Tuesday, February 5

Socks, Shoes, and Friends

This is many random pics grouped into one post. Bear with me... :)

Isaac's new favorite game at 5 1/2 months is "take off my sock, drool and chew on it til mom puts it back on my foot soaking wet." It's pure entertainment for this baby. Thankfully he does not walk or this would be sick! And thankfully it has been 82 stinkin' degrees as our highs here in FL recently (is it really February???). So taking his socks off is a good idea. :)

Daisy just got some new shoes. Her "sparkly shoes" are some of her favs. She has already worn through the sparkles by crawling on the concrete with them on. They were 12 dollars at Target (...grrr Target). But that is what her "fun money" is for!

I recently had a friend Christy Holstein come thru town. She was on her way to Orlando to see family. I have not seen her in forever! I was so glad she came by to visit. She brought Daisy a birthday gift (see? no one listened to the "no gifts" thing....just kidding Critty!) of lots of fun Mardi Gras dress up stuff. And Isaac got a cute singing Leap Frog. We also got a King Cake to celebrate along with all of LA this week. :) Thanks "Critty!"

I had to post this pic of our preacher, Eric Brown, feeding Isaac a bottle! This is ministry at its finest!! Not only can he feed a baby, but I am telling you...this man can preach. And on top of that he is a great friend. He has helped me on several occasions. Not only the time when he came and got me and Daisy @ Publix when I locked my keys in my car AFTER having bought a huge cart full of groceries... (Dan was taking boards) but he also helps by cleaning up the toys in my den after the kids have gone to bed! He knows my friendship love language is "helping." Hahaha...just kidding.

And we got to hang out with Micah, Amy and Nicolae Johnson Monday night for dinner. We met them at Cici's. (Once we got mobile we really went for it didn't we?) I just realized we didn't get a great pic of Nicolae looking toward the camera. But trust me ya'll...he is adorable. :)
(do you see that crazy lady behind Amys head? what does she think this is? The Today show?)

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sonyagraykey said...

Daisy's shoes are great!! L. will want a pair! ;) We already have a purse to match...w. boa feathers on the top. (Barclay's okay with it most of the time...) My fav part of the pic is seeing the bottom of her little sock peeking through. :) OH, and Eric Brown IS the most wonderful "pastor" around. We miss him dearly. Won't he be the most prepared daddy ever, when that day comes. (I know, he just wants to skip to grandad, but really.)