Saturday, July 19

The Cagle Staycation in Atlanta

Well this year for our "vacation" we all decided to save some moolah and have a "staycation" at my parents house in the ATL. It was good times. We were ALL together the first weekend. Then the guys all had to go back to work. Aunt Julie, the kids and I stayed in ATL for the week. We had a great time!
It was fun to all be together for the weekend. Julie and Blake brought their new "baby" Bo. He is a 9 week old golden retriever. And he was so cute and full of energy. He and Isaac required equal attention...especially when they were together! :) I think Jules and Blake are getting some early baby training with the new puppy! :) The boys golfed on Saturday. The rest of us went to the pool. That night we celebrated Scott's 27th birthday. We had Chicken Pockets and Rice-a-roni...some of his favs. Then one of my favorite parts of the week occurred. Scott was about to head to bed when I stopped him and BEGGED him to teach me a popular dance to pop song (that I will not mention). He was reluctant. But my friends, my brother can cut a rug (and the cheese) like NO other. He spent the next 2 hours teaching me, Jules and a little to mom. You shoulda seen us jumping across the kitchen! We went on the C-walk and others. It was hilarious. I laughed so hard. Scott was cracking me up and so was my lack of skill. It hurts to get old and realize some of the natural talent you used to have is pretty rusty...and uncool. Scott was kind though and gave some hilarious pointers. I heard the line from the movie Hitch several times..."Mel, just keep it right here (step touch, step touch)." HA!
(btw...I was doing yard work this weekend and the song I learned the dance for came on my iPod...I couldn't help myself...I had to bust out my new moves. But don't worry, I was on the side of my house and hidden by our fence.)
Sunday we went to church with Nanny and Granddaddy at Grace Chapel. And while we were there we got to see the Wyatts! Rocky and Ashley are some of our good friends from Harding. They have a little boy named Camp and another one on the way! It was great to see them.
Later that week we went to the Georgia Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta. It was great! I highly recommend hitting those places on a weekday when they first open. The Aquarium was a ghost town until about 10:45 was perfect. The Zoo was about the same. We got there before all the matching shirted daycare groups arrived!
On Monday I started not feeling too well and dealt with nausea and the big "D" (and I don't mean Dallas) the rest of the week. There was a funny episode at 12:50 am where I busted into Julie's room and then collapsed on the floor (cause I thought I was going to faint) and said, "JULIE, GET MOM!" She couldn't hear me cause of the fan in her face and I kept hearing a groggy, "Huh?". Luckily Dad was kinda awake and heard me DOWNSTAIRS and he woke mom and they came. We had ourselves a little family meeting in the wee hours of the morning in the hall upstairs as I laid there on a towel. It was a great addition to the Staycation. :) Here are some pics from our fun week:

at church on sunday
The Lug of Luv at the Zoo. He wore Dad's sunglasses and didn't even attempt to remove them. It was so bright he didn't seem to care!

Me toughing it out at the Zoo...I couldn't miss out on the fun!
Papa and Isaac

Daisy, me and Willy B.
Cagles at Zoo Atlanta
Mom and Scott...HA!
Daisy and the Panda
Julie, Me and Scottie

"word. we're at the Aquarium."

that's us...3 of the many silouettes by the tank.

There was a "family intervention" of sorts this weekend. When I mentioned that I was sad and didn't want to cut Daisy's hair for a mom and sister piped in that they thought it WAS TIME to. First, I was sad cause I felt I was the one who had a kid with chewed on long hair and I was only one who DIDN'T know (For those of you who happen to agree with my mom and sister....DON'T COMMENT and let me know. It was painful enough to hear it from them. :). Second, I was sad cause I was cutting my baby girl's hair for the first time (well, we did it once when she was 5 months to rid her of a stick straight baby did NOT go well..think Lloyd Christmas on Dumb and Dumber.) Anywho...I soon saw the error of my ways and was talked into a trim. After it was all said and done she got a small trim and it looked/looks MUCH healthier. The curls returned which was my biggest concern. Mom and were right.


Jeff and Beth said...

Very funny. Bring the dance to the Cagles in September. LOL. Beth says HI.

Cristie said...

OK I MUST know what song you learned to dance to. I was in town and could have driven to your parents' house to witness the show if only I'd known....:) Your family is so awesome. Glad you had a fun staycation. I love Daisy's "word" picture at the zoo.

torinem said...

I can't believe how long Daisy's hair is! I can totally understand not wanting to cut it, but I bet it looks a lot healthier since she got the trim!

sonyagraykey said...

Do we get an "after" pic of the hairscut? (Or is the vaca after?) Once my little Zora bean gets hair, I'm sure it'll tough for us to cut it. Do you remember when you & I cut L's hair for the 1st time & B almost cried!? If we are bad about baby boy, I Know we'll be bad about baby girl! I'm so sorry you felt sick...did it feel like a familiar sickness, hmmm? Oh, and the mullet trim comment brought back memories! I remember you trying to "hide" the snipped part around her neck! :) And then there was Dan's haircut that time...neither comparing to what damage I did to L. the 1st time I tried to cut his by myself. Oh, Mel! We miss you guys!

Jessica said...

I love your pics! It's great to see the whole fam and what a great idea for a "staycation"..very clever! The kids are so cute and growing up....can you believe Isaac is going to be 1? I feel like I should start thinking about having getting pregnant again...but that just throws James overboard and stresses him out....we'll see :)

Keep blogging...I check daily!

justneal&tara said...

That's so funny! I was just talking to a girlfriend of mine last night about how I want Pace to be like Ryder (Kate Hudson and the guy from the Black Crows' son), who has these long rocker locks at like 3 years old. I think it's awesome. Alas, I don't want anyone to confuse our little guy for a girl, so we may have to play it safe. Sigh.

Miss you guys! Next time you come to the ATL, you better give me a shout! ;)


Lindy said...

it was that soldier song that you learned the dance for... wasn't it!! I so want to learn that one! I am so jealous that you learned it!!! hee hee