Monday, May 26

TJ McCloud

OK all you moms out there. I have found some WONDERFUL Christian Children's Music. My sister lives in Nashville and somehow heard about this guy TJ McCloud. She got me one of his CD's and Daisy loves it...and so do I! He reminds me of Chris Rice, John Mayer, and those guys who do the acoustic guitar thing. (NO this does not make me a closet Jason Castro fan...but I would listen to him on the radio.) The CD I have is called "Playground." Apparently the same CD (same songs) is also called "All Gods Animals." This CD is a MUST purchase for those of you who want your kid to listen to songs about God but feel like the ones you have now are like fingernails on a chalkboard for you. ;) This will be a nice refreshing change. :) (Click on the link to, I don't get a cut).
These days Daisy loves to proclaim her favorite of whatever we are doing. ( "MOM, I like the girl in the pink dress, who is your favorite?") So I will do the same for this CD.
Daisy's favs: "Playground" (A kids version of My Fathers House by Audio Adrenaline...sweet!)
My favs are: "I wanna be your friend" (It's fun to sing, catchy, and SO totally Daisy's level.)
-"All God's Animals (started to sing)" Cause we get to make animal noises.
Isaac's favs: Any song that makes Daisy dance. Then he chuckles in the back seat.
Anywho...I highly recommend this Dude. Plus, I think he is living in the Dominican Republic right now with his wife doing mission work. (And you know they love the Lord cause there are BIG hairy spiders there and they went anyway.) So you are supporting that too! :)


Rachel said...

TJ is actually an friend of Clint's sister, Jaymie. I think they were at ACU together. I have 2 of his non-kids albums and love them, and I guess now I'll have to get the kids album! Jaymie told me he had one, but i hadn't ever looked into it. Did you order it online?

Jessica said...

Hallelujah!! I am so over Jackson's current Christian Children's CD. And I think Jackson is too. Everytime we get in the car he tells me to turn the radio off. Ha! I am so going to order this one just because you said it was good. I've bought several and they all were the same old kids praise songs. The Gilmore's need something new and exciting! Thank you!

David & Eryn said...

we actually had TJ's song at our wedding, or somewhere in our wedding/ rehearsal dinner. David loves this song and got me hooked on TJ's grown up songs:) I used to work with his wife at Otter Creek, but din't know they were in the caribean now-- that's awes. Hope you like the song, I could only find it on youtube set to really cheese couples-- I picked Jim and Pam:)

Rachel said...

I will definitely buy his CD bc he is with "BIG HAIRY SPIDERS!" You are such a baby!! :) When do y'all close?

TDavis said...

Thanks for the suggestion...Praise Baby is getting old!