Saturday, May 3

Mimimo's Visit

Yes, you read it correctly. She is fondly called "Mimimo" by Daisy. It originated from Jon David, Anna's son (Dan's sister). The name was supposed to be "GrandMaurine." (I tried to italicize just the "grandma" part...but then it be comes...well, oddly just realize the word "grandma" is in the 2 words smooshed together). But you can imagine or just see for yourself what a 2 year old can do to a name like that. :) Jon David and his brother Luke actually call her "Mimomo." Don't ask me why Daisy changed it. I have no idea. ANYWHO... Mimimo came to visit and it was a great week. We had picnics, played, shopped, cooked, and so on. I got time to myself which is always much needed. (As a side note, Maurine and I hear all the time how people think she is MY mom and not Daniels. I mean everywhere we go! We both take it as a compliment. :) ) Here are some pics from the week:

making blond brownies
a tea party

Above: Daisy seems to be having the TIME of her life...but this pic was so good of Maurine and Isaac, someone had to be the scape goat. And Dais rarely has to be. :)

On a picnic at the park

above: At Dan's graduation dinner
Friends of ours, John and Melissa Mets (John is a 2nd yr in the program). They are expecting in Nov!
Melanie (one of Dans fellow 3rd years)


Jessica said...

Wow, you two really DO look alike! Looks like you had a fun week. Don't you just love when moms/mother in laws come in town? And I have to's great to see a blog of what the Jones' are up to....I must be the ONLY person on this earth that doesn't watch American Idol!!

Jeff and Beth said...

Awesome pics. We missed yall in Decatur. You shouold have seen Beth's stomach; a big basketball. Late Sellars