Tuesday, January 29

Favorite things

This blog is about things for my kids that I love. Check them out! Here they are in no certain order...

1. Hide 'em in Your Heart Songs (with Steve Green) Childrens CD. This CD is songs that are all exact scripture. There are 20 songs. I love to hear Daisy singing them in the car and around the house. "Do to udders (others)...Do to udders (others)...as you would have them do to you" is a fav of Daisys. :) I would rather burn these in her brain than just "Strawba-ba-ba-bah-berry Shortcake!" Strawberry Shortcake is not evil but not Gods word! :) (gift from JeJe) You can see what looks like at this site.

2. Veggie Tales "Daisy" CD. Yes, custom made. They sing her name in almost every song. And I love that especially in "God is so good, He's so good to Daisy and me." ($18) They also have Barney, Wiggles, Sesame Street and so on. We also have the Barney one for "back in the day" when she loved Barney. Thank goodness that stage is GONE. Now on to Princesses...I guess you have to choose your poison.

3. Go Fish is an acapella singing group for children. Their CD's are in any Christian bookstore. They sing great songs. One is the Ten Commandment Boogie! ha! (Gift from Mimimo...got it at LifeWay)

4. Daisy's new alarm clock! It is perfect for our little toddler who shares a room with her baby brother. Before she would yell, "MOM! DAD! I'M AWAKE! COME AND GET ME!" (Daniel laid down the law about NOT getting out of her big girl bed NO MATTER WHAT when she first got it. And it's stuck. Which is not good if we have a fire...but great that she will not be wandering the house at night.) So she kept yelling and then of course waking up Isaac...which made me wanna curse...but I didn't. :) So to stop the yelling (and temptation to say things I shouldn't) Dan found this cool alarm clock online that a guy sells in the UK. It's a light with face plates on it. We use one with 2 pics on it: a bunny sleeping and a bunny awake. When she goes to bed it functions as a night light and only the sleeping bunny is lit up. (And a FABULOUS one at that...its not a beacon in the night. It just gives off a soft glow. Perfect.) And we set a small clock on it that turns the "bunny awake" light on at 7 am. So if she wakes up earlier and the bunny is still sleeping...she stays put and lays there quietly. If it's awake she's allowed to get out of bed and come find us. Now the first thing we hear her say in the morning is...."Mom, the bunny was awake!!" It has worked magically! We love it. I use it for her naps to since they sometimes overlap in their naps.
Check out this site. (This was pricey...Dan used his "fun money" for it. And we had to request it to be made with a plug to fit our outlet here in the US.)

5. Drop In Bottles by Playtex are great! No bottle washing. Just nipple washing. But it is so great to save space and clean less!

6. Target (although I am still a little mad at them) sells bibs in sets of 3 that are waterproof/drool proof for Isaac. He is a drool machine. Seriously, he could take a St Bernard to the mat! He can seriously soak a bib in 30 mins. So we love these bibs. They save us outfits, yeast rashes and so on. They are Just One Year brand. I think they are at Walmart too. Isaac has some with Frogs and some with Dinosaurs. Click here to see. They are pretty cute too.

7. Gymboree Blankets...are always cute, soft and a good thickness. I wait till they are on sale and get them for $10.

8. My Hooter Hider (yes, that is the BRAND name. I am not being funny) is great! It is a nursing cover so that I don't have to wrestle him and a blanket when Isaac needs to eat while we are out in public. Plus they are light weight. They are ridiculously expensive for an over sized apron (that is what it looks like). But it was a gift. :) They come in lots of adorable prints. :) Google them. You will love them. I ordered mine from here but they are on several sites online.

Those are all the baby things I love off the top of my head. And aren't I fancy schmancy with my hyper links? And that I didn't hyper link the entire post this time! What an accomplishment. That is if it worked... :)

Speaking of things I loved/enjoy...this past weekend Daniel and I attended a marriage seminar at a local church in town. It was by a guy named Mark Gungor and it was called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage." He was hysterical. No, I was not the only one laughing. Even Daniel laughed a lot. I suggest you check out his site. He does sell DVD series for churches to do classes with. It was very funny and very good. I learned some great things about how men think and WHY. No, it still does not make sense to me. But at least I know now he is not doing things just to make me crazy. :) See him at this site.


Dallas said...

Melanie, I found your blog through Tesney Davis' blog. HI! I have a (almost) 2 year old and a 4 month old...oh my goodness! I have enjoyed reading your blog today...like I have nothing that needs to be done around the house :). Your kids are precious.

Dallas Hill Henderson

Jessica said...

I am seriously contemplating that alarm clock thing...but Jackson isn't much of a "rule follower"...it might be a waste of my money! Loved your "favorite things" post. You're like Oprah with her "fav things" christmas episode! We're good. Charlie must be going through a growth spurt right now..he's nursing at least two times during the night lately...leaving me famished when I wake up. My appetite has doubled as his has it seems! Hope that ends soon! Talk to you soon!

Michael and Hannah said...

Do you have a Go Fish DVD? When the menu page is running, they sing, "Welcome to the menu! You'd better push play... or this song's gonna drive you crazy..." over and over and over. I've got it seriously stuck in my head and it DOES drive me crazy!! I gotta get a hooter hider. I wonder if I can find a used on on E-bay or Craigslist?

Brooke said...

Thanks for the ideas! That scripture song CD is now on my list!