Wednesday, January 23

January Pics and thoughts

Daisy in a typical oufit...the yellow ARUBA dress, on top of a shirt and pants. :)
Decorating for Valentines ( I love to decorate for all the does Daisy!)
Daisy eating a lemon at Sonny's!
Isaac with his new "bib" cute.
Daisy with her new helmet and knee and elbow pads. They came with the helmet so she wanted to wear them too.

A funny for moms with babies I read on my weekly email...

5 things you wish were more dry:
--your baby's chins
--your shoulder and hair, after burping the baby
--your undies, after sneezing
--those 2 spreading circles on the front of your shirt (wish this was me! still not producing much!)
--your eyes when ever you see a hurt animal, your baby's face or an even vaguely sentimental long distance phone service commercial (hallmark gets me all the time, and most TV dramas)

Few random things...
--I just saw "Around the world in 80 days" and it was hilarious. It's a Jackie Chan movie. Silly and so funny.

--I just tried to return a gift to Target that Daisy got for her birthday. She already has the exact same thing! I don't have a receipt because the sweet giver of the gift birthed her 3rd child today and my receipt is not priority! Obviously. SO...I thought I would try with out. NOW the policy is basically TOUGH LUCK with out a receipt. They will look it (the receipt) up with a credit card or you can return 2 items a year with out a receipt (they keep track with your drivers license). It was no biggie. But it just burns me up that this HUGE store is so stingy. I had this same problem when I registered for my wedding. I was not able to return gifts THAT I HAD REGISTERED FOR! I mean I basically told people to buy me gifts at TARGET and then Target wouldn't let me return stuff. I had to drag every relative in there to use their drivers license to return stuff. Ugh. I think I even took my Uncle Bryan once. HA. It just bums me out they can't be more like Walmart. Walmart takes things back regardless of if it came from there and it condition!

--I am watching American Idol. Love this show. But I get sad now because they make fun of people who don't know better. It's like there are no limits so who gets made fun of. I am totally fine with laughing at people who are bad singers who are mentally "with it" (maybe not socially, but mentally). They KNOW what the show is about and are risking embarrassment for a chance at Hollywood. If they are mocked...well, they knew it might happen. But I can't laugh when the judges, Ryan, or the show (by way of editing and music) make fun of people that can't even tell they are being made fun of. I actually wanna cry. It's just painful. These people are "special" or seriously may have some mental handicap. And they have a sweet Mama somewhere watching who's heart is shattered just watching their sweet kid get mocked on national television. Ugh. I can't stand it. Thank goodness for Tivo so I don't have to watch!


Jesse Faris said...

Ok, I share your frustration about Target's return policy. I love love love the store--even do my grocery shopping there. But their return policy sucks. My in-laws gave me cash for Christmas, which made me feel like I needed to buy something practical with it rather than the goodies I asked for, so I decided replace our blender, since our old one died last year. So I go online, read the reviews, do my research, and head to Target. They did not have my #1 choice in stock, but being immediate-gratification-girl, I pick up my #2 choice, fork over my cash, and take it home. After trying it out, I decided I kind of hated it. However, Nick threw away the receipt and extra packaging (from inside the box) out of the goodness of his well-meaning heart. So I take the box back and explain that I have misplaced the receipt but only desire to exchange the blender for one of equal value. No can do. Because I had bought it with cash. Grrrr.

David & Eryn said...

I feel the same way about A I. It's gotten so bad that I don't even want to watch it really until they get to Hollywood, but every year I say that I'm not going to watch it till then, and then I slowly start watching and before I know it every Tues and Wed at 7 David and I are glued!

And, I also have an uncle Bryan, spelled the same way and everything :)

David & Eryn said...

Oh, and I got the sweater at Old Navy-- but you probably don't have them at your ON or need for sweaters for that matter! But if you do it was only $12- cheap!

And you should also check out Dance War-- I don't watch Dancing with the Stars but this show is great. Singing and dancing- what more could you ask for!

TDavis said...

email me so I can add you to my blog email address is my first name and last name all smushed together