Sunday, June 15

Laundry Lover

Hello friends and family! Long time, no post! But I did warn you. :) We are getting settled in here in Orlando and it's pretty exciting. Here are the "cliffs notes" since I still have boxes that need unpacking....

We bought a house and closed on Monday. This week Dan has been off work to get us settled. My parents were in town for a whole week....IT WAS AWESOME. Naphtali came and stayed with us too to help out. She was so helpful! Nate came for one night too. We got so much done! I seriously think my Dad left town so he wouldn't be asked to do one more chore! :) We were spoiled to have them all here and help out so much. Now it's just us and when my parents left I felt like we had been left at summer camp (but not living conditions this time!) to fend for ourselves in a new place. (Come back Mom and Dad!) Now I am that new girl in town with big eyes looking at everyone I see in Publix with the "are you going to be my new friend?" look in my eyes. Pathetic. :)

I will post pics of the new place soon. But let me tell you my FAV parts....

--My little sprayer on my sink! Now I don't have to mumble "words" under my breath when I wash big things in the sink!

--Master bath: I can flush the potty WHENEVER I want...even if the kids are sleeping!

--Daisy and Isaac are in separate rooms! No more hoping they will not hinder each other (and therefore me) in sleep!


--I AM A LAUNDRY LOVER! The washer and dryer are in my home (well actually in the garage...seems to be how they do things in older homes here)! I do laundry like a mad woman. When the kids spill something or get worries. WOO HOO!

OH..and quick update on the kiddos:

Daisy is just as sweet as usual. Here are some of her fav phrases as of lately:
--"Mom, tell Isaac not to mess with me while I am situated."
--"Here's the deal...I need a snack."
--"It's hard to be a kid...cause I can't listen well sometimes."
--"Well...the problem is..."
--She saw BePops checking to see if a shirt was dirty by smelling it. She said, "BePops, if you want your armpits not to stink then you have to wear deodorant."

She seems to be adjusting well. She asks for Gainesville people a lot. She wanted to know if today she would be going to Ms. Sarah's class for bible class. She was sad when we said she would not. But then she did great when we visited a new church this morning. But she does miss Tanglewood and her friends.

Isaac is just as cute and HUGE as usual. He is still a little off and on with naps. He does well at night but LOVES to get up early especially if he doesn't nap. UGH. We are talking 5:30 am...but we do let him fuss some. We hope he is just "adjusting" and can get him in a routine here. But...he is cruising now all over. He is busy!!! This week he took off down our drive way toward the road (snorting the whole way) and was half way there when I got to him! Sheesh. "Hey, I am headed back to Gatortown...check ya lata." And he jabbers all the time with "da-da-da" and recently added "ma-ma-ma"...neither of which mean a thing to him. And his latest trick is snapping his little's HILARIOUS. He has no idea he is doing it. But you will look over and see those little chubby fingers snapping away. Hard to believe...I know. I will try to catch it on tape.

That's all for now...

more later!


Jessica said...

Good thing you blogged...I was starting to have withdrawls. I thought I was going to make your ticker hit 23,000! Pathetic, I know. I am so glad you guys are settling in. Moving is such hard work, but well worth it when your house feels like a home! I'm so glad you are enjoying all the ammenities a house has to offer! Keep in touch. You know the Gilmore's are going to come visit (and lodge with you) once they get old enough for Disneyworld right?? :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Would love to come see you guys! Let me know when you get settled enough to venture out for a playdate!

blessdtwice said...

Oh I remember the joy of having a washer and a dryer after the "thrill" of laundrymat laundry...I am so glad you guys are settling in, and wish you only the best. Keep blogging!

Courtney said...

LLOOOOOOVE IT! So excited for you. I love new houses, new so glad you guys are on to then next phase of life..a house and w/d!

Love ya!

torinem said...

Let me just say...YAY for a washer and dryer! Glad to hear you all are settling in well. We're not going to make it to O-town for the FDA meeting this year :( but if we come next year we will definitely have to meet up! Take care! Have fun putting your house together!!!

Cheri said...

I'm so glad you are back! I am one of your biggest fans. You have a gift for telling stories...and for bringing laughter to everyday things.I feel like I know Daisy and Isaac! Welcome back...

Aunt Cheri

Anonymous said...

I love that you are excited about doing laundry! That is how I felt about doing dishes when we moved to our house. The old one had no garbage disposal and the dishwasher was so awful I just washed the dishes by hand. I'm so excited for you and your house. Have fun "spreading out" in your new space! Love you!
Emily Hoggard