Tuesday, April 22

Tanglewood Family Photos

There are many reasons we will miss Tanglewood. One of them is the AWESOME free programs they offer. There are so many neat things that go on in this community that we love. But one in particular is Spring Break. Many times the residents of Graduate Family Housing are not going to hop a plane back to their native country for the week due to expenses and so on. So they plan the entire week of fun family activities. There have been things like strawberry picking, ice cream socials, movies on the lawn, "Spring Fling" (carnival-ish), and craft nights....the list goes on. This year they offered free family pictures (free sitting and one free print). Our neighbor, Pramod Rathod has started a photography business. He used this opportunity to get some practice and some publicity! The pics were great! We got our free print yesterday and were so impressed with his work. :)
Now having said that...I am in that emergency stage of NEEDING a haircut. I have far surpassed "sure would be nice to have my hair cut" to "needed one about 6 weeks ago." I got my hair chopped at the end of December when I was in Atlanta. I have never (in the 3 years of living here) found a hair cut place I loved. So I have not had it cut since Dec. I am going today to have this mess handled. All that to say, please excuse my hair in these pics. I actually "fixed it" moments before we walked to the photo session. And still...bad news. And it's a bummer that I am such a brunette now...no offense! I just used to have some cool blonde highlights when I was "younger." One more thing to thank my children for. :)

(Yes I am sucking in)

this is the one we had printed (above)

Isaac LOVES Daisy's hair...

Blogger is giving me fits with these pics...maybe they are too large? or maybe blogger is having a bad day? Either way I don't have the patience to continue. Maybe more later...



Sarah said...

love the pics! i really like the last one...are you all at the edge of the ocean...ha!


blessdtwice said...

Seriously... if that is your version of "sucking in" then I would need a whole army of hoover vacs to make that waist! Nice recovery (I hate you) from two kids! So glad to know about Daniel's job- although I am bummed we won't see the kids- I mean you guys! more often!....Dave did some time in Orlando building some upscale lofts when he was with Hoar- really a neat place. email me sometime, and I will give you my favs...And once again- great pictures!_ Rhonda

Rachel Warren said...

Gul you look good!!! I hope my stomach looks that flat after two kids:) Cute family pics! Just think though....soon...you won't be on an envelope budget and you can BUY your own family photos. I know free ones are nice but it's nice to know you can get your own if you NEED(ha!) to.

khovater said...

So cute Mel!! I am all brown too! It stinks. You look awesome, btw, even if you are trying to convince us all that you sucked it.

Courtney said...

yes, I agree..you look great!

The pics are great (and doesnt free make htem better?). We have a group of professional photogs at church who do weddings and family photos for free..Adrian is on the team of them. WHY couldnt I find free people when I got married! ugh!

ANYWAYS..Blogger is notoriously bad with pictures, but I have Windows Live Writer..a free program you download and it makes it consistantly better. It downlaods stuff in about 1/10th the time Blogger does then publishes to your blog, and you have options to set up your pictures rather than in a straight line.

Okay. Love ya!

Megan said...

All four of you are so phot genic it's gross. So cute!!! Love your pictures! Miss you girl!!