Thursday, April 17

Now some new news...

Well as many of you know Daniel will be graduating in a month. WOO HOO. I have already spent his first few months paycheck in my head. :) We are pretty pumped that 7 years of school (post undergrad) is coming to an end. It so odd to me it's here. We have talked about it like a dream for so it's reality! Many of my sentences these days start with, "When we get a pay check I am going to..." and "When we get my Yukon...." Daniel is tired of hearing both. :) I will dedicate an entire post to what I am excited about leaving behind when school is done. It will be great therapy for me. Not super excited, though, about the debt that we will begin to pay back. If you THINK you have tons of debt...challenge us...I dare you.


The exciting part is that Daniel got a job in Orlando! We will be moving to the Doctor Phillips area. Daniel will be working with Dr. Goldie in his practice Goldie Orthodontics and will eventually buy the practice from him. We are thrilled about Daniel finding such a great Orthodontist to learn from and work with. The bad part is obviously that we will be moving farther from family. Ugh...can't think about that part without tearing up. And we are sad about leaving Gainesville and all the friends we have made here. We have heavy hearts making this move. But we know that this is a FABULOUS opportunity for Dan. And of course...I will keep you posted. :)
Also we have been house hunting...a dream of mine for quite sometime now. I have to say, it's been much more stressful than I anticipated. More on that saga in another post!
Daisy is doing well...she told her teacher today she wanted to either be a doctor or a princess. Both reputable occupations I would say. She wanted to feed Isaac a bottle the other day. It looked a little odd since BIG BOY was in her lap...

and you can see how he felt about it....

"mom, seriously? and with the camera?"

Isaac is still just as happy and squishy as ever. He is super pooper...has a "blow out" at least once a day requiring new clothes and so on. We have moved up to a size 5 diaper to see if that helps. Sheesh. Still sucks his first 2 fingers...on either hand. He is not picky. :) He is now 8 months. He is pulling up and stands like a surfer holding on to things with one hand.

Couple more funny thoughts...

---Am I the only one who's mother can text faster than her? Embarrassing. I am Sally Slow Fingers. When Jen, my friend in high school, texts me it's an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH. My reply 15 minutes later after having been working on it that whole time is, "....ok..." Ridiculous. And she will reply 1.3 seconds later with another LONG PARAGRAPH with punctuation, smiley faces and so on included. I am so old. :0 ) But hey, "when we get a paycheck"...we are adding texting to our plan and I am going nuts and will soon become Freddy Fast Fingers. :)


---sometimes when I type I will type "me" instead of "my"...and I chuckle each time. Why? Cause it seems for that split second I go pirate all the sudden...."I really love ME kids...arrrgghh! Shiver me timbers (whatever that means...hopefully nothing inappropriate like Soulja Boy's hit)." OR as my Aunt Jan pointed out...I go Carly Smithson/Lucky Charm Leprechaun on you...."Where's me Lucky Charms?... pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moon, green clovers, blue diamonds, and puuuur-puuul hooooorse shoooes..." Hahaha...I love my funny family.


---And this one goes out to Sonya (who just had her sweet baby girl Zora)...I think I am going green. Yep. I am over my "eco-angst" as Real Simple put it. I need to start making changes that are earth friendly. NOW...this will have to happen in baby steps or it won't go well. But ever since Tanglewood enforced we keep the blue bins in our apt whether we recycled or not....I started to recycle. :) And I can do it! My next big step will be buying those reusable bags at Publix for my groceries. Don't laugh. No, I am not ready for a compost pile in the yard or cleaning my home with only vinegar and elbow grease....but I may get there. Be patient with me. And no laughing or it may reverse the feelings. ;) BTW...this was part of my inspiration...there is a child's t-shirt at Walmart that is some how made of earth friendly stuff. On the front is says, "SAVE GAS... Toot in a jar" and there is a pic of a small jar with a little green puff of air in it. HA!


Rachel Warren said...

Isaac is in a size 5!!??? WOW! We just moved Alex up to that and he is 15 months old!! :) Hilarious! I want to know about the house hunting call me sometime. The area you are moving to is called Doctor Phillips, FL? Interesting. Going green, huh? I'm proud of you:).

Laura said...


This is Laura (Richards) Hamburg. I linked to your blog through Katie's, and I love reading about your family's adventures! Anyway, my parents live in Apopka which is Northwest of Orlando, and my husband and I will be living with them this summer while he has a summer clerkship with the attorney general's office. When will y'all be moving? I've been to the Dr. Phillips area a few times and it is SO NICE. I'm very jealous that is the area where y;all will be living! I would love to get together with you this summer if your family will still be in town. I'm sure my mom would love to have y'all over for dinner. Okay, so now that I've gone on and on...go to our blog:
Good luck with house hunting!

Anonymous said...

SO exciting to hear Daniel has a job! And I am so jealous of the new church family that will have your sweet family in attendance. We are having a "tacky prom" at grace chapel tonight and I know you and Daniel would be hilarious chaperones!! I am with you on the texting. I can't believe how fast teenagers can text and many of them don't even look! What?! We can't wait to hear more about the move and we will be praying for the house situation to not be so stressful!


khovater said...

Orlando! That is really exciting! So proud of Dan for working so hard. I can't wait to see pics of your new house. Yeah!! Maybe baby #3 won't have to sleep in the hallway in the new house?

Jesse Faris said...

Glad you guys are doing well! Orlando's not such a bad place to be with a daughter who wants to be a princess when she grows up...!

Going green: I highly recommend purchasing Target's reusable shopping bags (they fold up to smaller sizes when you're not using them and they are surprisingly strong!). Also, as a Christmas gift this year I received a canvas basket with a light metal frame around the top and a metal handle--I have LOVED this thing, b/c it folds down flat for storage, has a zippered pocket inside for your wallet and such, and it is really handy to toss all your grocery store purchases back into after you check out. One more recommendation: Method cleaning products. They are nontoxic, smell great, and work just as well as the chemical stuff. You can get the brand at Target, among other places.

Courtney said...

did you say PUBLIX? MY FAVORITE place. AND..I have been pondering the green thing too. I have resisted the "hippie" persona..but I think that is changing. Its really about doing what is good for what God gave us right?

Also, less clutter of plastic bags at home. Our garbage people charge us to pickup recycling (and we are too cheap to pay for it) but maybe we can take it. A good lesson for the kids.

I am so excited for you getting to move on to the next phase of your life! You will appreciate all of it so much ;) But, how will I keep my perspective, cause when your house is nicer than mine I wont be able to say, "at least its not as small as Mel's house!" :)

Jackson said...

I am so excited for your Green Transformation. I LOVE IT!
Ps. The Dr. Phillips area is pretty nice.. I've had some students from that area & all talked about how great it was growing up there & going to school there... hope that eases some, if any, anxiety about moving to O-town.

Michael and Hannah said...

Hey, you'll be further from family but closer to ME! I'm sure this is enormous incentive for you. ;o) We can caravan to Columbus together... or if you get that Yukon, we'll have to carpool to Columbus, because it will take the gross income of a small country to fill the tank! On a side note, my kids are so whack. Wesley is nearly 3 years old and when his size 4 diapers are out of reach, one of Anna Kate's size 3 diapers seems to work just as well if I stretch the tabs. And Anna Kate is over 9 months old and officially the world's most non-mobile baby. She craweth, pulleth up, rolleth not. My little potted plant.