Thursday, January 17

Where there is smoke...

Well I have had an interesting morning. I accidentally set my apt on fire. I was boiling those lovely breast pump parts this morning. Simultaneously I was getting Daisy out the door to school (she rides with our neighbor and friend, Sofia), cleaning the kitchen, putting Isaac down for a nap...and so on. When Daisy left I thought, "OK, you have a lot to do. While Isaac is asleep you better work!" So off I went...forgetting the boiling water and parts! I began to clean the shower...while I took a shower (multitasking at it's finest!). And I smelled something. It was burning plastic. This is actually a normal smell in our house since our dishwasher eats/melts sippy cups, lids, bottle stuff on a regular basis. I thought, "Oh great. There goes another sippy cup lid!" And then the smell was stronger. I pulled back the curtain to smell more and black smoke filled my shower! I was freaking out and soaking wet! I jumped out to hear all the smoke alarms going off. I put on a robe and started downstairs...and couldn't see through the black smoke! I turned to the kitchen and the pot was on fire along with the knobs to regulate the eyes. I grabbed the pot (after tapping/testing the handle) and put it in the sink and turned on the water. The other fire...I think I blew it out...but that would be silly. It's all a frantic blur! So I start opening the doors to air the place out. I notice the eye on the stove is still red hot and the handle to change that is melted. I think "I have to turn that off!" Attempted with a pot dice. So I sprint upstairs (which has black smoke too. I tuck a blanket under the door where Isaac is sleeping like a log. Afraid that the fire dept would be there any minute cause my alarms were going off I sprint to put on jeans (commando), a dirty pj shirt, to go with my towel on my head. I am coughing and so on. I am trying to fan the smoke and stop the alarms. Then IN ALL MY GLORY I go across Tanglewood to retrieve our sweet maintenance man, O Dell. He comes and is so kind. He starts to make some calls. He helps me start to wipe all the black from my cabinets, my walls, my food, my was a mess. I was apologizing all over. I wanted to cry. Within 1 hour every needed maintenance guy was there. The painter, the supervisor, the stove parts was amazing. They were all so nice and I sheepishly said sorry! My veins were (and are still) pumping with major adrenaline. I am thankful we are all ok. I talked to Dan. He calmed me down and made me feel better.

But I am so mad that I did that. Mistakes happen. But when they are dangerous it's unnerving! I already had a cough...and inhaling the ashes did not help. I am going to do a breathing treatment at some point today. Thankfully Daisy was not home. That would not have been good.
So let this be a lesson to everyone. Learn from me!

Here are some pics AFTER all the major outside clean up (I still have to go thru all my cabinets and wash it ALL! ugh...)
well for some silly reason blogger is not letting me move my pics to the end of the here is the commentary.

1. The pic of me is when I was in the car after and I noticed I could have passed for a chimney sweep in Mary Poppins. I have jet black nostrils. My face (although you cant tell too much) was a gray hue. Notice the hat...blow drying my hair was not priority. And this pic looks like one in a silly mirror at the fair. But if it entertains's worth it.

2. My hand after cleaning the outside of the cabinets.

3. the stove

4. the pot...which by the way, we later found a small gray puddle of plastic on the stove top. I guess its what remained of 1 set of breast pump parts.

5. my timer...I left it to show Dan how black our kitchen was before all the cleaning and painting. :)

I also took a pic of what I coughed up after the fire...lucky for you all I can't bear the thought of starting the post with that pic. And since there is no way to move my pics like are spared. :)


Micah, Amy & Nicolae said...

oh my gosh, mel!! i always forget things on the stove but it has never turned out this bad (it sounds like dan is more forgiving than micah). i dont suppose you all will want to hang out next week?

amber said...

OH MY WORD! You poor thing. I cannot imagine! Thank God you were all OK.

Sara said...

First of all, I am so glad that everyone is okay, awesome your reactions were to the whole thing. I don't know if I would've thought that fast to do all you did, I probably would've took my baby and ran away in shock! Again, so glad everyone is good.
Sara Jo

Jessica said...

I've heard this story before...oh yeah, my mom did the same exact thing a week before christmas! Her's was so bad that she had to replace all of her furniture downstairs! She left a pot on the stove and ran to get the car washed...when she returned there were firetrucks swarming her house! Her husband didn't find it too humerous....Glad to hear you are all ok!

Lark said...
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Lark said...

I did the same thing with boiling water one year we were skiing. We left the water on the stove to humidify the room. I went to take a shower and I could have sworn I smelled something burning and thought I had the hot water in the shower too hot. When I got out, Kevin had just noticed the burning smell (he was in the same room with it...hmm). We went over to the stove and picked up the pot-the bottom was burned off. Literally, we picked it up and Kevin looked at me through the pot. People down the hall had already called the fire department and so we told them it was okay and we took care of it. Yikes!

Glad that you guys are okay!

Burless Family said...

Oh Melanie! What a terrible experience! I did something similiar when Katelyn was tiny. I was boiling pacifiers, forgot to set a timer, and the rubber burned. I'll never forget that smell! I ignored the scent because we had a repair guy over fixing our hot tub and I thought it was him. I ruined the pot and it took hours for that smell to go away. It's so easy to do!!