Wednesday, December 19

daisy said...

The other day Daisy was playing and Daniel came in to get her.
Dan: "Daisy, it's time for bed. C'mon, lets go get your pj's on."
Daisy: "I AM ON SANTA'S SLEIGH" she said very boldly with eyes cut toward Dan, "and we are going TO MOPS!" and continues to play....
It just always cracks me up that she "plays" that we are going to MOPS. I go to my Mothers of Preschoolers group 2 Mondays a month. But apparently its been such a constant in her short life that it's a big part of what we do. HA!

Monday, December 17

"A Tender Tanglewood Christmas, That's the Only Christmas for Me"

This year we went again to the festivities at Tanglewood to celebrate the season. Daisy was so excited! There were TONS of kids there. Many more than the last few years. Isaac "lost his mind" as we say at our house (meaning crying like "NURSE ME NOW!"). But Daisy got some pom-poms from Santa and Isaac got a cool baby teething toy. Santa's hat did fall off. Daisy didn't seem to notice. Oh, and note to year don't put kid in red for Santa pics...he blends in with Santa. Isaac is a floating head on Santa's lap. :) Here are the pics of the day:

Cmon SANTA! Look at me for the pic!

Isaac losing his mind sitting by Tiffany

Baby Aurelia (6 mo), Baby Tiffany (4 mo), and Baby Isaac (3 1/2 mo) all Tanglewood and Campus Church babies. :)

btw...we took Isaac to the Dr for his 4 mo check up. He was 17 lbs 5 oz (and that was after a vomiting virus and moms breastmilk supply running low!).

Friday, December 14

Contagious Christmas: Not for the weak stomached

So we just had QUITE a week. It all started when Daisy threw up Saturday night out of no where. Then was fine on Sunday. Then threw up again on Monday on the way home from MOPS. I was a little put out with her since she tends to have a sensitive gag reflex (and I had just cleaned her car seat from where she had peed in it). But she said she wanted to go straight to her nap and not eat. That was certainly the easiest option and I was glad she suggested it. She seemed fine but kinda whiny that afternoon.
Skip to Tuesday morning at 5:30 am. I was nursing Isaac and thinking, "Man, my stomach does not feel good." And then about 6...IT hit me. The worst virus sickness I have had in a very long time. We are talking violent uncontrollable vomiting (yelling involved), diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, head ache, body aches, cold then hot then cold was AWFUL. We called Shelley to come over and keep the kids while Dan went to work. About 11 she had to go give a final (she teaches College Algebra at Sante Fe Community College...a whole 'nother kinda virus experience if you ask me!) and we called a neighbor Claudia to come and get the kids. At this point, I was in the bathroom every 30-45 minutes losing hydration rapidly and getting light headed. I remember at one point having this thought IN ALL SERIOUSNESS..."God, please, make it stop. I am dying. Please make it stop!" I had no idea what Daisy had on, if Isaac had been fed, or what was happening. Daniel made it home at 12 and we went to an urgent care center. On the way there we called everyone we knew seeing if they would be available to keep our kids when Claudia couldn't at 2:30. After many calls and return calls, Casey was able to keep them from 2:30 to 3:45 and then maybe Jen after that....blah blah blah...the rest is a saga of its own. Eventually those who helped included Kelly Wagner, Naphtali, Sarah Niles, Shelley again and Claudia again. WHEW.
Back at the Urgent Care Center about 12:45...I knew I was in for a wait. The first hour and half I was there....NO ONE went back or came out. NOT GOOD. I hogged 3 chairs and laid down across them and covered myself with my "emergency" towel. I got back to a room after 2 1/2 hours. And then was seen 1 hour after that. This little asian doctor came in with a WWJD bracelet on. He sits down and says, "vomiting? diarrhea? nausea? can you pee? I need to see if you dehydrated." And out he went. Turns out I was very dehydrated (and was 8 lbs lighter than when I weighed at Thanksgiving...WOO HOO! what a way to lose the baby weight! j/k). He ordered some IV fluids for me and as he started my IV kept saying the 4 letter "s word" over and over as he made mistakes (tearing tape too short, spilling my blood all over his non-gloved hands...). HA. WWJD...I guess it was holiday decor? Anyway, I felt a little better after the fluids. Dan picked me up at 5:25 pm. I had been there for 5 hours.
Back at home... On the way home we heard that baby Isaac had started throwing up. I was so sad I just started crying. And it was so sad to watch him heave and dry heave! So that night Daniel stayed up with Isaac giving him Pedialyte every 5 minutes to keep him hydrated. Some he kept down, some he didn't. We thankfully avoided taking him in to the ER. Way to go Dan! My GREAT friend Naph spent the night and took care of me bringing me meds, Gatorade and so on. Shelley came and got Daisy that night...and kept her till Thursday! What a life saver! I started feeling much better Thursday afternoon.
Passing it on....again....Dan started throwing up and so on on Thurs morning. Fab. But he had 2 presentations to give on Friday so he HAD to go to work. He said he just too frequent trips to the BR. Bummer.
Over all...we survived with the help of a bag of IV fluids and great friends. We can't say thanks enough! It made me super thankful for my health, my families health, and my friends. I will be more sympathetic when people mention they have been vomiting...esp Daisy. :) I learned Moms just cant be sick. There is really no great option when the Mama is down and out! Bummer. But that is fine with me...being that sick was no vacation from kids. I would rather my worst Mama day (potty training a toddler and breastfeeding and scrubbing toilets and so on) that have that virus again! :)

Monday, December 10

'Tis the Season

...for taking pics for the Christmas card praying for just one where at least 3 of the 4 of us looks normal and may be smiling...long lines at any store (esp Walmart)...for 80 degree highs in FL making me turn on the a/c...for viruses being passed around...for Daisy already questioning Santa...for parties every night of the week...for pink eye...for stress at school...for motion Christmas lights that won't stay up on our cinder block house outside...for congested babies and difficulty sleeping and nursing...for having our windows open right beside our Christmas tree...for my families beloved tradition of the gum drop tree...the last year I don't get Daniel a gift for Christmas...for loving my 3 year olds little people nativity set more than her...for seeing Tanglewood Santa for the 3rd year in a row (this year his hat fell off...turns out it was one of "Santa's helpers" instead)...for Dan turning the BIG 3-0!...for the ugliest selection of Christmas stamps I have ever seen in the US Postal Service! (Old 80's Christmas sweater animals??? C'MON! I was totally at their mercy.)...for getting Christmas cards in the mail...for the Craft show at the O Dome...for Nog (soy egg nog)...for Spa Day at MOPS...for Harry Connick Jr Christmas CD...the smell of our real Christmas tree...for good times with the family and friends...I love Christmas!

Shelley and Jen Russell (friends/family from church)

Thursday, December 6

Funnies about having a baby

I saw this on a email from Babycenter...

This was What you didn't realize you would be doing when you had a baby:

• Stacking today's unread newspaper on top of yesterday's unread newspaper (mine is the Parenting magazine or Christian Chronical..j/k on the last one).• Eating dinner like you're trying to break a Guinness world record for the most pasta swallowed in the shortest amount of time. Standing up.• Letting your partner choose between poop and laundry as a conversation topic.• Figuring out how to pee without putting the baby down.(mastered this)• Wearing a bra that looks like something from a 1930s Sears catalogue.• Spending three hours getting the baby to sleep and then waking him up two minutes later to make sure he's still breathing.• Forgetting what you were...

I laugh cause all this is true...except for the waking the baby part....NEVER!
these are the latest pics...