Tuesday, May 13

Happy Mothers Day to me!

This weekend I went to Nashville to celebrate with my little sister! She graduated cum laude with a degree in Interior Design from Watkins. I went with out my kiddos. Dan kept them both at home. He did an amazing job! THANK YOU DANIEL!!! It was so fun to hang out with my family, sleep late (meaning after 6 am), eat without worrying about anyone else, fly on a plane ALONE, shop without a stroller or cart, get ready with out hurrying,...and so on. I stayed at my sisters house. It is adorable! She has it decorated so cute and trendy. Seriously I dreamed of when I got married to have a house like that. The furniture, the paint on the walls, the pics, and so on are so cute. I am jealous! I will talk about the weekend via pics.....

I got to see a HU BF and her sweet baby boy...

Sarah Dennis Wilson and her son Asher (14 mo).

Julies Art Show was on Friday night at a cool art museum downtown. It was great...but very toasty in that place. Julie's stuff looked great!
Jules and Me (and Dad) at the show. (btw...I borrowed all her ADORABLE clothes all weekend. Another bonus to the weekend.)
Scott "pondering" Julies art. :) (btw...one of my gainesville pals asked what was up with me and my married sister both having "Jones" for a last name. Well, pure luck. We both fell for men (not related to each other) that have the same last name! :0) So we both went from "Miss Cagle" to "Mrs. Jones.")
The fam. We were in a prom pose before this one....but I spared you all that pic. :)

This window (below) was in the Church that her graduation was held in.

The church decor was pretty. The Graduation was great! It was for 55 students and lasted about 40 mins. The speaker was good and brief. And we didn't get the "please do not applaud until the end" speech for when they walked to get the diploma....so we did what naturally you would think to do with no limits....we did the wave when Julie's name was called. And no one frowned at us! The President even laughed! There was all kind of hootin' and hollerin' at this graduation. It was good times. :)

Above: Scott, Stacy (Blake's mom), Dad, Julie, Alan (Blake's Dad), Blake (Julie's hubby), Mom, Nanny, Granddaddy, and Me

Then we had a little Grad party at Jules house that evening. Many of her friends came. It was fun to meet everyone that she talks about all the time. It was especially good to see "Kayree" (Katie Tenery Lipscomb). We got to catch up and it was fun!

It was a wonderful weekend. We are so proud of Jules. Now she is out and has a job making the big bucks. :) And she is already hired to come and "fix up" my new house. (Let me clear up something...she is an Interior Designer (actually designing an office/house/hospital layout, lighting and so on an empty blue print as well as where furniture goes).....not Decorator (pics, paint, fabric). But she can do both quite well. I hope I explained all that right...).


Couple of small things...

This weekend I told Julie that sometimes when I type my name I accidentally leave out the "L" and my name is "Meanie." She thought that was hilarious.

Isaac and Daisy are doing great. Isaac is ALL OVER the place and Daisy is still cracking me up. Today she said, "When I grow up, I am going to tell my kids 'Do you understand me?' " YIKES. Guess she has heard that once or twice.

One more thing....when I was in the airport I saw a group of kids (4 of them) and 2 women holding up a sign that said, "Welcome Home Daddy!" It was right before I went thru security. In my mind I visualized them seeing him and almost teared up. Well as I was waiting at my gate later on I saw this same little group arrive. Apparently they had gotten to come thru security to wait on "Daddy." When I saw them I thought, how sweet, as I listened to my iPod. Then I realised that "Daddy" was going to be getting off the plane I was going to board...so I would see the whole thing. The plane arrived...the kids got all excited and when that man in uniform walked out they all ran to him! (I am tearing up as a I type.) The kids screamed "DADDY!" And all hopped on him like puppies. The mom grabbed his neck and did not let go for a LONG time. The kids would hug him and then clap and jump and laugh and look around and do it again. It was a TEAR JERKER!!! Then they all hung on to part of him and headed down the terminal walk way. He had a kid in each arm and the rest were holding on to him. And someone started to clap...which errupted the entire place in applause and I LOST IT (you know how triumphant applause gets me). I mean it was an ugly...ugly cry. But it was so sweet.

I loved to see the American public recognize the sacrifice this man made when he left this country to fight for us. It was a great reminder for me.

While boarding a female soldier was behind me. The stewardess and flight crew all thanked her for her service. As we stood in the aisle to wait to sit, people thanked her for her service. (I was about to cry all over again.) And they announced her from the intercom during the flight and we all clapped for her. (tears again)

I am so thankful to those who go and fight for us. I can't imaging how hard it is for families left at home while they are away and for those who have to leave them. If you serve this country in anyway...THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will be praying.


The Bowers Family said...

Great Job on the recap Melanie! I love reading your blog and I am go that God chose you as the leader of the MOPs group that I would be in. I have truly loved getting to know you and I will be praying for you as you pack up and head down to Orlando. I wish we had know in Birmingham because I definitely would have hung out then too. You have a great personality that I really think draws people in. I thank you for the way you let Christ' light shine through you. You might have felt like you were a mess when MOPS started in the Fall but to me you had it all together and I am blessed my your ability to lead under that pressure. When my number 2 comes in the future I will be emailing you for pointers. I will be keeping up with your blog too. I tell you my favorite post still is the fire in the kitchen. You could seriously write for some Christian comedians. You have a way with words. You are no "meanie" in my opinion but a virtuous woman of God. So I hope you know you will be missed in Gainesville, even though we barely just met. Oh and I promise not to show up on your doorstep in Orlando looking for free lodging to visit the theme parks. I am looking forward to hanging out while you are still in the area too.
Hugs from a friend in Christ,
Kim Bowers

The Bowers Family said...

Oh and hey how is your sister a Jones too? Did I see that right?

Courtney said...

I love the soldier story. SO great. I am glad I wasnt there! ha! :) ..talk about tears!

I am so glad that daddy got to come home..those babies and that mommy are so happy right now! :)

Cristie said...

Okay, so this past Saturday morning I went on my daily pregnant waddle walk in our neighborhood. Andrew and Jack (the dog) were with me. As we were walking he said that’s where Julie & Blake live, he saw Blake out cutting grass the previous day. Anyways, I thought I saw Scott’s truck and a few Atlanta tags. I totally wish now I would have stopped in. We live less than a mile from Julie. Next time you are in town at Julie’s look me up, I would love to see you! YOu look great!

Rachel said...

I am so with you on triumphant applause makes me tear up and can turn into an ugly cry for me too! So wish we had gotten to see each other when we were both in Nashville so close!! :) Soon soon!

Michael and Hannah said...

So fun to see Alan and Stacy on your blog! They are such wonderful people. Seeing them makes me homesick!

Lark said...

I'm living vicariously through your entry. Ahh, to be on a plane by myself, going somewhere fun. Glad you had a nice time!