Saturday, March 15

Midway through March

Isaac is 7 months yesterday! He is such a sweet baby boy. He is not the super sleeper we had in Daisy (actually Daisy turned to super sleeper about 7 months). So, maybe he will magically turn one of these days. He only wakes up once in the night. He sleeps thru the night about 3 nights week. And the naps are as regular as our schedule allows. :( That is a bummer for Isaac. He is eating baby food like a champ except about every 3 bites he wants to suck his fingers. We have to hold them down so we can feed him. And as for baby cereal...what is the deal? Is it like when you make mashed potatoes from a box? I mean what is this "cereal"? Kinda looks like fish food. Then I make it to the perfect consistency for him and while I am feeding him it all turns to liquid! What's with that? I make sure not to add his drool to the cereal so what? I hit my time limit? It can only be that thick for 1 min 15 seconds? Sheesh. :) And he LOVES to do a raspberry noise and spew green beans (or the veggie of the meal) all over us! is my little bumble bee:

Daisy's hair is getting super long. I will have to cut it soon. :( I will wait till it a little longer though cause I am pretty sure I will be losing her beautiful curls when I do. She doesn't like her hair up. She prefers a "little ponytail" which my family used to call "half up" which is not all of it in a pony tail...just the top half by your ears and back. :) She likes best to have it down so she can do the diva hair brush away from her face. :) If you have ever met Daisy, you know what I mean. Below are pics of what others have called her "mermaid hair" and the "Hannah Montana" hair. It's just her usual hair. This is her in her pj's first thing in the morning...
how fair is that?
I used to spend quite a while to get my hair to do that!

These car pics are of one day was POURING rain. I took Isaac inside. Dan let Daisy out of her seat but said for her to stay in the car while he took a load in. The plan was for one of us to come back and carry her inside (much faster than her doing it!). WELL...she loves to hop in the front seat and play with every button and thing that is sticking out. :) We look this time and she is having a ball and waving at us. I had to take this pic cause this happens often. And as a side note...that night I went out and when I turned the car on everything was going NUTS (wipers, hazards, volume, blinkers...thankfully it was still in park!) and my steering wheel was all sticky. Niiiiiice. I was swerving all over the roads like a drunk driver as I cleaned it with a wipe. :) One day I know I will look back and say I miss sticky steering wheels. :)


Courtney said...

um, mel. He looks like a bumblebee in that shirt.

A cute one, but all the same :)

Jessica said...

I'm jealous of a three year old's hair! It's beautiful...I'm sitting here looking at your pics and Jackson crawls onto my lap and says "who's dat?" (looking at Daisy's beautiful hair pics). I say, "that's Daisy, your cousin. Isn't she pretty?" He says, "wow."

sonyagraykey said...

First of all, I could just "eat up" those bumble bee's little fat legs! He is so sweet! Second, girl, you know that God can't allow a second "Daisy sleeper" for the same family! Seriously, fair is fair. :) Just joking! I'm sure he'll do grand in no time. Dais was around 7 months when I remember you & Dan getting her from 7-5ish to 7-7ish. I was & still am in disbelief.
Speaking of the diva, no wonder my kid wants to marry her! Aside from her being really fun & one of his bfs, who wouldn't want to wake up with a woman who rolled over looking like a superstar!?