Thursday, April 10

Fresh Off Idol Gives Back...

Oh my goodness. I am already emotionally unstable right now being a sleep deprived mom of 2...but watching this just sent me over the edge. I am already a sucker for ANYONE trying to raise money for a good cause. Dan tells me all the time, "MEL! Buying $20 cookie dough to send the high school band to London is not helping the needy!" HA! I just feel bad for the little ones who are put up to sell things. I am why they do it that way...cause people like me feel they need to buy it from the kid. ANYWHO...I loved seeing all the stars perform and seeing what charities they endorse. (I admit I love a good People magazine when laying out on vacation.) I cried multiple times just seeing children not getting their needs met. When I saw the 8 month old that was in bed with malaria I had to hang it up for the night (and watch the rest today!). I just started to imagine Isaac in that condition and couldn't stand the thought. I am pretty excited to see how much Idol Gives Back brings attention to those in need. I know it cannot all be fixed with money (as Brad Pitt pointed out). But I felt inspired to be apart of those ministries too. This show is watched by "Gogillions" of people (as Ben Stiller said). Just to make people aware is so helpful. I think America needs the reminder. I know I do. To answer your question, no, I didn't call in and pledge. Although I thought about it just so I could tell Daisy I talked to David Cook. :) But I wanted to. I was afraid that I would have given them all we had (which isn't much unless I throw in my kids). But I will give back in other ways.
I have to say my favorite part that stirred the MOST emotion in me was when the final 8 contestants sang the last song...SHOUT TO THE LORD! Are you kidding me? As a Christian I would have bet a million dollars that there was NO WAY that song would have ever been sung on that stage. And Praise God I was wrong! It was so powerful to me.
To me it was like God saying,
"See all this good being done? This is me. No matter who you hear it from, who you are challenged by, what the cause specifically is...this is me. Love your neighbor. This is ME loving people through whatever venue I can get. And did you ever think I could use Hollywood? I cannot be limited! It is me who calls you to take care of the poor. And in the end, it is my name that will be praised!"
And He was praised on that big stage in front of America! I just watched in disbelief as each contestant sang the song. No, I don't know if they were genuine ...but I don't care. The Lord was praised.
(Btw...was the Ben Stiller bit right after the song to even out the bad with the good? I mean did he have to say the F word multiple times bleeped out just to even the playing field? :) )

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Cory said...

I totally agree with your thoughts on Idol Gives Back! It was SO awesome to hear "Shout to the Lord"!! Here is my blog where I posted the video of them singing it: . I'm still a little depressed about Michael Johns leaving. He'll be famous anyways! I love reading your blog! You crack me up! :)