Tuesday, February 5

We're MOBILE again

For a while there, the Jones family was pretty home focused. It was just easier to get everyone in bed and not mess up bed time. While that is still true MOST of the time, we have become bold in our new "2 kids house hold" and have braved the public after bedtime. :) Some of you are laughing cause this is how you normally do things. Pipe down YOU. This is new for us. Cut us some slack. So we decided to go and do some fun things. Daniel and I had some "turn back NOW while you still can!" moments making the whole evening a little touch and go...but we made it. Friday night we wanted to go to the Chinese New Year Celebration held in a theater on campus. I know what you are thinking..."Why? You are not Chinese. Did you not have enough fun on Jan 1st?" The answer is: because we live in this cool town where there are all kinds of fun cultural celebrations available to everyone. And on Jan 1st, we all went to bed early having just traveled back from ATL that day. Anywho...we were all excited to go. I picked up Dan from work and off we went. But when we got there, found a parking spot (huge deal!) and unloaded the kiddos (also huge) and walked the long distance to get there (not that big of deal) the free tickets were all gone...the theater was full! And we were 40 mins early! :( That was a downer. The second big downer was that they were all out of the free Chinese food they advertised on the flyer. So we went to Whataburger. It was at this point Dan was like, "Well, maybe we should just go home." But my thought was..."Do you think I got both kids dressed, in the car, bags packed, MYSELF SHOWERED and so on just to eat at WHATABURGER??? No, my friend. We are finding some plans." :) So we went to plan B...which was a Gator Gymnastics meet. These are lots of fun. The O Connell Center is almost full with fans. The music is fun and the fans cheer almost as loud as at a mens basketball game! As we were looking for seats we saw some people from church and sat with them. It was good times. Daisy got to see "Ala-bur-ba" or Alberta (the girl gator mascot) as she is known to everyone else. We had fun and decided our outing was worth it.

Daisy getting the full frontal face hug from "Alaburba". Glad it was short! We mighta lost her from lack of oxygen! (Looks like the other girl is having a moment with Alberta!)


Lark said...

You make me laugh! :o)

sonyagraykey said...

Okay, so 5 1/2 months is what I have to look forward to, huh? I wondered how long before you would begin to venture out like this. I'm taking notes. The thought of 2 still scares me...and I have only 8-10 weeks to go!