Sunday, April 6

some new news...

Well, let's see. This post will be random but a "catch up post" of sorts. I have some pics I haven't posted yet. And things that are going on with the kiddos...

Let's see. Isaac is 7 1/2 months and is now crawling well. He has been working on it for a few weeks now. He preferred the "tumbleweed roll" to get where he was going and the occasional army crawl. But now it's the primary mode of transportation. My life is there will be 2 watching everytime I go to the bathroom. (Is nothing sacred??) They just follow me in each time like, "Sooooo, here we all are! What's going on in here?" with HUGE grins. "WE?" There is no "we"...get outta here! :) Anyway, I have to baby proof even more now and hope that Daisy's choking hazard toys don't get with in his reach. He is doing great with baby food.

BUT oh! This reminds me...I have forgotten to introduce you all to a new member of our household. (NO, it's not a dog.) I would like you all to put your hands together and give a warm welcome to ISAAC'S OPINION. Yes. Lovely. Before the cries were for needs. Then it's slowly changed to wanting to be with me or be around people. And now it's for what he wants. If you take a dirty sock from him...he is mad. If you feed him green beans/peas he cries like, "why do you hate me?" If he is crawling but gets tired and sees that he has not made it yet to the desired location...he fusses for assistance! When we get him out of the tub (he LOVES a bath)...fussy. If Daisy pulls her hair and/or dress from his fist or mouth...he screams. When I pry his chubby-white-knuckled hand from grasping my lower lip so tightly that it's bulging between his fingers...throws a fit. When I put him down to sleep now we get the few minutes protest cry. It's a change. And don't misunderstand me...he is a happy baby boy over all. :) The protest cries are fairly brief. But still present. :) But it's fun to see his personality grow more.

Check out these thundah thiiiighs!

This is random but we were at a party the other day and Daisy spilled her drink. I was holding "the Lug" while running to get napkins and cleaning and so on when another mom at the party said, "um, he has something..." and pointed to Isaac. And I looked and I pulled out AN ENTIRE SOGGY NAPKIN from his mouth. I mean if the boy is going to choke when I am holding can I keep him from it when I am not? He should be the safest in my arms, right? Ugh. Oh well.

Isaac and one of his buddies Kai (born 12 days before Isaac). His mom Heather and I hang out often. Daisy calls her "Ms. Header."

Daisy is a great big sister. She has been doing a little bit of separation anxiety for the first time in her entire life. It started some in January. And now every once in a while she just wants to stay with me. So odd for her! Normally she is so independent. She still has the FAVORITE dress that I am sure you have seen in a BILLION pics. It's a yellow and blue patterned dress. She wore it to her bday party. She likes to put on different shirts underneath it. And the shoes alternate too (although mainly the pink sparkly shoes). She loves the dress cause it's big on her. If I put a dress on her that fits then she tells me, "It just doesn't hang right, Mama." Oh brother.

(This is not the best pic...but here is the dress she ADORES!)

She does this funny thing now. I have to she will ask something like "Dad, can I wear my sparkly (ratty, toes worn, stinky) shoes to the store?" He will defer that call to me cause I like to have a final say in clothes sometimes. And I will say, "um, sure." And even though Daniel and I are in the same room and he heard what I said...she will turn to him and say, "DAD! MOM SAID I CAN WEAR MY SPARKLY SHOES." This happens in the car too. It is like she is on the phone with one of us and in the room with the other. She will figure out not to waste her breath soon enough. In the mean time, it cracks me up!

And a story I have meant to post for almost a year. Our friend Jamie Russell went to college. Daisy was at their house after she had moved. She asked Jen (Jamies sister), "sheeegloo?" Jen said, "What?" Daisy repeated it the same way. Jen asked her to clarify again. Then Daisy said loudly and forcefully, "DOES... SHE... GLUE?" That is what Daisy did/does at naturally so does Jamie, I guess. ;)

Daisy and Jen at Dudley Farm with the turkeys.

Daisy and I at the Butterfly Rainforest on Campus. It was free! (Usually 7.50 a person!)

Below are just some pics of Florida scenery....

Sun setting after museum nights

storm a-comin'

I repent of always calling my Dad "Nature Boy"...cause now I am the one saying..."isn't that old tree beautiful?!" :)


Jessica said...

I've been waiting for a posting from you! I've been checking daily :) I just can't believe how big Isaac is. I mean, he puts my Charlie to shame! That's great he is crawling, maybe...Charlie is nowhere near crawling. He prefers to "rotate" on his belly. It's funny. Maybe I just hold him too much? Daisy is sweet. I love that she dresses herself sometimes. We call Jackson "frankenstein" (from Big Daddy) sometimes because of the outfits he will walk out of his room wearing. Only when he's going fishing or hunting with his daddy do I just look the other way. He went fishing Sunday with James and came out wearing a camo shirt (surprise!) and faded camo shorts and camo rubber boots. It was so funny. Glad to see you guys are doing good. Talk to you soon!

Maurine said...

I love those precious thunder thighs and the dress, of course.

Joni said...

Hey Melanie! I was so excited to find your blog through Cristie. Your two kids are so cute. I love how chubby Issac is and Daisy looks so much like you. It looks like you all are doing well. I loved all the Florida pictures. Do you guys get back to Atlanta very much?

Cristie said...

I love Isaac’s cheeks, I just want to squeeze them through the computer. Your family is so adorable. On the blog background, just go to the below website & pick what you like. They have directions telling you how to post it to your blog. Good to hear from you – Cristie

Cristy said...

Gosh your kids are just adorable. I can't believe how big they are! It seems like just a few months ago yall were in the Ham hanging out with all of us young youth group kids. Man how times have changed, huh? I absolutely love your blog and you are just as hilarious on here as you are in person. I miss yall!

sonyagraykey said...

I want to cry! I miss the FL scenery! Please let me back in the South! Seriously, I am so happy for you guys & the fun stuff you are doing. We miss you (& if L. had pink shoes, he'd wear them daily, too).

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie!
I was so happy to find your blog, i love it.
I miss the Florida.
By the way, i had my son on Aug 15, we named him Ivan.
Polina fromm Russia