Thursday, June 26

Little Mermaid and Backyard Swimmin'

So in an attempt to meet people I got our family all ready and we went to the local ChickFila for a family night last Thursday. We had plans to meet another family there that I had been in contact with through joining MOPS here in Dr Phillips. But they had to cancel last minute. But you know the drill...the kids are dressed, the diaper bag is packed, I actually washed and dried my own hair...we were going. :)


It was a cool little evening. There was a place to color a cow mask, you could play in the play place and there was a guy making balloon animals. Now, when I say "balloon animals" you are probably thinking those single colored things that you kinda have to squint to see that, "yea, that is a horse/poodle/cat/giraffe!" Well, as we watched this dude bending balloons...we were pretty impressed. There was a line of little kids waiting and watching. He was stretching and twisting about 5 mins when BAM...a SHARK...about 18 inches long with little individual teeth, and fins and it was 2-3 colors! Dan and I could not believe it. That was when I turned to Dais and said, "Hey, I think you can ask this guy to make you a Princess." I mean he obviously has skillz and hey, we are in Orlando. :) So when she was done with her food she got in line. (There was a little "HEY...did they kid cut in front of Daisy?....I'm gonna...oh, he didn't"...let the games begin on that front I guess....) She asked the guy to make a Princess. He asked if she liked Ariel. Of course she said yes. This was what she got...

Complete with seashell bra...which one little girl kept pointing out loudly in ChickFila. "HEY! THAT ARIEL HAS A BRA-WL OWN!" She was a little southern. No it was not Daisy.

NOW...I know she has a "Far Side Cartoon has an allergic reaction" kinda look with the bulging eyes and entire body. But how 'bout that for a "balloon animal"! She was so excited.

Ariel survived longer than we thought. Until the fateful day that Daisy was over her and decided she liked to hear the popping noises. Isaac joined in and I collected the choking hazards as they fell. Dan was assisting as well in the demise of poor Ariel. Then she looked like this...

So our beautiful princess wound up looking like an evil Igore or something....HA! Hey, Ariel, it happens to the best of us.

Other pics from the last few weeks:

Below is Isaac crawling at the park...apparently it was hurting his knees. He would monkey walk instead. He has also been spotted attempting to crawl without taking his 2 fingers out of his mouth. It's like a crawl with a flat tire in the front...he limps! hilarious.

Oh...this is Daisy playing "Hide and Seek" with me....Where is she? Can you find her? :) (Check the brown blanket...mid floor.)

The rest of these are some pics from our back yard swimming.

Isaac loves to splash!!! That is all he does in the pool and tub. And its a soaker for Dan and I when we wrestle that alligator in the tub!!!

Just as a note to document the latest...Isaac is 10 months. He is a pinching MACHINE. It's like how he touches me...all pinching. It hurts. He also is biting quite a bit. Teething? Ugh.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that balloon man has another gig at Disney and there you'd pay $15 for Ariel. I'm very impressed........ Love seeing my babies in the pool!
Love, JeJe

torinem said...

That balloon was stinking awesome! So cool! The kids are too cute! Take care!

Lark said...

That's awesome! Poor deflated Ariel!

Claudia said...

Nice to read you Mel, I enjoyed the mermaid story (and the after/before pics)'re so talented girl!

Miss you:(

Jeris and Holly said...

O.K.....I love the booty picture from a couple of post ago..Also, today we went to Auri's bday at Tanglewood and Maddox said "Yay Yay we're going to Daisy's house."
I didn't have the heart to tell him the reality.

Michael and Hannah said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! Glad you're getting settled. We need to come meet you in Orlando for a Chick-fil-A playdate!