Tuesday, January 29

Favorite things

This blog is about things for my kids that I love. Check them out! Here they are in no certain order...

1. Hide 'em in Your Heart Songs (with Steve Green) Childrens CD. This CD is songs that are all exact scripture. There are 20 songs. I love to hear Daisy singing them in the car and around the house. "Do to udders (others)...Do to udders (others)...as you would have them do to you" is a fav of Daisys. :) I would rather burn these in her brain than just "Strawba-ba-ba-bah-berry Shortcake!" Strawberry Shortcake is not evil but not Gods word! :) (gift from JeJe) You can see what looks like at this site.

2. Veggie Tales "Daisy" CD. Yes, custom made. They sing her name in almost every song. And I love that especially in "God is so good, He's so good to Daisy and me." ($18) They also have Barney, Wiggles, Sesame Street and so on. We also have the Barney one for "back in the day" when she loved Barney. Thank goodness that stage is GONE. Now on to Princesses...I guess you have to choose your poison.

3. Go Fish is an acapella singing group for children. Their CD's are in any Christian bookstore. They sing great songs. One is the Ten Commandment Boogie! ha! (Gift from Mimimo...got it at LifeWay)

4. Daisy's new alarm clock! It is perfect for our little toddler who shares a room with her baby brother. Before she would yell, "MOM! DAD! I'M AWAKE! COME AND GET ME!" (Daniel laid down the law about NOT getting out of her big girl bed NO MATTER WHAT when she first got it. And it's stuck. Which is not good if we have a fire...but great that she will not be wandering the house at night.) So she kept yelling and then of course waking up Isaac...which made me wanna curse...but I didn't. :) So to stop the yelling (and temptation to say things I shouldn't) Dan found this cool alarm clock online that a guy sells in the UK. It's a light with face plates on it. We use one with 2 pics on it: a bunny sleeping and a bunny awake. When she goes to bed it functions as a night light and only the sleeping bunny is lit up. (And a FABULOUS one at that...its not a beacon in the night. It just gives off a soft glow. Perfect.) And we set a small clock on it that turns the "bunny awake" light on at 7 am. So if she wakes up earlier and the bunny is still sleeping...she stays put and lays there quietly. If it's awake she's allowed to get out of bed and come find us. Now the first thing we hear her say in the morning is...."Mom, the bunny was awake!!" It has worked magically! We love it. I use it for her naps to since they sometimes overlap in their naps.
Check out this site. (This was pricey...Dan used his "fun money" for it. And we had to request it to be made with a plug to fit our outlet here in the US.)

5. Drop In Bottles by Playtex are great! No bottle washing. Just nipple washing. But it is so great to save space and clean less!

6. Target (although I am still a little mad at them) sells bibs in sets of 3 that are waterproof/drool proof for Isaac. He is a drool machine. Seriously, he could take a St Bernard to the mat! He can seriously soak a bib in 30 mins. So we love these bibs. They save us outfits, yeast rashes and so on. They are Just One Year brand. I think they are at Walmart too. Isaac has some with Frogs and some with Dinosaurs. Click here to see. They are pretty cute too.

7. Gymboree Blankets...are always cute, soft and a good thickness. I wait till they are on sale and get them for $10.

8. My Hooter Hider (yes, that is the BRAND name. I am not being funny) is great! It is a nursing cover so that I don't have to wrestle him and a blanket when Isaac needs to eat while we are out in public. Plus they are light weight. They are ridiculously expensive for an over sized apron (that is what it looks like). But it was a gift. :) They come in lots of adorable prints. :) Google them. You will love them. I ordered mine from here but they are on several sites online.

Those are all the baby things I love off the top of my head. And aren't I fancy schmancy with my hyper links? And that I didn't hyper link the entire post this time! What an accomplishment. That is if it worked... :)

Speaking of things I loved/enjoy...this past weekend Daniel and I attended a marriage seminar at a local church in town. It was by a guy named Mark Gungor and it was called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage." He was hysterical. No, I was not the only one laughing. Even Daniel laughed a lot. I suggest you check out his site. He does sell DVD series for churches to do classes with. It was very funny and very good. I learned some great things about how men think and WHY. No, it still does not make sense to me. But at least I know now he is not doing things just to make me crazy. :) See him at this site.

Monday, January 28

Happy 3rd Birthday Daisy!

Daisy turns 3 today!
Although we have not said a word today so not to confuse her since the party was last weekend. (Cause right now "birthday" means PARTY not the day of your birth. And honestly, I don't feel like explaining that. I am too bogged down with "How can I get to Heaven to go to God's house?...believe me dais, you don't wanna know... or "You said God is here, but I can't see him!" or "Mom, what is LOVE?") We celebrated (with both sets of grandparents) on January 19th with a "Dress like Daisy would" Party. That means to dress like a self-dressed toddler, Halloween costume, mismatched, and anything but normal! Many of our friends participated. :) We wanted it to be exactly what Daisy would want...but LOW budget. (You can get away with that when they are 3...but we can't keep this up or we will be renting limos and buying out entire malls or theme parks before we know it!)
  1. She loves to dress herself (we let her. SHE LOVES the dress she is wearing...its an everyday outfit!)
  2. She loves to dance (had a fun dance party).
  3. She loves to play with her Daddy (he lead a few games).
  4. She loves Princesses (decor...which I must admit...I struggled with. For some reason doing a Disney Princess Party is like decorating a nursery in Looney Tunes to me. But whatever...since it was what she wanted, I gave in on this one).
  5. She loves to eat candy and junk like that (cake, m&ms, princess fruit snacks, chips, cookies and so on).
  6. She loves pink!
So smoosh all that together and you get Daisy's 3rd Birthday party. We had it in the Tanglewood Commons room and invited mostly Tanglewood neighbors. We got a Princess cake from Publix (thanks to my Mom and Dad!). I gathered all the Disney Princess crap she has and used it to decorate. Our fun and dear friend Naphtali wanted to help. She made these AMAZING iced sugar cookies. They were hearts and stars. And for favors at the end...she baked some on to sticks so they could take home a "cookie wand." How cute is that??? I did buy some pink napkins, streamers and one Princess table cloth. We have several play tents. I brought those for the kids to play in. Daisy's dress up box was open for all to use and dress up with. We had a small little fashion show and gave some prizes. I made a "Daisy's 3rd Birthday Dance Mix" with iTunes cash donated by Uncle Scott. We had a blast! Please imagine our Church of Christ hineys shaking to....Celebration, Hokey Pokey, If You're Happy and You know it, Macarena, Electric Slide, Cha-Cha Slide, Twist and Shout, Chicken Dance and so on. It was good times! Most importantly Daisy had a BLAST!! She danced the entire time there was music on. Her favorite one to do was the Chicken Dance. And she loved when we formed a train and followed her dancing around the room! She was laughing so hard! We had requested no gifts...and no one really listened! :) Before the party we had done gifts with the grandparents. She got some fun things! Dan and I gave her a Dora Dollhouse. Her friend had one and she LOVED it. Well I have a friend in MOPS who was getting rid of hers!!! She brought it to me before Christmas and I hid it for Daisy's birthday. It was free! WOO HOO. God really blessed us with that. And she loves it! If you notice that Isaac didn't make it in any pics...it's cause he was not there. He decided he would rather nap through it than be a part. So several kind souls took turns going and sitting in our den while he napped.
Daisy loving her Dora house ("CHEESE!")

The amazing cookies Naphtali made!!

setting up for the party

Heather, Kai (11 days older than Isaac), and Ark are our friends and neighbors. They did awesome in dressing up!!
above: Naphtali (who made the cookies) and her hubby Nate

The Russell's (Shelley, Jen and Gary) dressed like Daisy. They knew that Daisy loves to "match" stripes with stripes and prints with prints. They went the stripe route! :)
Dan, Sergio, Sebastian and Ricky posing.
Claudia, Scooby Doo (Santiago) and Paula searching the dress up box for an outfit
Daisy and Sofia (dressed as a princess!)
The game "Simon Says" (we had planned games to play outside but it was cold and rainy)
Notice Dan's skirt?. Yes, its mine. NO it's not elastic! And yes, it looks better on him than me right now. What a killer to my self image! I gotta get back to the Y! :)
Singing to the Birthday Girl

Mimimo (Maurine, Dan's mom) and JeJe (Jeannie, my mom) serving cake
Everyone who dressed up for the party
Neighborhood princesses: Pam (age 4), Ruthie (age 3) and Michelle (age almost 2?)

Mimimo, Daisy and BePops

Desire, Nadia and Baby Tiffany (2 weeks older than Isaac)

All 4 from different families...but all neighbors.
Daniel, Paula, Rodrigo, and Claudia

At the end of the party the bottom fell out of the sky...and the rain was blowing side ways! There was a bad storm about 50 miles south of us. But everyone who walked from their apt to come to the party was kinda trapped for a while. But it suckered many into helping us clean up! :)

Wednesday, January 23

January Pics and thoughts

Daisy in a typical oufit...the yellow ARUBA dress, on top of a shirt and pants. :)
Decorating for Valentines ( I love to decorate for all the holidays...so does Daisy!)
Daisy eating a lemon at Sonny's!
Isaac with his new "bib" on...so cute.
Daisy with her new helmet and knee and elbow pads. They came with the helmet so she wanted to wear them too.

A funny for moms with babies I read on my babycenter.com weekly email...

5 things you wish were more dry:
--your baby's chins
--your shoulder and hair, after burping the baby
--your undies, after sneezing
--those 2 spreading circles on the front of your shirt (wish this was me! still not producing much!)
--your eyes when ever you see a hurt animal, your baby's face or an even vaguely sentimental long distance phone service commercial (hallmark gets me all the time, and most TV dramas)

Few random things...
--I just saw "Around the world in 80 days" and it was hilarious. It's a Jackie Chan movie. Silly and so funny.

--I just tried to return a gift to Target that Daisy got for her birthday. She already has the exact same thing! I don't have a receipt because the sweet giver of the gift birthed her 3rd child today and my receipt is not priority! Obviously. SO...I thought I would try with out. NOW the policy is basically TOUGH LUCK with out a receipt. They will look it (the receipt) up with a credit card or you can return 2 items a year with out a receipt (they keep track with your drivers license). It was no biggie. But it just burns me up that this HUGE store is so stingy. I had this same problem when I registered for my wedding. I was not able to return gifts THAT I HAD REGISTERED FOR! I mean I basically told people to buy me gifts at TARGET and then Target wouldn't let me return stuff. I had to drag every relative in there to use their drivers license to return stuff. Ugh. I think I even took my Uncle Bryan once. HA. It just bums me out they can't be more like Walmart. Walmart takes things back regardless of if it came from there and it condition!

--I am watching American Idol. Love this show. But I get sad now because they make fun of people who don't know better. It's like there are no limits so who gets made fun of. I am totally fine with laughing at people who are bad singers who are mentally "with it" (maybe not socially, but mentally). They KNOW what the show is about and are risking embarrassment for a chance at Hollywood. If they are mocked...well, they knew it might happen. But I can't laugh when the judges, Ryan, or the show (by way of editing and music) make fun of people that can't even tell they are being made fun of. I actually wanna cry. It's just painful. These people are "special" or seriously may have some mental handicap. And they have a sweet Mama somewhere watching who's heart is shattered just watching their sweet kid get mocked on national television. Ugh. I can't stand it. Thank goodness for Tivo so I don't have to watch!

Friday, January 18

Daniel's night stand, Jen and the puppet show

I just thought this was humorous. Daniel has a stack of books he wants to read. But with all he has going on right now, it's just not a priority. Notice the one on top...hahahaha. Guess that is why he has not read them yet. :)

This is Jennifer Russell. I know you have heard me talk about her in other posts. Her family has been so wonderful to us since we have been in Gainesville. They babysit, feed us, check on us, and help us all the time! She wanted to do some volunteering and asked if I would like some help one afternoon a week. I didn't even let her finish the question before I screamed YES!!!!!!! It's been so great. (And I think it's great birth control for her! :) ) She sees the good, bad and ugly of staying home with kids. She is the best! She is going to Harding in the fall (well that is the latest I have heard). Her and Isaac are best buds. Actually I say she is his girlfriend cause he loves her. She can calm him down...sometimes better than me. They accidentally matched at a recent hang out so we had to take a pic. :)

Below is Isaac making his debut as a puppet. :) Daisy always wants him to marry her dolls. It was Hannah Montana over Christmas. Now it's Sleeping Beauty. At least she pics hot chicks for her brother! :) Dan is back there holding him up. :) Special thanks to 1800Diapers.com for the puppet show stage.

Taking a bow after the performance. :)

Thursday, January 17

Where there is smoke...

Well I have had an interesting morning. I accidentally set my apt on fire. I was boiling those lovely breast pump parts this morning. Simultaneously I was getting Daisy out the door to school (she rides with our neighbor and friend, Sofia), cleaning the kitchen, putting Isaac down for a nap...and so on. When Daisy left I thought, "OK, you have a lot to do. While Isaac is asleep you better work!" So off I went...forgetting the boiling water and parts! I began to clean the shower...while I took a shower (multitasking at it's finest!). And I smelled something. It was burning plastic. This is actually a normal smell in our house since our dishwasher eats/melts sippy cups, lids, bottle stuff on a regular basis. I thought, "Oh great. There goes another sippy cup lid!" And then the smell was stronger. I pulled back the curtain to smell more and black smoke filled my shower! I was freaking out and soaking wet! I jumped out to hear all the smoke alarms going off. I put on a robe and started downstairs...and couldn't see through the black smoke! I turned to the kitchen and the pot was on fire along with the knobs to regulate the eyes. I grabbed the pot (after tapping/testing the handle) and put it in the sink and turned on the water. The other fire...I think I blew it out...but that would be silly. It's all a frantic blur! So I start opening the doors to air the place out. I notice the eye on the stove is still red hot and the handle to change that is melted. I think "I have to turn that off!" Attempted with a pot holder...no dice. So I sprint upstairs (which has black smoke too. I tuck a blanket under the door where Isaac is sleeping like a log. Afraid that the fire dept would be there any minute cause my alarms were going off I sprint to put on jeans (commando), a dirty pj shirt, to go with my towel on my head. I am coughing and so on. I am trying to fan the smoke and stop the alarms. Then IN ALL MY GLORY I go across Tanglewood to retrieve our sweet maintenance man, O Dell. He comes and is so kind. He starts to make some calls. He helps me start to wipe all the black from my cabinets, my walls, my food, my ceiling...it was a mess. I was apologizing all over. I wanted to cry. Within 1 hour every needed maintenance guy was there. The painter, the supervisor, the stove parts guys...it was amazing. They were all so nice and I sheepishly said sorry! My veins were (and are still) pumping with major adrenaline. I am thankful we are all ok. I talked to Dan. He calmed me down and made me feel better.

But I am so mad that I did that. Mistakes happen. But when they are dangerous it's unnerving! I already had a cough...and inhaling the ashes did not help. I am going to do a breathing treatment at some point today. Thankfully Daisy was not home. That would not have been good.
So let this be a lesson to everyone. Learn from me!

Here are some pics AFTER all the major outside clean up (I still have to go thru all my cabinets and wash it ALL! ugh...)
well for some silly reason blogger is not letting me move my pics to the end of the post...so here is the commentary.

1. The pic of me is when I was in the car after and I noticed I could have passed for a chimney sweep in Mary Poppins. I have jet black nostrils. My face (although you cant tell too much) was a gray hue. Notice the hat...blow drying my hair was not priority. And this pic looks like one in a silly mirror at the fair. But if it entertains you...it's worth it.

2. My hand after cleaning the outside of the cabinets.

3. the stove

4. the pot...which by the way, we later found a small gray puddle of plastic on the stove top. I guess its what remained of 1 set of breast pump parts.

5. my timer...I left it to show Dan how black our kitchen was before all the cleaning and painting. :)

I also took a pic of what I coughed up after the fire...lucky for you all I can't bear the thought of starting the post with that pic. And since there is no way to move my pics like usual...you are spared. :)

Tuesday, January 15

Sleeping, Nursing and Gifts

So I wanted to update you all on what is going on. First, I want to say that I really appreciate the comments, emails, phone calls about my worries in Babyland. It's always nice to know you are not alone in how you feel or what you are going through. I got some great advice. THANKS so much!

1. SLEEPING: Basically it boils down to this...Isaac turned 5 months on the 15th. HSHHC (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child) talks about this age being very social. Now they will cry cause they want your company and want to play...not just for the essentials. It's all super true with Isaac. He is so aware of me and when I come into the room. He kicks and screams in excitement. I love it. But now we are going to have to be more in tune to his cries and cues for tiredness. I think he is able to stay up a little longer between naps these days which is normal for this age. Anywho...we have just recently taken a more laid back approach to the naps and night sleeping. We are still looking for tired signs, still putting him down early, still trying to get him to nap. I surrendered to the night time feedings. We will try to get rid of those later. :) He is still getting up 1-2 times a night to eat. He usually takes 2-3 naps a day. He is a super happy baby between whatever rest he gets. So we will go with this for the time being.
2. NURSING: So the night after the "no pics, just me" post Isaac finally took formula! WOO HOO! It was an answered prayer. At each feeding he now nurses for 10 minutes TOTAL (still) and then I feed him a bottle of formula (which he guzzles!). Let me sum it up from my perspective...I wear nursing bra, nursing pads, fix bottles, heat them up in warm water, wash bottles, boil latex nipples, get formula, and the "drop-ins" (bottle system), pump some, which means washing all those parts too, storing the milk in bags and labeling them for the freezer. Women complain about doing just one of those...why am I doing all of it???? I am NUTS. I have lost my mind. Woe is me. Ha...no, don't pity me. I am doing this to myself. :)

Since we have been doing that...he has been SO happy, has tons of wet diapers, actually poops (more than once a week). I have been able to pump a little before I go to bed. I will give him that in a bottle too. But I don't make enough to supply a whole bottle from one pumping session. So I have to save up. Anyway, I am going to try to get rid of the pill to increase my milk supply. I have been taking Fenugreek and stinking like maple syrup. I have been increasing my fluids. I have also been trying an acupressure point to stimulate milk production. If they told me to hop on one leg, flap my arms like a chicken and whistle dixie I would to increase my milk supply! One of my super "cow" friends (she is SUPER producer...not fat) was talking about having the opposite problem as me. Finally I just broke down and said, "Fine, how much are you asking for 3 oz?" :) I hope that some or all of this works and I can kick the formula bottles to the curb. Because seriously...that stuff is INSANELY expensive! It's like my monthly grocery cash was being robbed on a regular basis. I don't know how so many people do it! It's expensive but it's stinky, the spit up is stinky, and the poop is stinkier! I hope I can ditch this stuff soon.

I will admit the first day that he was so happy (cause he was full) was a sad day for me. The realization of starving my child (although he never looked it) was hard to swallow. Poor baby. But Isaac is pretty forgiving!


Moving on....

Isaac is getting so big. He is 18 lbs 2 oz (yea, I know. But still he was hungry...although he was not failing to thrive.). He is so happy and loves his exersaucer, plays with toys, puts everything in his grasp in his mouth! He is "tripod sitting" now. He makes noise all the time...squealing, cooing, just plain screaming. He has for sure found his voice. He is fascinated with is toes. No teeth yet. He rarely cries in the car seat around town anymore...WOO HOO! He loves the Baby Bjorn Carrier...but my back does not. Whew.

Seriously, since just after Christmas our lives have gotten better. Now we can actually imagine LIKING to have more children. Baby Boot camp lasted longer than I expected. We really turned a corner. I took them to MOPS on Monday and didn't even stress about it. Going out with 2 kids is a hassle. But if it's worth the hassle, you go. Now I am actually up for going. :) I can't put my finger on the BIG change. Maybe my sanity is back? I am more rested? NO. Daisy is acting sweeter? I am feeding my kid now? God does modern day miracles? Whatever it is, I am thankful. I still feel (and probably always will) that the ONLY way I can do this (and do it right) is through God's Spirit in me. I am just not capable. But He is.

Daisy is precious. She turns 3 on the 28th. I guess this is the age of saying HILARIOUS things. She is so literal. I am laughing all the time. Here is some of the latest:

--"Hanitizer" (noun) definition: hand sanitizer

--"Last Night" definition: anytime in the past (Ex: "I had my 2 year old birthday party last night!")

--"Allison Wonderland" definition: Alice in Wonderland

--Daisy was waiting for JeJe to pick up when we called her on my cell. With a frustrated face she yanked the phone from her ear, looked at with a stern face and said "C'mon PHONE!" (where did she learn that???? ...busted!)

--She and her Daddy were playing. She said she wanted a snack. He said ok. She said, "well, we better ask Mama." HA! That is right BABY! Who is in charge here???

--Today in the car she asked me what we should call Isaac when he grew up. I suggested "Isaac" and she said "No, that is his little name. How about Lamar?" HA!!!

--She was washing her hands at the sink at school before I dropped her off. She looked at herself in the mirror, laid her head on her shoulder, smiled and batted her eyes at herself...oh boy, what are getting into?

--We were playing Simon says. I said "Simon says...touch the floor, Simon says...sit down." Then randomly I said, "Simon says toot!" And right there on the spot she cocked her little hip and let one rip! I laughed so hard. We called her Uncle Scott (the biggest bag of gas I know!) immediately. He was so proud. :)

By the way as for the "No Gifts" question...that was about us. We are having a birthday party for Daisy with no gifts. But I thought I would test it on you all before I sent out the invitations. Thanks!

I cant leave with out pics...these are old from Christmas. But at least it's something.

mimimo and isaac
BePops and Daisy
Daisy and her pal Reid

Thursday, January 10

Daisy said...

I had just been to the doctor recently for a possible stomach ulcer (go figure!) and he gave me a detailed colored handout of the digestive system. It had pics of what ulcers look like, all the digestive organs and so on. The background color of the hand out was pink. Daisy grabbed it off the table and said, "Oh, pink! Let me see if this is Barbie." And then began to look confused. "WHAT IS THIS?"
"It's a picture of what your stomach looks like under your skin." I said
"WHAT?" she said in her usual fashion.
I repeated what I said.
Then again she said, "WHAT?"
Then I took the paper from her and said, "Here, let me have that. I think this may be freakin' you out." :)

Later on that day she found the sheet again and proclaimed, "MOM! I AM FREAKIN' OUT! THIS IS MY STOMACH UNDER MY SKIN!!!"


A few nights ago we were eating dinner and when she sat in her seat at the table she proclaimed "STARBUCKS!" (saying it a specific way). We were looking at her like "what in the world..." She said "You know when you are close...and you park..." And then it hit me. When we get a close parking spot we say "ROCKSTAR!" (short for "Rockstar parking"). She was just a little confused. :)

Daisy was riding a bike and I was walking with Isaac around Tanglewood. She was being slower than usual and I kept saying, "C'mon....let's go....keep up...we need go in so I can make supper!" Finally I resorted to, "I am going to keep walking and if you don't keep up I will have to leave you here."

Moments later I passed a man on the sidewalk. I turned to be sure she was going to be out of his way. She saw him and said, "Hey! My mom said if I don't hurry she is going to lose me." Great. But luckily I don't think he spoke much English to understand.

The pic at the top is Daisy dressing up at it's finest. :)

(and I have no idea how I typed this entire post as a link to pic I already have shown. Any hints? how can I undo this?)

Tuesday, January 8

Like Sister Like Brother

Isaac also has the guy from Princess Bride who says, "Hello! My name is _______! you kill-ah my fah-der! Prepare to die!" look going with the scratch on his right upper cheek!

Monday, January 7

No pics, just me

Few random thoughts on my mind...and I would like some feedback. Please comment.
1. Isaac has not been the sleep champion I used to brag about. At about the 3 mo mark he decided that sleep was overrated. He went back to nursing 3-4 times a night and not really napping. THAT was a bummer. Dan "Baby Wise"-ed him...but that was just before the holidays. And you know what happens to any lovely routine you have during holiday travels??...to pot. So since we have been back in town we did it again. Isaac has done great. He is sleeping most of the night and nurses only once. We are excited. Does anyone else do Baby Wise? or Healthy Sleep Habits? We actually used both. When did your babies start sleeping through the night?
2. Isaac is nursing 10 minutes TOTAL per session. SUPER effecient....or odd, don't you think? He fusses about 4 minutes after he starts and then after we have attempted both sides. He will not empty me completely. I know he is hungry. And we all know the boy has a little cushion before falling off the growth curve. But I still hate to think I am starving the baby. :( I have asked a lot of people and heard a lot of advice. Here is what I have done: drank like a camel (water, people, water!), taken Reglan (got super tired!), drank a special herbal tea (gross flavor), pumped (gets me like 2 oz total after 15 min), pumped and nursed often (to no avail), not eating much dairy, no broccoli, he does not have thrush, he does not have an ear infection, and he will guzzle a bottle of breast milk (that I have pumped multiple times to make just ONE bottle...ugh) after I have attempted to nurse him, and just today was told to avoid peanut butter! I have not tried the herbal stuff that makes you smell like maple syrup yet. All of this makes me sad. This breastfeeding thing can be stressful for me! I am 0-2 for it going smoothly for me with my kids. I am back on the pill which I hear can also hinder the production. But not too pumped about stopping that. Sometimes I love breastfeeding. Other times I hate it. Any thoughts on any of this?
3. Why does it take me longer to leave a message/voicemail now than 15 years ago when it was first invented? There used to be a simple beep and I was on. Now? It's just insulting!
"After the tone please record your message..."
---OH, OK the tone, wait for the tone, wow I'm nervous, this is new...(note: thick sarcasm)
"If you would like to leave a call back number..."
---what? who does this??? no, isn't the advantage of VOICE mail to leave a verbal message and not just numbers? Because haven't I automatically done that when I called with caller ID or calling their cell?
"To page this person..."
---on the PA of the store they are in? on their pagers they've been carrying since 1995?
"When you are finished just hang up or press pound for more options"
---interesting. just hang up. so different from before (eye roll). Are there people who finish up and just sit there? "...so anyway, hope your day is going well, talk to you soon, bye!...(phone still to ear...hears nothing...confused look...looks at phone and places it back on their ear)...huh, wonder what I do now?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Other options??? I think I will press pound to see if they will give me their exact location via satellite thanks to LoJack. Or wait, is this my calling card?
In my humble opinion it is all a ROYAL waste of time. I love the feature with some of the cell services that you can press # in the middle of hearing their voice mail greeting and it will just beep. Straight to the message! LOVELY! (Although some services don't and it will say "please enter your security code...then what do I do? Guess theirs? HA. No, I have to hang up. But I didn't get to leave my message! But the call did register that I called, right? But if I call back right then (to leave my message) and they were screening me they may think it was an emergency and answer the second call and all I have to say sheepishly is "Hey, so...whatcha doin'?" and they are like...I'M IN CHURCH you HEATHEN!) :)
Felt this before?
4. What would your response/thoughts be if you received an invite to a childs birthday party that said, "No gifts please"?

Wednesday, January 2

Way Behind!

Woah, there is so much to say. Do you ever have that feeling that you just wanna start from the present and go on? cause there is just too much to go over? It's the same feeling I get when I have written a super long email to someone I have not talked to in a while filled with details, funny quips and appropriate spelling and punctuation....and then (you know what's coming) you hit a wrong button or you lose internet connection or whatever and lose it all?! Then the email they actually receive says "Things are great with us. Hope you are well." Or "just check my blog @ www.thelife..." Ugh. That feeling. But I am going to combat that feeling because the true members of the DFC and IFC (and the few in the MFC/DFC) are dying to know how the Jones Christmas went. So here you go....

It was Cagle Christmas this year. We went to Atlanta for 10 days. We had a blast. Daniel and I LOVE it because we know we are relatively (no pun intended) kid free! Both kids had turns sleeping IN my parents room. When it was Isaac's turn I was just called on my cell upstairs (which was on vibrate) to come nurse him and then put him down again. It was HEAVEN. The last night BOTH kids slept in there. Dan and I slept wonderfully. So well in fact that I didn't even hear my phone when it was nursing time! :) Any who...Julie and Blake, Scott and Rachel (the fabulous girlfriend...we love her!), Mom and Dad all hung out at the house. We played Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, played Guitar Hero (and sports on Wii) watched some movies, shopped a little, sat by the fire, hiked at the base of Kennesaw Mountain, went to the Children's Museum of Atlanta called Imagine it! (highly recommend it!), got my hair chopped off, ate, slept, went to Nanny's house, ate some more, went to Decatur, AL (where my Dads family is), found out my cousin is prego...yea Beth!, saw the Cagles, Wrights and Truitts, rode a go cart, Isaac married Hannah Montana, saw the Keys, went to Birmingham, AL where my aunt Jan lives for Coker Christmas, saw the Mimimo and BePops on the way home at ChickFila. Whew. It was a great Christmas. Sorry to be so generic...I will tell some highlights as I go.

Daniel turned the big 3-0 on Dec 22nd. We had a little party for him when we arrived in Atlanta. He got some good gifts from the fam! We had his favorite foods (and as it turns out also Blake and Rachel's favs): Corn on the cob, poppy seed chicken (true C of C boy), green bean casserole, fruit and banana pudding. Mmmmmm. He went to the Brown's cabin (AWESOME!) for 2 nights. He got to just relax, read, listen to sermons on ipod, sleep, go on the zip line and do whatever he wanted. :) Happy 30th Birthday Daniel!

Guitar Hero III! Go MOM! (sorry for the robe shot...)

Happy Birthday Dan!

Nanny and Granddaddy

Uncle Blake and Daisy

Aunt Julie and Isaac

Papa, Daisy and Isaac (little burrito swaddled in his Miracle Blanket for a nap)

hiking @ Kennesaw Mountain (Dad was the Isaac guru this week...it was great!)

Christmas morning and the tradition of waiting at the top of the stairs

Daisy checkin' out her stash.

Daisy had to ride her bike in the garage since it was rainy. :( She didn't mind.

Daisy playing with her great Uncle Jim. He is so fun!

letting her blow dry his hair... :)

Uncle Bob holding Isaac

me and Rachel in Birmingham. (Let me take this time to say she is going to be leaving Jan 15th for Medical School in Granada, sp?, for the whole semester. We are really going to miss her(...and that is the understatement of the year for Scott). We will be praying for you Rachel! You will do great! And come home soon!)

The Coker Clan (minus Julie and Blake).

Happy Birthday Dad (on Jan 7th)! We went to eat at Ted's for his Bday.

Me and Daisy at the Childrens Museum

Isaac and his new wife, Hannah Montana. Daniel was following Daisys intructions of "Dad, you make Isaac marry Hannah Montana (the doll) and I will sit over hear and watch." The wedding was quite beautiful. I think they used the ceremony from Princess Bride. :) Isaac seems pleased with it all.

Dan and Daisy riding the go cart, in the dark (car lights shining in the TREE FILLED yard). Look who is sporting the helmet...sheesh.

Daisy and Langston...together again!

me and sonya

us and the babies! (you cant see but she is 22 weeks prego and looks fab!)

Meeting the Joneses at Chick Fila in Macon on the way home was fun. It was too short though. :(

A few final comments:

...the pics are kinda out of order. Work with me those of you who noticed.

...my hair...has been harder to deal with than I thought. When its curly its looks like the lady on the Beverly Hillbillies that is the assist to the banker. Ugh. But I do love the front...most of the time. It's going to take some getting used to.

...and speaking of hair...when we got back one of our little neighborhood kids asked Daisy if she got a Hannah Montana wig for Christmas of if it was her real hair! Ha. (It was her real hair)

...Daisy loved to sing "Frosss teee the snow me-in had a JOLLY-OLLYYYEEEEE. With a corn cob pipe..." at the top of her lungs.

...She also had a bad habit of saying a strong "WHAT?" (with an emphasis on the T) before you even finish your statement or question. "Daisy please co-" "WHAT?" I have started responding with "What did I say?" and she totally knows.

...I told Daisy that we needed to not watch Beauty and the Beast. Daddy said there were some scary parts for you and that we needed to turn it off. She said, "Mom, Daddy is not here. He is at the cabin. So we can watch it." Unreal. 2 years old...

...Isaac is now rolling over both ways. Great that he is developing...bummer that I can't leave him on the changing table and have to watch where he goes when I lay him on the floor! :) He is in 6/9 mo clothes. He is so sweet when he is rested and full. :) He giggled the other day. But I couldn't make him do it again. He is getting better in the car seat. And now he is really getting into toys, the exersaucer and so on. He LOVES the bath. I have to be sure I clean in his neck roll or as my aunt Jan says, "he will smell cheesy" or someone else says "you could grow turnips under there!" And I think he may be a Mama's boy. :)

...Roll Tide for beating Colorado in the bowl game!

...My new "ace in the whole" with Daisy is gum. She LOVES it. Works as a bribe everytime.

...We started using a Miracle Blanket (swaddle blanket) to help us keep him swaddled...its pretty wonderful. :) Even Dad was swaddling by mid week!

...Daisy also loves Pez or what she calles "Tez."

...Dan and I have decided 3 kids is our limit...until further notice.

...It's never fun un-decorating from Christmas.

oh here are some Christmas pics I wanted to share but couldn't cause that was what this poor family was giving for Christmas! Too bad none were taken in time for our Christmas card. :(

and these are Isaacs 3 mo pics and Daisy's school pic