I will keep you posted! :) (No, this is not my most flattering photo...but I had to show you how big I am. :)

I am so thankful for the way God has blessed us. I am thankful for a loving husband, a precious 2 year old and a baby on the way. :)

Friday, February 16

Big Sister

Well, most of you already know...but we are having another baby! I am due sometime in August. We are not exactly sure about the date in August. But we are pretty excited. :) Daisy kinda gets it. Every once in a while she will try to "share" with the baby and hand something to my stomach. But we really have not been pushing it with her. I am sure we will have to explain more when I get bigger. Speaking of which, I had heard that when you have a second or third baby you show sooner...but I didn't know how "sooner" we were talkin'! I mean I am feeling it and I am somewhere between 11 and 13 weeks! I am like "WHAT?!!?" I was not this size till 18 or 19 weeks with Daisy. But I hear that is just how things go. So, for those of you with one kid and thinking of another...PREPARE YOURSELF. :) I also have not felt the best. No surprise. I was sick as a dog with Daisy till 17 weeks. This time I have not been as bad. But I contribute that to being able to eat when I want and nap when Daisy does. When I was a nurse, there was no taking snacks in each patient room as I changed a know what I mean? So that has been better. I have been SUPER tired. But hopefully that will end soon. We hope to find out what we are having this time around. SO...that's our big news.

Daisy is doing great. She is getting so big. We went to her 2 yr check up...she is off of the growth chart. Atta girl. :) She is quite verbal now. It is pretty funny. Today in FL it was colder than usual so I let her wear her snow boots and snow coat (we got for CO at Christmas) to the grocery store. Pretty funny. She still has not forgiven or forgotten about Dan "taking her Happy Birthday" cake. She loves to play with her friends here in the Village. She is eating pretty well for a toddler and still sleeping like a champ. Potty training is coming...I can sense it...and I am not looking forward to it. As a matter of fact I dread it. Oh well. She is a sweet little Daisy. I love being Daisy's Mama.

Wednesday, February 7

I hear ya Dais...LOUD & CLEAR!

So sweet Daisy is now 2. And as I have mentioned before, she LOVES her Daddy. Now, in my defense (for not being the Fav parent) I am with her ALL DAY. He comes home at 5:30 and gets to be "Super Dad" until she goes to bed at 7. It is really cool to see him play with her and love on her. But he only has an hour and a half to go all out and then off to bed she goes. I have all day and errands, and laundry and cooking... And I try to make all that fun but it's not the same as being swung around by your arms while Daddy sings "Super Daisy!"

I tell you all that to tell you this story...
"Read a book Mama?"said Daisy. I was doing the dishes and was almost done.
I said, "Just a minute, Daisy. I am almost done and then I will read you that book, ok?"
And Daisy replies...."Daddy reads me a book."........YEA, I know it Daisy. Daddy does a lot of fun things...but not while he is doing the dishes!!!

And then today when I was putting her down for her nap she said, "Read a book!" and I said "No, Dais, we only read books before bed, not your nap." "Sing a song Mama?" she said. "No Dais, it's nap time now," I said. "Daddy read a book and sing a song..." she tells me. (eye rolling....) SHEESH. Daisy, I am getting your message LOUD AND CLEAR...and we are not playing that game. For crying out loud its like the competition between divorced parents! hahahaha...and she is only 2.

But I am a fun mom...look what I let her do to me while I was trying to keep her quiet while I talked to a friend... she was so proud. "I put uh Barney stickers on uh Mama tummy!"