Wednesday, February 20

This past weekend: Atlanta and Columbus

Since Dan was busy working so hard...the kids and I went to visit the Grandparents. It was wonderful as always! It is just so nice to be somewhere that everyone wants to hold and care for my kids as much as I do! It is like a vacation for me. The trip up there was about a 6 or 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. Isaac fussed off and on for about an hour and a half since he didn't wanna sleep. Daisy did well playing and watching DVDs (life saver= DVD player). Daisy and Isaac LOVE both sets of grandparents! Of course! Don't we love the ones who spoil us? :) When we get home we have to detox from Grandparent Land. Some sleeping issues but mostly the "whatever I want I get or I will whine" has to be worked out of ol' Dais. Don't get me wrong...if the grandparents want to do that when we are there, so be it! As long as I get to sleep late or take a nap they can play with fire and eat candy for hours for all I care. :) Not really. The grandparents are wonderful. They are so kind to respect the rules we have for Daisy and Isaac even if they think the rule is silly. Thanks Mom, Dad, Buddy and Maurine for a great time!

This pic and the one above it are of the family talking to Rachel (Scotts girlfriend that we LOVE) in Granada on the video cam via internet. It was so cool! I remember seeing movies when I was little talking about video phones of the future...and here we are! It was so good to see her and talk to her. Daisy is waving to her and she is waving back. (please excuse the blurry pics)

Columbus, GA Flat Rock Park

So, on the way back...not so fun.

Let me give you some background. When Daisy was 5 months I traveled to Atlanta by myself with her. The trip there must have been ok. But the trip home was as close to H-E-double hockey sticks as I have ever been. (This trip was pre-car DVD player for us). She started crying on the south side of Atlanta. This was about one hour into the trip...and we had 4 left to go. She was screaming her head OFF. It was constant non-stop crying in a small enclosed Honda so that the sound was bouncing off everything and pounding in my ears. I was slowing going crazy. I started really getting frustrated. I pulled over several times to feed her (not hungry), change her (not dirty), play (she was game for that!)...she just wanted out of that car seat. Once as soon as the car started to slow on the exit ramp she settled. (I entertained the idea of driving 30 mph all the way home to maybe fake her out.) At this point I stared NOT liking her one bit. In fact we were no longer on speaking terms. No more attempts to sing to her, talk to her...I just cut her off (that showed her!, this shows you my clarity of thought at the time) Yes, she was my precious little baby...but somehow I forgot that. I wanted to wring her red-from-screaming neck. I called Mom and Dad and Dan multiple times to gain sanity. There was nothing they could do. She just had to cry. AND SO SHE DID. I was going absolutely BANANAS. The anxiety was killing me. Hearing your baby scream and being helpless has got to be one of the worst feelings ever. But at this point I knew she was just mad and not in need of anything but attention. I was driving with my elbows so my fingers could be in my ears. I was on the verge of tears. Then someone (mom?) suggested Daniel just start driving North toward me on I-75 to relieve me. Dan jumped at the idea and hit the road. Just about the time that my nerves were about to be completely severed from all the stress of 3 solid hours of all out wailing...Dan and I met at a McDonalds. I got out...slammed the door, took his keys and got in his car. I didn't care if they spent the night at the McDonalds. I was out of there. He said nothing (but did sort of smile) and went to check on Daisy who at this point was smiling OF COURSE cause we stopped. He was being all "poor baby" and sympathetic at this point which only heaped burning coals on my already HOT head. "Poor baby"?!?!? MY BACKSIDE! Poor ME! So, off we went. I was gaining my sanity back. The quiet car was soothing. About 30 minutes later on the way home my cell phone rang. It was Dan. I answered and could hear Daisy screaming...I said, "Why did you call me??? I can hear her screaming!" "I was just checking on you...sheesh...sorry." and we hung up. It took me a while to get over the experience. I forgave her later. :) We did start speaking again. :) But I don't think I ever traveled alone in the car with her ever again. :) (Daniel was my Superman flying toward me to save the day and the life of our child. I was so thankful that he was so selfless to do that for me!!!)

Till this trip....

Well it was ok until we were about 2 hours from home and Isaac started fussing. Constantly. There was a big storm chasing us down the highway. I was really hoping to out run the thing instead of having to pull over to wait it out with my happy crew. Isaac was not letting up. Anywho...I was going nuts. My mom called and I answered, "Hades, this is Melanie." She could hear all the screaming and so on in the background. I am sure she had a flashback. :) Luckily, my knight in shining armor rushed to my rescue (again...) in a silver Protege. He drove toward me and we met at an exit. This time I was not so mad. I was actually happy. SO happy to see him. I fed Isaac and the rest of Dans trip with the kids was not bad at all. But WHAT A MAN! He rescued me! And I didn't even hold a grudge against Isaac. I have really grown up. :)

I hope if you decide to travel alone your experiences won't be as bad as mine. :) But now you see how desperate I was to leave town with Dan being so busy? To subject myself to the same torture with 2 kids this time? :)


Baby Isaac is 6 months! He cut his first tooth on Valentines Day. And he has been sitting up really well! He is such a sweet happy baby. I think I am going to have to wean him. :( All my efforts to increase the milk have failed. Ugh. But I think it will be ok. He has been "talking" a lot. Well, it's more like screaming. But happy screaming. It's pretty funny. And now I can get him to laugh and really chuckle. I love it. At his 6 month check up he weighed 21 lbs 3 oz. He is 27 1/2 inches long. He loved the table paper and how noisy it was. He looked like a little Budda on the table. You just wanna squish him!!! We love this baby boy!!!!

above: Man clevege...or someone I know calls this Moobs (man boobs)
Is this the sweetest thing? Look at those CHEEKS!
This was a gift from our sweet neighbor Claudia to Isaac for Valentines Day. Isn't it so cute! She is so stinkin' talented!


Rachel Warren said...

I am laughing out loud remembering the "Daisy screaming her head off" trip. I'm so glad you have matured and do not make the same silly mistakes with your 2nd child. By your 4th child you should be so smart! What a man Dan-gotta give you props for being a hero!

Sarah said...

I can hardly believe that Isaac weighs just as much as Asher and they are 5 months apart. I guess at least they could share clothes....if only we lived closer! :) Loved the pictures. Asher is starting to thin down, which makes me a little sad b/c I LOVE the baby rolls!

Michael and Hannah said...

Love the man cleavage! We stopped at a Taco Bell in Gainsville last week enroute to Kentucky. Thought about you and wished I had your number on me. I'm sure that getting two kids ready and loading them up with all their gear to see me at Taco Bell for 30 minutes is an ideal outing for you. We'll have to make a special trip to see you soon.

sonyagraykey said...

Ah, the brave warriors, Dan & Mel, facing the battle of children-on-long-car-trip...I admire you both. And I don't think my hubby would come to my rescue like that. When I told him that you were going to visit fam with the kids, he was all, "Has Mel gone crazy!?" ;) Of course, Dan has always been the brave one. I remember his 1st weekend w. Dais *alone*...he did a great job. By small group, on Sun., he said, "I think she likes me." Seriously. Of course she does!! Please come to IL the next time you get really lonely. We miss you!