Thursday, July 3


If you have a love for the following:

--watching people fall (like on America's Funniest Home Videos)
--watching chinese game shows on Spike TV
--sarcasm at its finest
--commentary in sports
--a little Double Dare with Mark Sommers (circa 1989?)

PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU to watch WIPEOUT on ABC on Tuesdays nights at 8 (I think thats the time...we DVR'd it). Daniel and I watched it last night and I had to pause it from laughing so hard. I was crying! IT WAS A SCREAM. At first this large group of people (old, young, cocky, shy, men, women, small, NOT small) all attempted this one course. They were all timed and the top 12 would advance. As the competition progresses the group gets smaller and smaller and the winner gets 50, 000 big ones. The replays of the falls are hilarious just by themselves. But the 2 guys commentating add some HILARITY to the mix. One of my fav quotes of the show was when a NOT small, NOT athletic guy started the course running down a hill and slipped in the water before getting on the foam bridge. The commentator said, "I feel compelled to note that was NOT a part of the obstacle course." HA...(maybe you had to be there).

Anywho...for a summer season of no Greys, DH, 24, Office or the like...this will certainly do. :)

If I have peeked your interest...please take time to watch this clip. Its kinda long...but you will enjoy it!


Uncle Sam said...

This was on when I turnedthe TV on. Funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I think it is impossible to get over the top of the big balls.

Cory said...

It is hilarious! Cammie doesn't like when the people fall off the balls. She seems very worried about them. :) I still think the MXC show on Spike is funnier. I would LOVE to be on the show!