Sunday, July 27

a little bit of nothing...

Hello all! We don't have much to share. I just thought I would give a general update on the latest in O Town.

We are learning our way around. However, I have been "lost" several, SEVERAL times since moving here...twice on our way to a play date. And when stressed out searching frantically for the location (cause I HATE being late) it's so comforting to hear, "Mom? Are we lost? Again? BUT I WANNA SEE KAAAATELYNNNNN!!!! WAAAA!" Seriously? Then I got lost once cause I mapquested something wrong. Another time when I got directions there were 3 locations with the same name, and of course I chose the wrong one. Once I went to the wrong park, all the way there excited that I knew where I was going this time. :( And then once it happened on my way back to my OWN HOME from Atlanta. I had been that way 20 times...but on the day that my children, mom and I had been on the road all day, I decided to take a 1 hour detour home. Ugh. I used to call myself "directionally challenged" until I developed a love for maps. :) Apparently my love has not been enough to carry me around Orlando.

Anywho...we broke down and bought the Sea World passes. Apparently it's the best one to get (and by best I mean cheapest). Pay for a day of admission and get in for the year. We ventured there on Saturday. It was BOILING hot. We were there about 2 1/2 hours. And that was LONG enough. We will do that park in small chunks. And maybe never go on a summer Saturday again. :)

Me and Daisy on the far right.
Daisy's version of "raising her hands" on the ride.

We finally got to go to the Dr Phillips Splash Park. (We have tried but weather has been in the way.) Here are some pics of the kids playing. I met a new friend! YIPEE! Her name is Michelle. She is in the book study I have been going to. She has 2 kids. She is very sweet. We met at this park to play. About 10 minutes after arriving, Daisy fell and scraped her knees and toe really bad. She had blood running down her little legs. :( But she made a full recovery and played again. But don't think there has not been added drama and milking those wounds for all they are worth for the last 5 days!!!

Daisy and Julia were fast friends!

Info on the kids...

Daisy is just so sweet. She is cracking us up with her comments and thoughts on things. Of course she is now asking questions about her body, mine and Daddy's. They may not be appropriate for the blog. But it's too funny.

She loves to "do art" and color, paint, stickers...whatever. I love to that works out. She still loves to dress up. Tragedy hit when I was carrying Isaac and, not seeing her tiara on the floor, crushed it with my foot. Whew...felt bad about that. Here was her response, "MOM!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT? sob, sob. I LOOOOVED my tiara. It was so beautiful..and now it's NAAAAAAT (not)!" (I predict that after reading this news, the Grandmothers will respond immediately and we will receive several tiaras via mail this week. :) ) I told her we would try to find another one. Again her response was, "But THIS one was the MOST beautiful! We will NEVER find another one!" whew...the drama. Since she is still a little vague on the difference between "accident" and "on purpose" this all went on for DAYS. Luckily it has died down some. I have finally snuck (is that a word?) the pieces of the tiara (that she has been lamenting over and then giving me death looks) away to see if she notices. If not...then I will toss them out.

She also loves Memory. And she is good! She loves TV...but we are limiting that these days. She loves the pool. She still says, "Non't" (a combination of "no" and "don't" I guess.). She still sucks her fingers and LOVES her white blanket. She loves to listen to music and sing in the car.

On to Isaac. The baby is 11 months. NO WAY. The best part is that in one month I will be singing my own rendition of "Turn the beat around" by Gloria Estefan replacing "beat" with "seat" and my big boy will be able to see in the car!!! He is so big. Everywhere we go, if Isaac is there, he is the topic of conversation. His first word is "bah" for ball. He says it every time he sees one. He will say "ma-ma" and "da-da" but not specifically...but to both of us. He is sleeping well. Still not a super napper. But at least he takes 2 little ones. He is standing up on his own. He walks behind his walking toy. He will walk holding our fingers...but not on his own yet. He is so smiley. He has 4 and 1/2 teeth. One is on its way in. He has a love/hate relationship with balloons. He screams till he can hold one...and then screams when he holds it...and then screams when he lets it go. Nuts. And "non't" worry...I am watching him with this choking hazard.

We got to see Gary and Shelley this weekend. They were in town for a conference. Shelley even kept the kids for us so we could go listen to some classes! It was great!!
We got to see Hannah (Rhodes) and Michael Rogers on Friday. They were up for the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando. We met at Chick-Fil-A and caught up on life! (Wesley, her little boy, is missing from this pic.)

That's all! Have a great week!

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Michael and Hannah said...

We had a great time with y'all on Friday! I'm excited that you got Sea World passes - that will give us lots of opportunity to meet up for playdates! Wes wakes up every morning and asks to go see the whales and the dolphins again, please. Both of your kiddos are too cute and so sweet! So grateful to have you closer!