Monday, March 24

Busy Bunnies!!

We were busy! Here is a run through of our Easter festivities. :)

We decorated our home with all our Easter decor. Now that Daisy is older she loves to help me decorate. We also ventured into dying eggs this year. It was fun. The smell of vinegar and color tabs reminded me of when I dyed eggs when I was little. So we colored the eggs and I was thinking, "Can you eat these?" But I waited too late to find out and they sat on my counter on display for 6 days. I mean I wouldn't eat a regular egg I had left out so what crack was I smokin' thinking I could now? Don't worry. I didn't poison my family with rotten egg salad or anything. :)

"Word." Daisy waiting on the eggs to dry...bustin' a move. The girl loves to dance. And, yes she dressed herself.

We had a very busy Easter weekend! Saturday we went to the Easter Party at Tanglewood. Daisy and Isaac saw the Easter Bunny (or the "Eas-tah Bunn-neh" as Daisy says). We made bunny ears, hunted for eggs (we were too slow so she actually only found 2 eggs...bummer), ate snacks, and got a gift from the Bunny. We had fun! (The Easter Bunny told me while we were hunting eggs he was about lose 20 lbs he was so hot in that suit! I am sure being an Easter Bunny in FL is no fun! HA.) All our Tanglewood friends

Isaac not so happy to be a bunny.

Then later that afternoon we went to Caleb's 2nd Birthday party! It was fun too...Daisy was worn out! Later that evening Daniel and I put the kids down and took the monitor a few doors down to a neighbors house for a "Successful Thesis Defense Party!" Congrats Paula!! That was fun and made us realize even more how much we will miss Tanglewood. :(

Sunday I had the toddler nursery. So I didn't really get to focus on the "meaning of Easter." But someone had to work in there, right? It was nuts. We had tons of kids and my friend, Rachel, who was in there with me is due in a few weeks. Poor thing! We had people in and out helping us. It wound up being ok. :)
We had an egg hunt right after church and a brunch. Daisy made up for what she was jipped of the day before...and cleaned house in the easter egg hunt! I was actually not there when it all happened. I imagine a little purple plaid blaze zooming around the playground from egg to egg. I was still in the nursery so I couldn't police the egg snagging. Oh well.

We took this before church when we arrived. It was the best chance we had of not looking completely wallered on for a picture.

(Sonya, does Isaac's outfit look familiar?)

Then that afternoon we headed to the Duncan's clubhouse for an Easter party! They throw a fun party! We hunted eggs the fair way (Each kid goes and finds 8 eggs, one of each color. That way it's not "the fastest/oldest kids cash in, tough luck little ones."). Here are some of our friends at the party:

Luke, Zander and Connor Chilson



Nate and Naph with Isaac.

Isaac on his egg hunt (puffs inside).

Then on egg number two (below) it was just too much. We had pushed too far. We wore the baby out. "No MORE! I can't take it."



danielle wright said...

aw, fun easter egg hunting with babies. i wasn't there for sophie's first (and she apparently cared nothing about it) but i remember morgan's first one.. so much fun! And can i just say, you look fantabulous... i have forgotten how baby weight comes off since jenn got preggo again so soon after, but you great! thats all

Jessica said...

You look great!! I'm the jealous one! We didn't get an Easter pic this year...Charlie puked on his outfit AND popped a button, I got puked on and Jackson didn't want to cooperate...oh well. Better luck next year! You're hair is so cute! I got mine cut a couple weeks ago (not as short as yours) but I got bangs...and their a commitment! I've actually got to DO my hair now! When do you leave Tanglewood? And where are you going?

Jennifer said...

Melanie, you look awesome!! No one would ever know you had a baby recently. Your kiddos are precious!

Lindy said...

wow!!!! Your kids are ADORABLE!!! Isaac is soooo precious, and Daisy is looking all "grown up!!" Bonnie just loves your kids, they make her day on sunday ;0) hope you are doing well!