Wednesday, April 30

Bye Bye Brooke

It was sad. No I don't think that she would have won...but I hate to see her go. She was a sweet girl.

I still pull for David and David.

I still think that Jason should drop out and persue Jamaican Idol. (Nothing personal...seems like a cool guy. But he can only sing a certain type of song.)

Syesha should quit and head to Broadway.

And for those of you confused as to why I watched this week when I said I was not going mother in law is in town. She made me. :) Seriously, she can't get enough.


Keeley said...

I loved Brroke too at first. I was actually glad that she got kicked off. She was a bit too emotional for me:-) We actually have an American Idol group that gets together every Tuesday night to eat dinner and watch it! We are such nerds!!

David & Eryn said...

Melanie, tell Maurine that I'm glad she made you watch are our connection to American Idol results! We have small group on Wed night for 2 hours, so we get home at about 10, and used to surf the web trying to find results... now, we just go to your blog because we know there will be a prompt update on the idol situation (and it helps that we are 2 hrs earlier than you guys:)

Burless Family said...

I am sooooo over Jason Castro! He doesn't even seem like he wants to be there anymore. I'm still bitter over Carly leaving so early...