Thursday, February 7

Mommy Brain

It happens to the best of us. You are a with-it, organized, responsible woman one get preggo and OUT THE WINDOW it goes! I seriously blame my kids. My mind could not be more distracted. It is going in a billion directions. I recently received a fwd from a friend with an article claiming there is research/proof that pregnant women become more forgetful. Yes, and after least with me it has. I hope that at some point I will get my brain back. But for your entertainment, here are some examples of my Mommy Brain...

  • Daisy has reminded me several times (accidently...not knowing I had forgotten) that I needed to punish her.
  • Isaac will be fussy while I am fixing dinner. I will tell Daniel when he gets home from work, "I don't know why he is so fussy! I mean, he has been like this for 30 straight minutes. This is not like him. I hope he doesn't have an ear infection. I wonder if he is tired..." After exhausting all the possible not-so-obvious options Daniel asks as gingerly as possible, "When was the last time he ate?" My eyes get big, I slap my forehead and start running toward the poor starving baby apologizing. UGH (...this has happened more than once..please don't call the authorities).
  • I almost burned my house down (see the post "where there is smoke").
  • I have been driving down the road and noticed Daisy's chest strap is wonkey (crooked and just not right). Then it dawns on me I have not finished buckling her into her car seat. Once she even said, "MOM! YOU FORGOT MY SEAT BELT!" This has happened more times than I can count on 2 hands. I am just not safe! I have asked Daisy to help me remember to buckle her in!
  • I seem to have problems at the bank. I attempted 3 separate times to cash some checks. First, I arrived and couldn't find my ID. I had pulled it out at the light just before I turned into the bank...but when I arrived POOF it was gone! I parked the car and searched for 10 minutes KNOWING it was in there somewhere. (Didn't find it till my 3rd attempt of looking after I got home. It was under my seat...but it was NOT there when I looked the first 100 times). Second, I didn't have Daniel sign the checks written to him (thought with a shared account it didn't matter) that I wanted to cash. Third, they were signed but since he was not in the car with me I could not cash them. (In my defense I am part of a generation that uses cards, online accounts, atms and so on! Rarely checks and hardly the real bank!)
  • One more bank brain fart: I went to get the cash for the month and everything went smoothly...until I arrived at Walmart and realized I had swiped the tube carrier. It was just chillin' in the passenger seat. I imagined the lady on the speaker as I initially pulled away, "MA'AM! MRS. JONES! You have our....oh well." I had to take it embarrassing!
  • I have attempted to put water in a bottle with NO drop in pouch. (Meaning it is running through a tube of a bottle and spilling out the bottom).
  • I was having one of those no-plans, everyone-still-in-their-pajamas, dishes-piled-high-like a-Jenga-game, house-looks-like-an earth-quake-has-shaken- everything-we-own -to-the-floor days. I was looking rough and greasy. I was in my pj's and had not showered. I was feeding Isaac and Daisy was watching TV laid out on the cough with legs propped up and hair a mess...when there was a knock at the door. "Who could that be?" I thought. It was not maintenance, they knock much louder. As I peeked through the peep hole I saw my friend Heather....THAT I HAD CALLED MONDAY TO SET UP A LUNCH APT WITH AT MY HOUSE SO WE COULD HANG OUT TODAY! I gasped and blushed before I even opened the door and glanced behind me to see what she would be greeted with...yuck. All I could do was apologize profusely. She was so kind. She had bought us lunch to eat. I quickly threw the kids down for a nap and we had a nice visit. It was SO embarrassing.

Really the list goes on and on. But you just have to laugh it off and be thankful your children are still alive! I still have "mama's eyes" going for me...I can find ANYTHING (just like my mom used to be able to do) except for my stinkin' ID at the bank. :)

Please join me in this and comment on your "Mommy Brain" moments. :) Surely I am not alone!


Anonymous said...

Honey, I'm sorry to tell you that Mommy moments turn into Grandmommy moments - I left a friend waiting for me at Chili's last week and TOTALLY forgot I was supposed to meet her. I have no baby excuse; perhaps I can blame menopause.
You are a wonderful Mama by the way, and it's an attribute to be able to laugh at yourself :)
Love, MOM

sonyagraykey said...

Okay, I'll just look up this blog & start leaving on "mama brain fart" weekly. ;) Last week, mine would be: not taking L. to the potty (newly potty trained = needs reminders every few hours) for however long it took him to pee a river in our diningroom (rolling under the table) t-minus 5 minutes before our company was set to arrive...and I was wearing bra & panties & huge gut, of course. Thank goodness no one was early. I would've terrified those poor kids, had they come to the door. Oh, and I've done the buckle thing, too. L. reminds me now.

Burless Family said...

So funny! I put the ice cream in the fridge and Bryan found it hours later. He thought I might be softening it, but realized it was a mistake. I lose things all the time!! Can't remember why I walked into the room, opened a cabinet, etc. People will hand me something and I can't remember where I put it. My sister gave me a check and I told her I didn't have it and it was in my wallet all along. I'm so forgetful and it gets frustrating. I feel like I'm running on a half a brain sometimes! You are not alone!!!

Claudia said...

...hey Mel, check out my blog: you're awarded...

Britters said...

You're not alone my friend! Just last week I was in a rush(as usual)to get out of the house, so I grabbed Addie and ran out the door. I got her buckled in and as I was walking around to the drivers seat I think "hmmm...where are the car keys?" Oh yes...I had locked both myself and my daughter outside on the one day that it was 20 below Georgia. We had to sit in the car and sing songs until Steve showed up 30 minutes later. Fun stuff! I won't even mention the time where I locked my daughter inside the car and had to break the window to get her out!

Micah, Amy & Nicolae said...

i've done the bank thing-only i never stole their container, i just kept sending it to them with nothing in it..and then when i was leaving i sent it again. also i never remember buckle nicolae in his seat...please dont tell micah :) i have also come pretty darn close to locking me out of the car and locking him and the keys inside

Sandi said...

I am always doing the seatbelt thing with Caden. You are definitely not alone!