Friday, January 18

Daniel's night stand, Jen and the puppet show

I just thought this was humorous. Daniel has a stack of books he wants to read. But with all he has going on right now, it's just not a priority. Notice the one on top...hahahaha. Guess that is why he has not read them yet. :)

This is Jennifer Russell. I know you have heard me talk about her in other posts. Her family has been so wonderful to us since we have been in Gainesville. They babysit, feed us, check on us, and help us all the time! She wanted to do some volunteering and asked if I would like some help one afternoon a week. I didn't even let her finish the question before I screamed YES!!!!!!! It's been so great. (And I think it's great birth control for her! :) ) She sees the good, bad and ugly of staying home with kids. She is the best! She is going to Harding in the fall (well that is the latest I have heard). Her and Isaac are best buds. Actually I say she is his girlfriend cause he loves her. She can calm him down...sometimes better than me. They accidentally matched at a recent hang out so we had to take a pic. :)

Below is Isaac making his debut as a puppet. :) Daisy always wants him to marry her dolls. It was Hannah Montana over Christmas. Now it's Sleeping Beauty. At least she pics hot chicks for her brother! :) Dan is back there holding him up. :) Special thanks to for the puppet show stage.

Taking a bow after the performance. :)


Anonymous said...

Daniel's nightstand reminds me a lot of Rocky's. Everyone at church always has a book Rocky HAS to read, and he is just too sweet to say NO!
Wish we could get together and talk about The Irresistible Revolution. We got to hear Shane Claiborne speak at NCYM this year and we would love to hear ya'lls perspective.

By the way so thankful you guys are all safe after your fire experience!!


Crystal said...

ok does that one book say "the Great Divorce" ?????