Thursday, May 8

Goodbye Goofball...

Jason Castro has been tossed (finally). He said it best himself last night that his inexperience was coming through. Maybe that was why he laughed like Goofy all the time? NOW...don't get me wrong. I think he has a great voice and is mildly attractive (btw, Jason, Bo Bice called...he wants to set up a time to get together and french braid each others stinky hair, call him). But he was just such a goof ball! I like the goofball side that makes him real and genuine. But not the side that acts like that with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and says, "I didn't know a cat was singin' it." I think it was a bit disrespectful in that arena. And in his last song last night he kept having to push back those dreads like a pre-teen girl with long bangs. But overall he was a super nice and talented guy...just not THE American Idol. :)

I am still a bit shocked that Syesha is in the final 3, but whatever. She is fun to watch.

I am NOT shocked one bit that David and David are still in it. They totally deserve to be.

I am still disappointed it's not Michael Johns with the Dave's in the final 3.

Does anyone else feel bad for David Cook (and Archuletta for that matter) when they have to sing and dance like a high school play? or wear bull fighting pants in a Ford commercial? Bummer dude. The price you have to pay for fame....
Follow up note:
On the previous post...the pic with Daisy and an alligator. We were on a bank that was about 5 feet up. Where the grass is starts a drop off of 5 feet. I think it appears closer than it is. Don't worry, I didn't ask her to pet it for a pic. :)


Courtney said...

tag..your it! See my blog! :)

Jeris and Holly said...

I wish you would have posted the follow up note BEFORE I called child sorry.

Amanda said...

Hey Melanie,
I saw your blog on Missy's and love this post. Your kiddos are adorable. Hope you are well!

Katie Land said...

So next year you guys will have to be in our American Idol Fantasy league. Ed started it a few years back. Basically we all watch then email him who we think will be voted off (not who we want, but who we think will get the lowest # of votes). Then we get points according to what round it is...and when there are 25, we pick who we think will win the whole thing...If you get it right you get tons of bonus points and will probably win the whole thing...I am doing TERRIBLE this year. Not ever able to get it right..The kids are very cute. Looks like you guys are doing great!

I will let you know when we start up next year!!