Thursday, June 26

Little Mermaid and Backyard Swimmin'

So in an attempt to meet people I got our family all ready and we went to the local ChickFila for a family night last Thursday. We had plans to meet another family there that I had been in contact with through joining MOPS here in Dr Phillips. But they had to cancel last minute. But you know the drill...the kids are dressed, the diaper bag is packed, I actually washed and dried my own hair...we were going. :)


It was a cool little evening. There was a place to color a cow mask, you could play in the play place and there was a guy making balloon animals. Now, when I say "balloon animals" you are probably thinking those single colored things that you kinda have to squint to see that, "yea, that is a horse/poodle/cat/giraffe!" Well, as we watched this dude bending balloons...we were pretty impressed. There was a line of little kids waiting and watching. He was stretching and twisting about 5 mins when BAM...a SHARK...about 18 inches long with little individual teeth, and fins and it was 2-3 colors! Dan and I could not believe it. That was when I turned to Dais and said, "Hey, I think you can ask this guy to make you a Princess." I mean he obviously has skillz and hey, we are in Orlando. :) So when she was done with her food she got in line. (There was a little "HEY...did they kid cut in front of Daisy?....I'm gonna...oh, he didn't"...let the games begin on that front I guess....) She asked the guy to make a Princess. He asked if she liked Ariel. Of course she said yes. This was what she got...

Complete with seashell bra...which one little girl kept pointing out loudly in ChickFila. "HEY! THAT ARIEL HAS A BRA-WL OWN!" She was a little southern. No it was not Daisy.

NOW...I know she has a "Far Side Cartoon has an allergic reaction" kinda look with the bulging eyes and entire body. But how 'bout that for a "balloon animal"! She was so excited.

Ariel survived longer than we thought. Until the fateful day that Daisy was over her and decided she liked to hear the popping noises. Isaac joined in and I collected the choking hazards as they fell. Dan was assisting as well in the demise of poor Ariel. Then she looked like this...

So our beautiful princess wound up looking like an evil Igore or something....HA! Hey, Ariel, it happens to the best of us.

Other pics from the last few weeks:

Below is Isaac crawling at the park...apparently it was hurting his knees. He would monkey walk instead. He has also been spotted attempting to crawl without taking his 2 fingers out of his mouth. It's like a crawl with a flat tire in the front...he limps! hilarious.

Oh...this is Daisy playing "Hide and Seek" with me....Where is she? Can you find her? :) (Check the brown blanket...mid floor.)

The rest of these are some pics from our back yard swimming.

Isaac loves to splash!!! That is all he does in the pool and tub. And its a soaker for Dan and I when we wrestle that alligator in the tub!!!

Just as a note to document the latest...Isaac is 10 months. He is a pinching MACHINE. It's like how he touches me...all pinching. It hurts. He also is biting quite a bit. Teething? Ugh.

Tuesday, June 24

The Whole Home Buying Adventure

This is one of those things I need to write down...but dread since it's so much info and my memory is vague (even though it was 2 months ago.) Shocker. :)
Well this spring Dan and I decided to start looking at homes in Orlando since his job was starting to solidify. Of course this was a moment I had been dreaming of for years...but I had NO IDEA what we were in for! Man, this was quite a ride! First of all I felt as if I was a dog shoved into a college class and expected to know what the heck was going on. I had NO clue what I was doing. It was scary...and annoying. Real estate vocab was flying around my head and I just kept swatting at it. I clutched "Home Buying for Dummies" pretty tightly (thanks EB!) and read it often. I felt I had a sign on me that said, "Please take advantage of me...I am an idiot." Dealing with banks, agents, insurance, PMI, home owners, equity, escrow, good faith estimates, crime /sexual predators reports in neighborhoods (have one 0.12 miles from here), proving who we were a bazillion times, having a credit report pulled 9,000 times, finding out if an IRA is usable for a down payment, choosing a roof color....the list goes on. Rachel Wagner and Aunt Judy were super helpful in defining all I needed to know.
But all I wanted was to pick out a cute house with the number of bedrooms I wanted. :) Needless to say, this process is NOT for the faint of heart. You gotta want it. Especially in this market...they wanna make sure you can pay cash before you can buy a house! Not really but kinda. And I wanted it...but I wasn't sure I did THIS bad. SHEESH. Yes, I did. Renting for 7 years...pretty much stinks.
Anywho...on to the fun part. The actual house shopping. We saw homes with several different agents. Here's a helpful hint: if you see a house you LOVE then basically that agent is going to be your agent to buy that house. They have dibs on you. As we were "shopping agents" I was not fully aware of that. Oh well. I came to Orlando several weekends with different people accompanying me...most of which were quite an adventure. I saw lots of houses. None were really sticking out to me. I figured out WHY when I went to see my sister in Nashville....cause I am a SOUTHERN GIRL! And I like southern homes. And Florida ain't the south if you haven't heard. Not even close. And brick homes are rare here. You don't realize what you are used to...till you don't have it. But let me tell you what they do love...STUCCO on top of concrete blocks (necessity with hurricanes and so on). Not so much a fan. Not that I hate stucco houses...I just didn't wanna live in one. I don't think they age well. Guess what we are living in? Yupper.
So I saw this one on the MLS listings that an agent sent me. I liked it from the beginning. But you have to be careful when you check out those pics. (As an aside, I am super guilty of loving or hating a house based on decor, smells, and other changeable parts of homes. It was hard for me to see past those things.) Those pics could make the house look awesome OR make it look awful. I mean those pics are important! If you are selling a sure those are lookin' good. Anyway, I tried not to get my hopes up since it may stink like dogs or have "welcome friends" decor everywhere. :)

Our criteria was as follows:
--as close as possible to Dan's practice.
--4 bedrooms (room for guests since we would be so far!)
--NO pool (no way with my babies toddling around, plus didn't wanna mess with maintenance, and planned on being social in community at the YMCA.)
--lots of natural light, lots of windows
--decent yard (which in FL means larger than 10 ft from back porch)
--washer/dryer connections :) ...not hard to find.
God has blessed us richly with the home we bought. We are so thankful to God! We have a 4 BR house...but not a typical one. Actually the 4th room is built into half of the 2-car garage. Sounds odd, I know. But there is still room for one car and a work space for Dan. It was built in 1978. We like the older homes. This house constantly reminds me of my Nanny and Granddaddy's house on Hathburn Ct. Our yard is a nice size...actually "large" for some of the homes we saw. We love the trees...well till we have our first bad storm. Here is the best they always say "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION." Dan's practice, the YMCA, and Daisy's elementary school (a few years away) are all 1/2 mile from our home. We could walk...if it wasn't 300 degrees outside. Dan can come home from work for lunch. And by the time he calls to tell me he is on the way...he is pulling in the driveway. We are really enjoying it!

I don't post this to sound "braggy" or "look how great things are for us." (In fact sometimes I hate that tendency in the blogging world.) I hope you don't take it that way. We have been in school for 7 years and lived in some "interesting" places and could NOT be more thrilled with our current life situation. For those of you who have known us thru all that...I know you understand. :) God is good. But God has been good this whole Mtn Lodge and Tanglewood. :) The real things in life like loving Him, and having loving family and friends are what really matter.

Here are some recent pics of the casa:

Isaac's room was this color green when we moved in. I had these red curtains and we used Aunt Julie's art she gave us to tie in all the colors. We have a "locker" of sorts that hold clothes and had drawers from Uncle Scott. Isaac's room is the smallest one. But he hasn't complained yet. :)

Oh, and I hope to ditch the changing table soon...but big boy is just too much to wrestle on the ground every time he needs changing! :) And still working on the decor...

Sorry these are kinda blurry. But I feel like the flash does not make room look nice.
Anywho...below is our playroom. It's just off the kitchen. It has the sliding glass door to the porch in the back. I love this area cause its hidden from guests unless they come all the way in to the back side of the house. So it can be left messy.

Below is the den area. Our TV is in this room. It's looking very BLAH (and keep in mind the speakers are moved, the cable will be tucked in...ignore that stuff). I need some decorating advice....see the area below the long window (2nd pic)? Between the TV cabinet and the red chair? Well it needs something. I have NO idea what. Please comment. And oh, I don't want to much bulk there. I want the room to be open. So think just the wall. AND kid friendly. OH and we have an IKEA here. :)

Thursday, June 19

So much to catch up on....

I feel very behind. I will be posting all kinds of random events coming up so I can have them documented in a blog book. :) So sorry that I will be looking back and not forward in these posts.

Here are the few current nuggets for you:

Dan and I had no idea what we were getting into when we launched into house hunting, house purchasing and now home ownership. And as we were up to our elbows in tools and parts to install a small safety latch on our kitchen drawer (which holds all the sharp objects) Dan looks at me in frustration. The parts were not working well for our 1978 kitchen. In an effort to encourage my sweet husband for doing this chore for me I said, "Dan, you are my hero." And his reply was, "What we need right now is a Higglytown Hero!" HILARIOUS.

(If you don't know the song...listen here on a bad recording but it's all I can find: HH song.) And I couldn't help but imagine us in the kitchen perplexed with how to complete this task when one of us busts into, "Someone special, who could it be? This job's too big for you and me. We need some help but never fear-o! It looks like a joooooooob for a Higglytown Hero, a Higglytown Hero." And this weeble-wobble carpenter/handy man pops into our kitchen singing about his job and how he will help! HA! As you can imagine...I laughed and laughed!

Daisy plays dress up most mornings and tries on NO LESS than 20 outfits. She will disappear, return with a new get-up. (I do make sure she puts them away.) Today at lunch we entered the post office with Daisy in her "fairy" leotard, big girl panties peeking out from underneath...minus the tutu though (doesn't fit well in the carseat) and with her pink running shoes. Yes, there they are...Dr Jones and his family. :)

Here are some pics that I have needed to post:

This is our young marrieds group at Campus in Gainesville. They had a party for those of us (4 families) leaving this summer. It was GREAT!
Daisy and Sofia having a last hang out time in ChickFila before we left town. And Dan caught in the pic like a deer in the headlights...sorry Dan!

This was a Tanglewood girls night (not officially like a UF event...just one we decided on). It was so fun and we were bummed we had not done it sooner than just before I left! Pictured: Paula, Tracy, me, Claudia, and Rosana. Such sweet, great friends. I miss them all a ton! I walk out my door...and they are not there. So sad.
This is Jen Russell and Shelley Russell...some of my dearest friends in Gainesville!
I will not disclose this "persons" identity...for privacy purposes. But check out this tight set of buns! HA!
Buddy and Maurine came to visit and help us pack up before we moved. It was SUPER helpful. We got so much done!! This is a little story time with BePops and Dais.
And this is a lovely "rice punch" drink shared with us by some of our Korean neighbors in Tanglewood. There are actual rice pieces all in it. Now, I am not a pulp-in-my-OJ kinda girl so you can imagine my thoughts on first sip. :) But it was very sweet. They need to add this to the World of Coke in Atlanta. Mina said it was good for your bowels and digestion. Yea...

Wednesday, June 18

Sunday, June 15

Laundry Lover

Hello friends and family! Long time, no post! But I did warn you. :) We are getting settled in here in Orlando and it's pretty exciting. Here are the "cliffs notes" since I still have boxes that need unpacking....

We bought a house and closed on Monday. This week Dan has been off work to get us settled. My parents were in town for a whole week....IT WAS AWESOME. Naphtali came and stayed with us too to help out. She was so helpful! Nate came for one night too. We got so much done! I seriously think my Dad left town so he wouldn't be asked to do one more chore! :) We were spoiled to have them all here and help out so much. Now it's just us and when my parents left I felt like we had been left at summer camp (but not living conditions this time!) to fend for ourselves in a new place. (Come back Mom and Dad!) Now I am that new girl in town with big eyes looking at everyone I see in Publix with the "are you going to be my new friend?" look in my eyes. Pathetic. :)

I will post pics of the new place soon. But let me tell you my FAV parts....

--My little sprayer on my sink! Now I don't have to mumble "words" under my breath when I wash big things in the sink!

--Master bath: I can flush the potty WHENEVER I want...even if the kids are sleeping!

--Daisy and Isaac are in separate rooms! No more hoping they will not hinder each other (and therefore me) in sleep!


--I AM A LAUNDRY LOVER! The washer and dryer are in my home (well actually in the garage...seems to be how they do things in older homes here)! I do laundry like a mad woman. When the kids spill something or get worries. WOO HOO!

OH..and quick update on the kiddos:

Daisy is just as sweet as usual. Here are some of her fav phrases as of lately:
--"Mom, tell Isaac not to mess with me while I am situated."
--"Here's the deal...I need a snack."
--"It's hard to be a kid...cause I can't listen well sometimes."
--"Well...the problem is..."
--She saw BePops checking to see if a shirt was dirty by smelling it. She said, "BePops, if you want your armpits not to stink then you have to wear deodorant."

She seems to be adjusting well. She asks for Gainesville people a lot. She wanted to know if today she would be going to Ms. Sarah's class for bible class. She was sad when we said she would not. But then she did great when we visited a new church this morning. But she does miss Tanglewood and her friends.

Isaac is just as cute and HUGE as usual. He is still a little off and on with naps. He does well at night but LOVES to get up early especially if he doesn't nap. UGH. We are talking 5:30 am...but we do let him fuss some. We hope he is just "adjusting" and can get him in a routine here. But...he is cruising now all over. He is busy!!! This week he took off down our drive way toward the road (snorting the whole way) and was half way there when I got to him! Sheesh. "Hey, I am headed back to Gatortown...check ya lata." And he jabbers all the time with "da-da-da" and recently added "ma-ma-ma"...neither of which mean a thing to him. And his latest trick is snapping his little's HILARIOUS. He has no idea he is doing it. But you will look over and see those little chubby fingers snapping away. Hard to believe...I know. I will try to catch it on tape.

That's all for now...

more later!

Monday, June 2

So I lied...

I said I would not be posting for a while BUT Daisy said the FUNNIEST prayer tonight.

OTHER PEOPLE WHILE THEY ARE STILL NEXT TO ME. SANK YOU FOR THIS DAY. SANK YOU FOR DYING FOR US. AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET WELL SOON FROM DYING. AAAAA-MEN!" And her little head popped up and she grinned at us as she dug into her Beef Treat Casserole. :)

Expect Delays

If you have ever lived in a big city and attempted to get anywhere between the hours of 7-9 am and 4-6 pm (unless you are in the ATL and it's pretty much possible ANYTIME) then you have heard the phrase, "Expect delays" referring the endless line of traffic you are about to encounter. While I am not predicting your morning commute...I am giving a warning on an upcoming lag in blog posting. You may be thinking, "You mean like NOW? Where have the posts been?" but if that is the case it may become worse before it gets better. This is the reason for the delays....


We are finally moving! One of our favorite things about the house is it's location! It's 1/2 mile from Dans work, and Daisy's Kindergarten (when that comes), and the YMCA we will join.
We load the truck on Sunday (the 8th) and close on our house on Monday morning. We are excited but sad. Just wanted to let you know where I was and what I was distracted with!
I did say I was not going to blog about this till after closing...but oh well. Here it is!
Stay tuned....

Oh, and on a return trip this week from showing the Joneses (Dan's parents) the house in Orlando, Isaac fell asleep. His seat was not reclined enough and his little head kept bobbing forward. So this was the make shift solution...hilarious. (Don't call child child was harmed in the taking/making of this picture.)