Friday, March 30

Big Girl Bed

This morning I was awakened to a little person tapping on my arm while I was STILL IN BED. It was Daisy and it scared the (blank) out of me. SO....well we went for it. When Daniel got home tonight we rearranged Daisy's room and put a safety guard on her "big girl bed" so she wouldn't roll out. The "big girl bed" is actually a trundle...not a trundle bed but just the part that slides out and pops up. We spare no expense when furnishing Camp Tanglewood. :) We talked about it a little bit and how she needs to stay in that bed and call for us if she needs us. We will see how it goes. Bedtime went very well...but we will see what happens in the middle of the night. Once this big change takes we are on to potty training. Whew...not sure I am ready for that one.

(Obviously this is not taken in her big girl bed...but I can't blog without posting a picture!)

Friday, March 23

Recent Travels (Birmingham and Crescent Beach)

The Ham
It had been too long since we visited our old home Birmingham, Alabama. I must say it was refreshing to be in a place where my team was supported and loved (ROLL TIDE). I miss Rick and Bubba (radio DJ's that are hilarious!) and just the southern feel that just isn't in Gainesville. But most of all I miss my friends and family that are there. It was so great to spend time with them and catch up. Daisy and I stayed with Rachel and "Baby Alex" (who is a carbon copy of his much so its freaky!).
(This pic was at playground we went to and Alex was not too happy! But seriously, this is a good baby boy...he already sleeps great at 8 weeks and was so good the whole time...lucky Rachel!) (This pic below is when Daisy decided that even though baby Alex was sleeping soundly that he needed some toys to play with! Keeping Daisy off of Alex was a challenge...this was FOR SURE a lesson of what my life will be like in a few months!) We gave them of taste of what a house will be like with a toddler. John mentioned it was like Katrina had hit there...hahahaha...just wait till Alex is older! We got to see Baby Jack and Tina and Jason. He is the sweetest, squishy, giggly baby. I mean I would barely touch him and he would errupt in laughter that was so sweet and contagious! We had a play group one day we were there. It was so great to be with my friends again. Tina got Daisy a Backyardigan DVD...saved my life driving home from that trip. It was a 90 min video...she loved it and I did too cause it wasn't Barney! Praise God for Tina!!! Daisy was going for it in this pic...she luvs the babies...
We had so much fun. We saw the Pruitts who I miss a ton! They gave me a copy of Britney Spears Greatest Hits....LOVE IT. Listen, to those of you who can't understand this...I am sorry. I know what you are thinking and you make great points but I love to sing and dance in the car to her music. Anyway...CrossBridge was so great too. I saw a ton of the Youth Group that we LOVED while we were there. Everyone looked great. It was such a blessing to come back and see them all.

(Below is a pic I took at a Chickfila on our way home...too cute not to post)

Crescent Beach

Daniel, Daisy, and I went to the beach for Dan's Spring Break to a condo that we got to use for free! woo HOO! The weather was cool but beautiful. It was like 60's but super windy. My ears were aching on the beach when we were out a while. But it was great. The last few days were warmer. We also drove to the Jacksonville Zoo. That was a fun day. Here are some pics of our family vacation.

17 and a half weeks (Daisy copying Mama) and feeling this baby boy kick all the time!

Lovin' the elephants

at the Zoo!

Daisy meeting the strangers at the pool who said, "When you get to be Senior Citizens like us, you can play Rummikub too!" Hahaha. :)

Here is a small while we were there Daniel consented to going to the Outlet Mall. There was a Motherhood maternity outlet (btw...what does Outlet even mean these days...most of the time not much cheaper). I went in seeking a cheap swimsuit. I had one that someone loaned me. I will still wear it but it does not hide the "other growing parts" I have well enough(you know...the things that will get even larger when my milk comes in). So, let me start by saying that the words "Maternity swimsuit" are quite the oxymoron. I mean what woman enjoys swimsuit shopping in the first place???? Then to do it when you are getting HUGE? Now, some may say "well atleast you don't have to suck in" and "you have an excuseto not look perfect" but c'mon. It's just not fun. Especially since I will be GIGANTOR this summer about to pop AND it's not just my belly that grew last time with Daisy (legs, boobs, arms, face, NOSE, love handles). If you are one of those women who LOVED being prego and LOVED donning a swimsuit while you were pregnant...DO NOT POST a comment about it. I cannot relate. :)

Thursday, March 15

Daisy will have a little Brother!

It's a boy! We found out today. I confirmed my due date of August 25th making me 16 and a half weeks. It was such a cool thing to see this sweet baby moving around. This pics don't totally convince Daniel and I that we are having a boy... :) but we also are not ultrasound professionals. We don't know about names yet. And honestly with some of the responses we got with saying we loved the name "Daisy"...we may be keeping it to ourselves this time. :) Daisy is going to be a big sister to a little brother. How fun! :)

This is his little profile.

Can you make sense of this??? If we were in person, I could show you the actual spot they call the "boy part" but you would not believe me.

One of my Dads co-workers heard that we were having a baby boy and said, "Great, then they can name it Duke!" (For Daisy and Duke....sounding like Daisy Dukes) hahahahaha!

Wednesday, March 7

Run, Scottie, Run!

On a fall evening in Gainesville, FL, Scott (my younger brother), Daniel and I were all enjoying a nice dinner of pork tenderloin at our dining room table. It was the weekend of the Alabama/Florida game (bless our hearts) and Scott was in town for the game and festivities. We were having normal conversation when Scott said, "Hey, if I run a Marathon, will you guys be there?" Daniel and I said "ABSOLUTELY" and were thinking we'll believe it when we see it. We both got an email from Scott that following Monday morning that showed a registration and date for the Alpharetta Marathon. I had to call to confirm and it was true. :)

It was FREEZING but Scott said BRING IT ON! :)

Coming up on mile 5...
Daisy cheering on Uncle Scott.

Above: Scott at mile mark 21!
He made it! We are so PROUD!

Father/Son moment at the finish line.

Scott with the medal!

Scott trained totally on his own. His one of the most determined people I know. If he says he is going to do something, it's gettin' done. And this is one of his greatest examples. I have to admit I didn't expect this event to be so emotional and awesome. I should have known when Saturday I began to be nervous for Scott just knowing he was probably feeling that way. NONE of us slept well on Saturday night. We all admitted to waking up every hour as if we were going over sleep and miss an early morning flight. :) Mom, Julie, Daisy and I almost missed the start of the race. Mom got us as close as possible (due to roads blocked off for the race) and Julie and I RAN up a hill in the 20 degree weather and wind. We knew when we heard the national anthem we had a few minutes and started to speed walk (or we may have laugh...but seriously...). It was then that the reality of Scott running 26.2 miles in this weather and these hills set it. Julie thought her "lungs were bleeding" :) once we topped the hill (maybe 0.3 of a mile if that) and found Scott. I was afraid I had dropped the baby I am carrying somewhere along the hill. I was the photographer of the big event and would have been so sad if I missed the start. When Scott took off if was a weird feeling like there he goes, my little brother...YOU CAN DO IT! Mom, Daisy, Julie and Stephen (a family friend and Scott's buddy) and I made about 9 stops along Scott's path. It was challenging to find back roads that were open to get right up to the side walk where he would run by. Kudos to Mom and Stephen for working all that out while Julie and I entertained Daisy. We had a bright orange sign (hunters orange for safety, if you will) so he could see us from far away. It was a bone chilling day! It was freezing and windy and miserable to be out in even though the sun was bright. But it was so cool to see him come running up a hill and be screaming our heads off for him. I think we even did a few hurkies. (For those of you who have birthed a child, you know a hurkie is not smart to attempt with a full bladder...oops) :) Towards the end when it was getting harder he looked so good and kept on running. I was so impressed that despite the weather, number of hills and difficultly of inclines of all the hills he stuck with it. When he came around the corner to the finish line we all lost our minds. We were screaming and yelling and cheering and jumping! The look on his face as he crossed the finish line was precious. It communicated weariness, but accomplishment, thankfulness, and relief that it was over. This emotion welled up in me of how proud I was of him for training so hard and enduring the day. I was so proud. I don't think I expected such response as an older sister but it came anyway. The rest of the day I could not stop thinking about how cool it was that he finished and how proud I was. He went home to rest and recover. The rest of the family went back to Mom and Dads. But I was dying to discuss every detail of it with him. I called him on Monday and I got the scoop from him. He said he felt like he had been in a bad car accident. :) Never the less, I was still proud and am still feeling that. Each Cagle shed a tear at the finish line (expect the dehydrated runner...but I think he would have under normal circumstances) witnessing Scott attain this goal.

(**Daniel was in Tampa at a mandatory Ortho conference this weekend...he was SO bummed that he missed all this)

Now for the cheesy part (or cheesier if you were already thinking that). It was a lesson for me about how God watches my life and is cheering me on in a life sacrificed to him. It's a hard life sometimes with terrible conditions and cramping muscles but he is standing on the sidelines of my marathon life holding signs and screaming You can do it! I know you can! You're looking great, keep it up! Almost there! And all the while his heart is pounding and is in anxious anticipation to see me succeed. And then when I finally do succeed... he is there at the finish line screaming his head off for me and tearing up with pride and hugging my weary body. That's what makes the race worth it. And if I feel these things for my precious brother Scott, how much more does my Christ who made every part of me want this for me too? You may be thinking "Man is she pregnant or what?" but I think you have to have been there to witness the awesome-ness of this event. It is one of my favorite family times. I will never forget the feelings of this day or the lesson I learned about Christ.

On a lighter note...Daisy got a new bikini.... :)