Thursday, July 31

The Joys of Owning a Home: Part 2

A serendipity, if you will, has come from owning this home. Actually many, but one stands out. Since we have lived here we have received some of the mail of the previous owners. Mostly junk...nothing important. I have learned a little bit about our sellers...or the wife at least. THE GIRL LOVED HER SOME CATALOGS. When I returned home from my Atlanta Staycation I was greeted with this:

I seems small in this pic but it's a huge stack of catalogs. I mean I was gone for 6 days people! I am not going to lie. I have looked thru them all. What woman passes the opportunity to shop...even thru a catalog...even if it's not your taste? :) I liken it to slighting my new People magazine on a flight to look thru the Sky Miles magazine. And of course I find many things I can't live without...if only I had 99.95 to get that cool chair that I could lay out on my stomach AND read a magazine. (Don't throw know you wanted that one too.) Anywho...I want to show you some of the ones we got.

The two above are cute little country type decor...wooden signs, animals, lots of things made from wire, candle holders galore, snowmen ALL OVER for Christmas, cute phrases like, "of all the places I have for guests...its seems they like my kitchen best"(or something like that) and "We don't skinny dip, we chunky dunk." Seriously...that was on a wooden sign! :) Thinkin' 'bout gettin' that fer Isaacs room. :) Very country and crafty selections in these two.
You may have heard of this one (above)...if you are a needlework and craft expert. Many things that you can make with accents including hummingbirds, butterflies, flowers, little mice and the like.
This one I think I enjoyed. There are lots of neat kitchen ideas and gadgets. I mean this is the very magazine that junks up the big drawer in the kitchen...with an onion peeler, a slicer apparatus for potatoes only, a corn on the cob peeler (why not just make a can of corn?), or wrap-around coasters (that are glorified sweatbands). I am not gonna lie...I almost bought something. But I didn't.

This one above may have been his...full of electronics and so on. Cameras, radios, ect.
above: "Sturbridge Yankee Workshop"... Didn't look at this one too close. Looked neat...but don't love much with "Yankee" on it but the candles.

wow...creative irish gifts...amazingly in demand. I bet it's full o' leprechons, beard trimmers, setters (bad joke), lucky charms, and ye ol' rainbows ending in pots o' gold!
This one above is interesting. Apparently there is an actual demand for women who are the new age-y, crystals, prisms, incense, kinda go-with-the-flow, but slightly angry, dragon-lover types. WHO KNEW? My previous owner did, that's who! I was so glad this came, though, cause I have been looking for this item (BELOW) and have not been able to find one for when the kids act up..and's reversible.

CREEPY!!! Seriously???
And the sign above it to the left says, "If you can't take the heat, then don't tickle the dragon!"

I was also glad to find this statue (below) will be perfect to have next to my new cape.

more interesting clothes above...

Then below is's called Catalog Favorites! In case you have searched them all and can't find what you are looking for OR if you need a Walmart one-stop-shop Catalog...they have one! It's got all the best sellers from Catalogs of all kinds. This one does include the freaky lady stuff too. But has some neat stuff too. Notice the tank top on the front center of the cover. It reads, "I feel a SIN comin' on." Not sure when one would pluck this jewel from the closet (or lair) and say, "Yes, I have the perfect occasion to wear this to!" Seriously when I imagine me walking around a Renaissance Festival and running in to the lady who I think may actually wear this...I get scared. I feel the need to run...and pray. Call me crazy, I don't know.
Below was another lovely selection that they are actually selling new. I was looking for these too...but I have not made it back to the year 1985 to get one yet. So was the previous owner an electronics usin', gadget buyin', cross stitchin', dragon-lovin', yankee leprechon? Probably not. Honestly I would hate to be judged by the junk that's still going to Tanglewood. :) She is probably happy to leave all this mess behind. And we are happy to laugh at it! :)

THIS is what I was looking for as I pilfered thru this pile. I love Real Simple. Notice someone got to it before, we don't have a dog. I also love Pottery Barn Kids, Oriental Trading, LLBean, JCrew, and so on. The others we get are just so entertaining! I will keep you all up to date on what graces our mail box! Until the next catalog.... :)

(And I have to agree with my sister-in-law Anna here (from the comments). She mentioned the reality of witchcraft and Satanism in this world. This is not to be taken lightly. God is bigger for sure and will prevail. But we can't ignore or just stand by and laugh...and not take it seriously.)


Anonymous said...

Melanie, God is more powerful than any force of darkness that exists out there. However, I wouldn't mess around, you know what I mean? I don't know if you and Daniel would be open to this, but maybe TONIGHT would be a good time to go into every room of your house and pray that GOD ONLY would dwell there. I don't say this to freak you out, you have nothing to fear. "He who is with us is greater than he who is in the world." (I wish I could remember the reference. Dad, if you read this, please fill it in!) I guess living in CO has really opened my eyes to the grasp Satan can have in people's lives. I don't take it very lightly. God bless you, and be victorious in the fight!

Lark said...

Mel, you had me laughing out loud. Seriously. Kevin had to come over and find out what I was reading.

Hey, and you can pass your catalogue love on to Daisy pretty easily I'm sure. After I get a once through on Oriental Trading or One Step Ahead, Amelia takes her 'magazines' and will look through them for about 30 minutes quietly sitting at a table. Whoa. I haven't decided whether I'm fostering a consumer mentality inside her 3 year old brain...I'm too busy getting something else done while she's occupied to think about it. She's kept some of the pages under her pillow at night, the ones with pirate treasure (aka, cheapo toys).

Baylee said...
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Bellamarin said...

Mel this was hilarious. I too am receiving previous owner catalogs and the only one I got out of yours is the freaky pyramid one. I get "just my Size" type of stuff and medical gear. They only lived here for 5 months! Hey email me I have a mini MOPS crisis to tell you about!

Rachel said...

Too funny! And I agree with Anna. Wow! That is some crazy stuff you are getting there. Was that Daisy with the Real Simple magazine? or Big Boy Isaac?

Michael and Hannah said...

There is a website you can go to and register to have all catalogs except the ones you request legally blocked... a friend sent it to me. I'll have to find it. It's meant to help save trees, but it looks like it could help keep the creepies away too.

Courtney said...

I think I may have wet myself reading that.

Then, I read Annas post. Now I am gonna cry!

Not really, but its something to think about.