Sunday, May 18

Nanny ALWAYS said, "That Laughin's Gone Turn to Cryin' "

And she was so right! My Nanny always told us "that laughin's gone (read with a long "o" and Gone With the Wind southern drawl) turn to cryin'" when we were rough housing or whatever. And here the circle of life continues...and I have to say I should have said it here myself. :)
This video was taken this afternoon. It cracks me up cause this is the STORY OF MY LIFE with small kids. HA! I know some of you other MOPS (mothers of pre schoolers...not just those actually in MOPS) will agree. Oh and ignore the "I haven't done it yet..." I wasn't lying...I meant I have not finished. :) Turn up your volume...

(If you can't see it well or can't hear it this is the cliffs notes:
Isaac is in his Johnny Jump Up. Daisy is running out to him, startling him and making him laugh. Daisy does it a few times. We are all laughing....ahhh, good times. THEN at the last one Daisy accidentally bumps heads with Isaac and announces, "We TOTALLY bumped heads!" HA! Then she proceeds to show me again how the head bumping went down...but harder (I heard it)....and both start crying. Daisys face at the end is priceless. :)
It just so common to all be having a lovely moment of have it come to a screeching halt over chaos and injury! :)
btw...this is my first video post.... yea!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I feel about my grandbabies misery and pain being showcased for the masses - but you are SO RIGHT. Funny how Nanny knows best, even though I never understood why we couldn't sing at the table. It was a precious video up until the 'incident'.

Love, MOM

Micah, Amy & Nicolae said...

LOVE the video....that so happens in my house even though i have one...sad right?

larkie25 said...

awesome. Oh these poor little brothers. Issac will give her paybacks in about a year, just you wait little daisy.

jan said...

I'm living my life all over again. Melanie, I have the SAME thing with you singing "thumbalina" to Elizabeth pulled up in her baby bed. She gets so excited she lets go and you hear her head Whap the side of the bed and the video immediately shuts off- HILARIOUS!!(at least NOW its funny) Daisy's face at the end..........that was so funny You're such a good Mama- I love you - Jan

Lindy said...

Mel, seriously, I just read your blog for the sheer hilariousness of it all!!! You are such a great mom, hope you all are doing great!!!

Michael and Hannah said...

I laughed harder at your response than at Daisy's face... your calm little, "Well that didn't go well," cracked me up! I'd be screeching and fussing I'm sure. You're a much better mom than you give yourself credit for!

torinem said...

That was hilarious! I have so been there!