Monday, July 7

Orlando sites and the 4th

I wanted to show you some of the places we frequent in our new town. We live in Dr Phillips which in an area of town in Southwest Orlando. Daisy keeps asking us if "Dr Phillips" is a nick name for Dr Goldie (the Dr Dan works with) or if we know Dr Phillips. It is a hard concept to grasp for a 3 year old I guess. We are right in the thick of things . We are seriously a few short miles from tourist central. It's NUTS. We can avoid all that with ease. Or it's right at our finger tips. The shopping is pretty nice! Anywho...

Below is just Isaac chillin ' in the playroom.Below is our YMCA kid pool. It's zero grade meaning it starts a like 1 inch deep and goes down slowly. The deepest part in the "splash zone" is 1 ft 9 inches deep. It's great for me cause if I take the kids alone I can hold Isaac or let him splash and Daisy can play.

Below is a new park (maybe called Dr Phillips Park?) that we like. It's pretty neat. So neat in fact that Dan played on the equipment as much as Daisy did. There is also a "splash park" (no standing water...but just a ton of fountains and squirty things) that we have attempted to go to twice. But when we go in the afternoons so do the rain clouds...and thunder has closed it down. One of these days we will make it...and you will see pics. :)
There is a lake just behind this park. I must admit it makes me nervous. But it is pretty.

Below is a little bowl that you sit in and it spins. It doesn't need much of a push to keep it going.
As you can see...Dan couldn't resist.

This (below) is a staghorn fern which we hear is quite expensive. We have 2 in our yard. One is grown into a tree. This is the other hanging from a tree. We hear these can be up to 1000 dollars. Anyone know about these? Cause this one maybe as good as gone if it's worth something (I have home improvement ideas reflecting in my eyes as I look at this plant).
For the 4th, we went to the Dr Phillips Rotary Celebration. It was at Dr Phillips High School. There were bounce houses, games, face paint, bands/music, raffles, free massages (awesome!), and so on. We went early and headed out early. Supposedly you can stay and sit in the bleachers at the stadium and watch the Universal fireworks (Universal is across the street). They said that this year Universal construction was blocking the view. NOT that we were staying with our 2 kids to find it was fine with us. But as we got out of the car, you could hear the screams from Dueling Dragons. That's nuts. (in pic below look to top left...the roller coaster).
Below: Dan and Daisy dancing at the top of the bleachers.
We also did some small fireworks on our own. Daisy "liked" them...with a serious face. It reminded me of being little and doing them. Good times.

A personal firework fav was the snake. It was a small black circle that you lit and it grew into a snake as it burned. So apparently in the past too many kids ate the small black pieces LOADED with lead. They went to plan B and make a larger thing that makes 5 snakes at once when it's burning. Honestly, it's not the same. See for youself. What does it look like to you? A flaming pile of poo. Nice. Happy 4th.

We did them before she went to bed...nothing like fireworks at sunset. :) She didn't care.

Above: Daisy is "fascinated" with the sparkler...holding it...while sucking her fingers. :) "Time of my life MOM!"

OF COURSE I made the kids come in the back yard for some pics. Isaac didn't cooperate. But there were still some cute ones.

What chu talkin' 'bout Willis?

So we tried to see some of the parks fireworks in our yard but could only hear them. However...there were fireworks EVERYWHERE. I mean neighbors were setting off the big ones in our street. We walked down our street both ways after dark and had several spots to see them from. It was neat. Daisy couldn't sleep for all the booming and cracking outside. So Dan got her up to see them. She did really well and love it! I have high hopes for next year. Maybe we can go and see some!


Jeff and Beth said...

very cute. Beth is ready for delivery of big W. LOL Yall coming up for Chris's Bday in Sept?

see ya

torinem said...

How fun! I love Daisy's 4th dress! Oh, on a totally random note...we are looking for a new camera and yours seems to take good pictures, so I was wondering what type you have. Take care!

Lark said...

Awesome pool, awesome park! Pretty soon you are going to have awesome friends and will forget all about us :o(

Your pictures are great (isn't sunset great lighting?). I think I have the exact same shot of Amelia with a sparkler. Didn't quite like it and handed it back to me. She was a tad scared. We didn't do any 'snakes' with the kids this year but those were my favorite when I was little. Happy 4th!

Jesse Faris said...

The kiddos are looking precious as always! Glad you guys are enjoying your new area. I'm with Dais--who IS this Dr. Phillips and what amazing contribution did he make to Orlando?

(Um, so because I am a dork, I went to Wikipedia after typing that question and here is what I found:)
"The area of Dr. Phillips is named after Dr. Phillip Phillips, a Central Florida citrus magnate. He was responsible for several key innovations in the processing and packaging of orange juice. He owned thousands of acres of groves, stretching across nine Central Florida counties..."

sonyagraykey said...

I'm mega happy that Daisy's dress fits! (Langston loved it, too.) The pix of the kids look wonderful. I wish I could hold your squishy lug! He's so cute & solid. I can't believe how long Daisy's hair is! They are both beautiful!