Wednesday, June 27

A Doozie of an Update Part 3: Coker Reunion at Greers Ferry Lake

We headed to the lake on Wednesday, June 20. ( birthday was Monday the 18th. It was a great one. I got some super sweet cards from family and friends. Dan got me a cute Vera Bradley backpack. My parents bought me an IPOD! I was SO stinkin' excited (hey, I know I am behind...but I can still be excited!). My sister got me cute maternity top from was a good bday. It made becoming 28 easier to handle!). We just had the best time with all the Coker family there. (In attendance: Nanny and Granddaddy Coker, Dad, Mom, Me (and baby boy), Daisy, Julie, Scott (<---CAGLES), Aunt Judy, Uncle Phil, Jeffrey, Missy, Clayton, Katie, Joel, Emily, Izzy, (baby Hoggard in Emily's belly)(<---Hoggards), Aunt Jan, Uncle Bryan, Caroline, Elizabeth, Jackson, and Brooks(<---Pruitts). Eventually everyone made it there but Daniel and Blake (had to work...bummer!). Pretty amazing that so many of us made it. My aunt Judy got 2 other lake houses (other than hers) for all of us to stay in. We had a great time playing on the lake with a pontoon boat and jet ski. The weather was great every day but Saturday. It was laid back and relaxing. We ate most of our meals outside on their back porch. Judy planned some great meals. We ate like we were at Camp! After dinner each night we would all wind up in a big circle telling stories and laughing our heads off. If any of you know my was very entertaining! We do that when the Cokers get together and I love it. My mom and her sisters will go somewhere to sit and talk...and all of us little chicks follow to listen in to what they are saying and laugh along. It's what we do. :) I am so thankful for my family. We all got along and had fun together. We had church together on Saturday night. That was a highlight of the trip for me. Our family was singing together...and while we are not the Gaithers...we sounded great. :) It made me appreciate my rich heritage of faith. I really enjoyed that. I took tons of pics (SHOCKING!). So many that they won't all fit on one post. So I will start and try to tell you what is happening with each one. And stay tuned for more pics!

above: Dad and me at dinner (I am getting to the stage of pregnancy where I am not a fan of any picture of me...please excuse any pics of me where you are thinking, "why would she post that of herself?)

above: Nanny and Mom

above: Joel eating dinner

Above: Uncle Bryan...yes he has 4 kids and is an OB...wouldn't you be mad as a new pt in his office when you met him for the first time? No one wants a good looking OBGYN...but what can he do? :)

Sweet Izzy (Joel and Emily's Baby girl) one week shy of her 1st Birthday. She arrived during our last Coker Reunion and she was 5 weeks early!

above: the baby pool super sized!

above: the porch where we ate most meals

To see the rest of the pics from this trip please see Part 4 on the left side of my blog page. I began posting pics in that post its making it seem like its an older post...and out of order. Anywho...check out the other pics there. :)

Doozie of an Update Part 2: "In the Foothills of the Ozarks..."

While we were in Searcy on Wednesday (before leaving for the lake), we made a trip to Harding University, my almamater (sp?). My cousin, Caroline is going there is going there in the fall as a freshman. We had to go by and get her schedule for Summer Experience for later in the week. I had flashback after flashback walking around Campus. Man, I loved Harding...well, all but the Nursing School part. But I met some of my best friends there, my husband, and had such fun there. :) I mean just the smells of certain buildings were taking me back! (I have always said the Science Building has the smell of "confusion and not knowing what is going on"). There are many changes from when I was there (new buildings, updates, roads...). I was definitely the OLD person walking around reminiscing and saying, "when I was here..." It was great to be there. It made me envy Caroline and moving into the dorm as a freshman. Man, those were some great times.

Below: Caroline, Elizabeth, and Aunt Jan
Aunt Judy kissing Daisy...poor Daisy thought she was my mom (her JiJi) the whole time!
The Olen Hendrix...where I lived for nursing school.

Brooks, Clayton and Daisy in the Ad Aud. The Heritage...THIS was a huge change from 80's dump to VEGAS on HU Campus.

Tuesday, June 26

Doozie of an update Part 1: Little Rock and Lewis family

So on our way to the Coker Family Reunion we had a day visit with Grandpa and Grandma Lewis (Claude & Madge Lewis) Daniel's Mom's parent. They live in Little Rock, AR. Many of Maurine's siblings and their families live in Arkansas, too.

Grandma and Grandpa picked us up at the airport and had the day planned for us. I had been telling Daisy we were going to see Grandma and Grandpa in Arkansas, it would be so fun, we would eat with them and play with them....She thought the flight attendants voice for the announcement was Grandma and then claimed she saw their house from the airplane window. :) She was ready to see them. The flights went very well besides my queasy stomach from the turbulence. Daisy did GREAT.

When we came out of the gate and I said, "Look Daisy! There is Grandma!" She took off running and gave her the biggest hug ever! (Keep in mind the last time she saw them was maybe David and Eryn's wedding...a year ago in January when she was one!) She greeted Grandpa the same way. It was so sweet. From there we went to a yummy KFC buffet and fed Daisy a healthy veggie filled lunch. She did not care for the orange jello...what is wrong with her? :) Then we went home, took naps, then got up and played. Many of Daniel's family came over for dinner. We got to visit with Aunt Laura, Jenni, Baby Sam, Alisa, Baby Liam ( 3 weeks old!), Uncle Jon, Uncle Joel, Aunt Anne, Eric, Jeremy, Diana, Perry and Camden. It was great to see them all! We left for Searcy at 6-ish and tried to see Aunt Cheri. She was late returning from class in Memphis. :( But we did see Uncle Scott and Claire. Daisy was in heaven playing with her and in her room. We ended our busy day at my aunt Judy's house in Searcy.

(below:Daisy in the airport)

Watching Boz on the plane

Dan's Award and Art Museum

This is what happened with us Father's Day weekend. Dan was inducted into a society that honors family housing residents for involvement with the community. He was recognized for his great job doing "Tooth Talk" for Tanglewood. Leave it to Dan to get awards we didn't even know existed! :) Daisy and I were so proud! We went to Cracker Barrel for the meeting to induct him. It was VERY yummy (one of my favorite restaurants!). Dan and Daisy were super silly.

Above: I am 30 weeks prego. Daisy wanted to get a sideways pic too. I just woke up...and had not done much grooming. :)

We also ventured to the Harn Museum with Tanglewood for a Tot time. It was fun. The tour guide we had was SUPER nervous about the kids touching the art. She even fussed a little at a mom in our group for getting too close to the art. Sheesh. It was called "Tot time"...were you expecting High Schoolers??? Like this group of preschoolers is going to understand "don't touch the art" when they still reach for a hot eye on the stove! I say they should take pics of the art and show them those...if they are going to freak out the whole tour!

Below: Santiago, Ricky (sporting a "gum stuck in his hair" do), Gabriel and Daisy

Harn Museum (below)

The next day we went to the new Shark exhibit in the FL Museum of Natural History. We met Kelly, Reid, Riley and Jane there. We also took Sarah Cathey our friend from church who was 39 1/2 weeks prego (she had her baby last girl!)! She was pooped with all the walking! Daisy and Reid were running CRAZY. But I think they had fun!


This was Father's Day morning...Daisy poo-pooed on the potty and I had promised an ice cream to her if she did. Never expected that she would do it. She is not a fan of the potty these days. But she did...and so I had to follow through. She is loving it!

For Father's Day Dan had a fun sports day with his friends. Daisy made him a cute footprint bookmark at school and a card. He loved it. He is a Fabulous father!

A Doozie of an Update Part 4: More pics of Coker Reunion at Greers Ferry Lake

These are just more pics of the good times at the lake. (dont forget to check out parts 1,2, and 3)

Missy, Emily and Me on the boat.

Chillin' on the boat (Elizabeth, Julie, Caroline, Jackson, and Brooks)

above: Joel and Emily havin' fun on the jet ski
Uncle Phil driving the boat
above: Phil, Dad, Clayton, Jackson and Jan

above: Elizabeth, Jules and Caroline

above: Brooks climing up to jump off the top of the boat.

above: Julie's first time on a jet first she was scared...then about 2 seconds later she was peddle to metal across the lake and loving life!

above: Me and Jules at Judy's house

above: Granddaddy on the porch reading

above: Joel and cute is this pic???

Some of the fam at a beach near by

Above: Katie and Missy at the's no fun hanging with Missy at the beach...she looks great AND had a 14 month old. Sheesh.

Above: Joel sporting his "scuba sign" sunburns from his Chacos.

Above: Dad, Me, Mom and Daisy on an evening boat ride
above: Dad, Mom, Joel, Emily and Scott at dinner
above: me at 30 1/2 weeks
Above: Clayton getting his 100th hug from Daisy. She ADORED him. And he was so sweet to put up with her following him around and hugging him. :)

above: Aunt Judy and Uncle Phil
above: Nanny and Granddaddy
Above: Clayton, Missy and Katie on the evening boat ride
Dad and Daisy

above: Clayton and Brooks on the top of the boat
above: Jackson on the jet ski
above: me, jules and caroline
above: mom and scott jammin' on the Wii to Guitar Hero II
Scott goin' nuts on the jet ski

above: a note Clayton wrote for outside of a fort built in the lake house :)

above: caroline posing for us as she was bored on the tube :)

Above: Izzy eating her birthday cake! Happy Early 1st Birthday. :)

So, those are all the pics I decided to post of our family. It know its a ton...but i couldn't choose. Hope you enjoyed them!