Monday, February 11

Married Yet Single

The title of this blog was the name of a support group at a local church when we lived in Birmingham. Married yet Single was targeted at those women who were married to professional students (mostly dental, medical and law students). It was lovely! I attended several meetings where we did things girls like to do (talk, talk and talk). It was great. Cause while Dan was studying for his dental school classes in the evenings...quite frankly, I was bored. We didn't have cable. Just 7 channels of the main stations. I would watch Survivor with closed captioning on...reading and watching. (Jeff: Jenn your tribe has spoken. [adventurous music] get the picture.) I seriously think it made me a speed reader. :) And if there was nothing on or I was tired of the Simpsons...then what? :) I am sure this had a lot to do with why Rachel Warren and I became good friends. She was a "residency widow" (term stolen from a current "residency widow", Rachel Wagner, at my church now) with her hubby in med school. So we would always come up with plans to keep ourselved entertained. It was great to have a partner.

Up to this point in Daniels orthodontic residency I have been so spoiled. He is home most nights at 5:30ish and works NO weekends and no call. But I said all that in the above paragraph to say this, I have found myself there again. Daniel has to defend his thesis (for those of you in the Cagle family that means he's reeeal smart and has to prove it) on Febuary 19th. He has warned me several times that this time was coming. I think I was in denial. But he has to work like CRAZY to get it all done. When he told me "work late" I was thinking he would be late for dinner, maybe after the kids had gone down. When he said "work late" he MEANT till 10 or 11 or later if needed. Took a while to settle that little miscommunication. :) But now we are full fledge into it and I am in CAMP TANGLEWOOD with 2 kids...alone. What does a mom with 2 kids who can't go a day without adult interaction do??? MAKE PLANS! I have yanked these kids all over Gainesville hanging out with whoever, whenever. Rachel Wagner, the friend I quoted above, has been a big part of my sanity. We have gone to parks and each others houses. We have dinner planned tomorrow...since dinner can be lonely with just our kids. The conversation is just not as satisfying. :) Another coping mechanism I am using is family! This week we are hitting the road on our debut tour as "Melanie Jones travels alone with 2 kids!" I am so desperate that riding in the car alone with the kids for 5 hours is worth it to me. Cause once we hit Grandparent Land it will all be worth it! HA! :)

But Daniel has been working hard. I am proud of him. And only one more week and a day! You can do it Dan!

(I know I get NO sympathy from Rachel Warren or Wagner who deal with "on call" schedules and so on ALL THE TIME. I recognize you both and those like you for your hard work and preserverance...I don't know how you do it!)

SO that is what is going on with me. :)

Now on to the kids...

Guess who did this?

Isaac is getting bigger. He is starting to giggle more and its so stinkin' cute! He smiles at everyone that looks at him. He is so happy. Right now he is a major booger head. He is snotty and it gets all crusty. And when I go to get those boogers would think I am stealing the very breath from his lungs! He fights like crazy! I have never seen anything like it. Then he looks at me with wide eyes and a furrowed brow like "Why do you hate me, Mom?" Why do babies do that? And while I am on a rant...why are the snap up pj's like a stinkin' jigsaw puzzle? I mean why do I get done snapping him up and have extra fabric with a lone empty snap when I get done? Even if I think I have started from the feet and worked my way in? It doesn't help that he is doing "the bicycle" with his legs while I do it either. I have one outfit that is adorable (hand-me-down from baby Gap) and it has a funky extra snap in the crotch. I have to be really awake and up for the challenge for him to wear that outfit. But back to him...he is just so precious. He has a dimple in his right cheek that I love. Now he is going to sleep well at night. When I turn out the lights and turn on the sound machine he will lay his little head on my chest and suck his fingers. I just sway with him for a few minutes before I lay him down. I love that time.

Daisy at the library

Daisy has become quite the little dare devil-ette. She has bruises all on her legs and arms. She attempts crazy stuff on the play ground. The last time one of her "attempts" failed she was sobbing. I held her and hugged her and she pulled back and started blabbering something amid the crying. "Ma-(sob) MA! I (sob, sob) sink (sob, gasp, sniff) I did (cough, hair brush back, sob) sompin' DANGEROUUUUUUS!" (sob, wail, sob). So funny. Glad it was a self taught lesson. I hate to deliver those speeches while she is hurt.

Oh, and it's still Christmas in our house...Daisy still loves to sing, "Sumpity, sump, sump, Sumpity, sump, sump look at Frosty go!..." :)


Jessica said...

you are so funny. just think, if we lived closer, we could do all kinds of stuff together, just like our moms used to do...but they had 6 (!!) kids and we've only got 4...(so far). by the way, you guys aren't done having kids...are you?

Rachel Warren said...

You are get no sympathy from me sister. But I can empathize. Isaac looks like Daisy in the sunglasses picture. Never noticed that before. They are precious!

amber said...

Umm yeah, you also forgot to add your military wife friend Amber to your list of people who you will not get sympathy from. At least he comes home at night and is not gone for weeks at a time! j/k- I know it's hard! When I was reading about your onsie snap struggles I realized that I had given you that outfit and I'm sorry. It was a pain to snap up! It is cute though, so worth it. Enjoy your road trip, you brave woman. Again, at least you are able to jump in the car and be with fam. in 5 hours! :) See, you are luckier than you think. :) And yes, it will be worth it when you get there. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog.....LOL Kids are soooo cute. Love this time....hug them tight...they will be gone way to soon (just like you and Rachel)
Love, Dar G.

Michael and Hannah said...

You've earned my sympathy. I can't handle single parenting in the smallest doses, and I'm not afraid to admit it! Any time Michael has to go out of town, he knows we must either make arrangements for his mom to come down here or for me to go home to Kentucky with the kids. Single moms, doctors' wives, military wives, and hard-work'n-students' wives get my TOTAL admiration!

The kids keep getting cuter every day!