Tuesday, February 5

The Sante Fe Zoo

Since we had so much fun the night before at the gymnastics meet...we went out the Zoo the next morning. (Don't you love the posing above?) Daniel packed us a picnic. We went to Sante Fe Community College where there is a teaching zoo. The first time we went we didn't have high standards. We thought Daisy may see some deer and a few gators. But we were very impressed. You take a guided tour through the zoo by a SF student. There were all kinds of animals. They have monkeys, reptiles, eagles, hairy pigs of some sort, deer, peacocks, lemers, gators (of course!) and BHS (big hairy spiders...eeeewwww...I did NOT look) and more. Now...it's no big city zoo. But it's certainly just as fun for Daisy and therefore perfect for us! (They also hold a "Boo at the Zoo" event for Halloween. It's a ton of fun.) It was a gorgeous day.

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sonyagraykey said...

Love the pose & post. Please give Daniel a hug from me...just for fixing the lunch. Oh, and it reminds me of him every time L. says that he would like "salad sandwich" for lunch...that is, turkey & cheese w.lots of lettuce, sliced tomato,& any other veggie I want to put on it. Very Dan.