Saturday, March 1

Sofia's Party and Updates

One of Daisy's favorite people in the whole world is Sofia Vergara. Sofia just had her 3rd birthday party at Tanglewood. The theme was Camp Sofia. It was so creative! There were tents, a campfire, leaf prints, fishing in the river, camp songs and so on. It was great fun.

Why can't my hair cooperate just once??

I sacrifice my double-chinned-nasty-haired-baggy-eyed self to show you all what Isaac does MOST of the time when I hold him. I like to call them kisses. But really I think my mandible is great for teething. Look at those rolly arms!

Campfire fun!

Claudia and I at "Camp Sofia." She is such a wonderful neighbor. (For those of you who have not been reading this blog long...she has made us beautiful blankets, dolls, bags, pencil pouches and so well as kept my kids when I was vomitting so much I could not stand up! Everyone needs a good friend and neighbor like her!)
Isaac loves Claudia too...he was making his move....
Daisy and Sofia waiting for cake.
(yes, Daisy is lots taller than Sofia)

So here is what is going on with us....

Hooray! Isaac can sit up in the cart now! So we are going to be in the "car cart" every time we are in Publix with both kids. :)

So Isaac is so big, size wise. If people hold him and I say, "Do you want me to take him? He can get heavy."....they usually take me up on the offer! I mean he is solid. Even the men that hold him make comments. We call him a "the lug." (We also call him "the bug" "buggie" or "bugguh"). I wish I had the "guns" to prove I hold him all day. :) He is sleeping pretty good now. And I think he is almost weaned. Makes me sad, but he seems ok with it. So then so am I. :) We are eating baby food now. After 2 weeks of offering it to him and him making the WORST faces ever and then gagging...he is now taking it quite well. Yea! So now his spit-up is multi-colored! He is sitting up well and is getting up on all fours by himself. He somehow scoots across the room...with no arms. Odd.

Daisy is cracking us up regularly. I ask her sometimes what Isaac is doing in the car. She told me once, "He's just chillin' mom." Or she will say he looks like this and try to mimic his facial expression. --- Another thing....she is constantly stepping on my toes (she has done this since she could walk). And this hurts cause she is 41 lbs! Its like a magnet from her shoes to my bare feet. Unreal. Recently she did it and then said, "oh, sar." Sar? Like short for "sorry." Really Dais? Is "sorry" too long of a word for you?? ---- I recently told her I had a "song stuck in my head" to which she replied, "no, there is nothing in your mouth mom." ---- She knows a song from My Friends Tigger and Pooh that goes "if you've got a problem think, think, think." Daisy sings it, "if you gotta problem sink, sink, sink!" :) ---- and my personal favorite is her new way of saying things that end with the long e sound. She replaces it with an "eh" sound and a little 'tude (attitude). For some reason this cracks me up! Like: Dais-eh, Dad-eh, East-ah Bunn-eh (easter bunny)...I can't think of more example right now.

Dan and I got to go out compliments of Naphy. It was so great to have some conversation...alone. :) Don't you love black shirts? They hide things so well. And this particular pic of me is a great example of how I look a little like the Cowardly Lion on the Wizard of Oz in the face. Fabulous...what every woman aspires to be......roar.


sonyagraykey said...

melanie cagle jones, stop doggin' on yourself! you are such a beautiful woman! florida humidity gets the best of the most beautiful hair & you look awesome...don't think of "hiding" anything in your black shirt. on another note...i "sink" i could eat up those rolly arms of isaac's & i miss daisy & her sweet lisp. :) her "cool" phrases sound just like her hip, funny mama. gotta' love those toddlers.

Rachel Warren said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! That picture of you and Daniel looks great! I love Daisy shortening "sorry." How funny!!
Isaac looks like a lug. That is what people say about Alex. Someone called him a "bruiser" the other day. When did that become a compliment? :)

Anonymous said...

Melanie- love the "SAR" comment I was almost on the floor laughing! You're too much oh I think you look great in the pics. At least you don't look "pregnant" when you are not like I do:)!