Thursday, August 28

Worth the Wedgie (and other assorted pics)...

Well we have a cool YMCA less than a mile from our house. Being that we are new to town and don't have much of a social life...we frequent the Y (this is a slight understatement). We love the workout facilities, the childcare, the classes but most all....we love the POOL and zero grade Splash Zone thing they have. Daisy LOVES the slide. It's called the Red Rocket. When you see Daisy after one ride you may say to yourself, "Red Rocket INDEED!" She loves it SO MUCH in fact...that she will bare this....

for this...

WOWZERS!!!! I have asked her if it hurt, if I can fix it...and she never slows down enough for me to get to it. I have fixed it once...and it returned to wedgie central not long after. :) HA! I guess if she doesn't mind I don't either. Until I start getting "looks" from the other moms who see it... :)

Isaac at the pool...see the afternoon storm approaching?


In other news...
Daisy started pre-school at a church not far from here (She call it High School). She has Mrs. Rachdan...and loves her. She came by before school started for a home visit. It was so cool to meet her ahead of time! And she brought Daisy her school bag that we had to decorate before the first day. What fun! Daisy goes Tues/Thurs am. Isaac and I turn to errand running fools while she is gone to school. :) Today was the first day we got "family project" that we have to complete and return to school. Pretty neat idea.

(Pics taken her first week of school...guess above is the model pose?)

More random...
Here is what was "added" while my family was here. We got to decorate some...and here are some parts that got spiffed up. We got the furniture and lamps from IKEA (AWESOME!). The rest is junk I had. The frames were cheap and I have printed some pics I have taken of the kids and turned them sepia...and put those in there. Added personal touch (I think that was Courtney Steeds idea...Way to go!).
This is what we wound up doing under that window in the den. (above)

Daisy's added decor...

This is in the foyer.

Saturday, August 23

Meet "Doug"

OK...this is random. But funny. Well, funny to us. If you don't think so, it's ok. I understand. But I have to record this in case it takes. :) So Daisy was playing in the kitchen and I came in carrying Isaac who had just gotten up from sleeping. At our house we usually gasp and greet those we see in the morning with a perky "I-am-so-glad-to-see-you-sweet-baby-boy/girl." It usually goes something like this...


Well, today Daisy exclaims, "Well hey DUG!" Which to us sounds like "Doug" and we are looking around the kitchen for some breaking-and-entering grown man. But no...she means Isaac. Cracking us up! So now his new nick name is DOUG (No offense to anyone with this name. But that just doesn't sound as my-sweet-precious-baby-boy as "Bug" did.).

Isaac will thank Daisy for this later when we are cheering him on in whatever he does in High School (football? track? math team?) and we are all yelling, "GO DOUG!!!!" :)

can't sleep...guess I will blog.

Well this is what I get for going to bed at 9 pm 2 nights in a row. Insomnia. Lovely. So then I can be groggy when I get up with the kids (of course it's my turn tomorrow to get up with them). Of all things! I mean I am a mother of small children...I could nap at any point in the day if given the opportunity. But here I am at 2:23 am...bright eyed and bushy tailed (what does that even mean and where did it come from?). goes some seriously random thoughts...

Few kid details I need to record:

She loves to pretend.
LOVES IT. She always incorporates whoever is around assigning us parts. "Ok, Mom, I am going to be the beautiful princess Sleeping Beauty, call me that, ok? And you can be the evil Queen that tries to get me but won't." Ok Dais. With the Olympics being on TV a lot she had been diggin' the gymnastics. As we watch she declares that she is "Nastia Liukin (said like one word) Princess" and performs in the den with her swimsuit on. I think she picked her out to like since she wore a pink leotard one night to compete. :) Anywho...she also wants Dan to be Nastia's Dad in the pretending. She makes him spot her on "hard parts" of her routine and even hug at the end. HILARIOUS. The move she called for Dad the Russian spotter was her placing her hands on the coffee table, hiking up her left leg like a dog and kicking it out and in quickly over and over. Wouldn't you need a spotter for that? Way to go Dan. :) In other pretending...she has a book called Daisy the Doctor. It's an Usborne book which I love (gotta check into these if you haven't!). She was Daisy the Doctor one day examining all her patients using the names and ailments of the characters in the book. I was impressed. I was assigned the part of Alice, Daisy's reception desk worker who in the book happens to be in a wheel chair. Random, I know, but true. Maybe I was given this part cause I was sitting in the computer chair? I am not sure. But I was "making appointments" for her patients and so on when the urge to go #2 hit "Daisy the Doctor." She takes off to the potty. And moments later I hear from down the hall, "ALLLLICE!!! I WENT POO POO! CAN YOU COME WIPE ME?" That was where the story broke down for me. I mean how can the handicapped receptionist be asked to roll down the hall to wipe the doctor? Nope. Alice has to draw the line somewhere. :)

As we watched mens gymnastics Daisy asked me, "Mom, how come those men still have muscles even when they are not doing this (flexing her arms) anymore?"

She also thinks that her BePops looks like Bob Costas. Everytime he is on anchoring the Olympics she tells me, "Hey! That looks like BePops!"

As you all may have heard, Fay is dumping rain on us. We've had constant rain since Tuesday. I have not seen this constant of rain since I lived in Birmingham. (But the upside is I am not worried about my potted palms now! :)) Daisy looked out our window and said, "Man, this weather is soggy. I think I even see some sog out there!" what?

If Dan or I are not smiling at her (meaning we have any other face on than smiling) she says, "Are you upset about me?"

Above pretending with Daddy at Isaac's party. her NastiaLiukin outfit with Aunt Julie.
Sofia and Daisy (her BF from Gainesville). They came by to visit us after flying in from NY. SO good to see them. Daisy LOVED it too.

Taking more and more steps each day. He has some little train Robeez and I think they are 12 months...too small. FAT sweet to kiss. He loves to be held. He sucks his fingers all the time like Daisy. He copies us driving cars on the floor and then up on himself. He makes noise when moving the car. CUTE. He is cutting his upper left 1st year molar. I have had to put our trash behind a baby gate...not cause we have a dog...cause we have Isaac. :) I have caught him with his little dimpled paws in the trash several times. He is finally (after 12 long months) assisting us a little when we hold him (he'll grip us a little with his inside arm).
above: nose smooshed to the glass....

I guess I am getting a little tired now. I think I will try to go back to bed.

Wednesday, August 20

Isaac turned ONE!

Happy Birthday Isaac!

He turned one year old! I can't believe he is not a baby anymore. The last year has crept by and flown by...the oxymoron of raising young children. We had a little party for him here in O town. Since we call him "Bug" it was a bug theme. You know one year old parties are kinda weird. You wanna celebrate but really....the kid has NO IDEA. So there is the fine line of going all out or just celebrating with those you KNOW are just as crazy about your one year old as you are. :) Cause for all Isaac knows, we are at church, or MOPS or small group when there's lots of people's all the same the him! :) My whole family (Dad, Mom, Scott and Julie) flew in town for the big event. It was so fun to have them all here and for my siblings to see the house.

Isaac had fun at the party! He seemed to enjoy the cupcake he devoured. :) He got some "boy toys" that he needed. He loves balls, trucks, and cars. (He had found the 3 cars we owned before him...a Polly pocket car, the sparkly car for a small Barbie and a red match box car that showed up at our house one day. Those were his favs! Now he has more. :))
above: Disaster of the chocolate bug cupcakes.

(Can you tell Daisy chose the colors of the balloons to hang?)
DID NOT like the party hat at first. We had to try again later.
Jen and Jamie Russell
watching Isaac dig into the cupcake...

We had a great time seeing our friends and hanging out!

Isaac at 12 months: He is saying "bah", "ma", "da", "mo"...those are the ones we understand. The rest is screaming and jibberish. He loves balls and things with wheels. He sleeps well. He still crawls mostly. But 2 days after his bday he started taking more steps several times a day and would stand back up to try again. YEA! He is doing more each day. He is still is Daisy's number one fan. She is HILARIOUS to him. In the mornings when I got get him from bed he just looks at me thru his sleepy eyes and then looks at the door like, "are you gettin' me outta here?" But the moment he sees Daisy...ALL SMILES...even if she has not smiled at him. I am glad he loves his sister. He loves his little car we push him in on walks. But he now tries to stand and surf in it...not sit. He is not a big TV fan. Bummer. He loves to be outside. He loves to wrestle with his Daddy. He is taking to a little sheep blanket we have in his crib. He climbs on everything. He is still a stinker at going for cords and outlets. Last week he learned to pull the outlet protectors out...nice. He is a BIG lug but sweet boy.


The week before the party my Dad flew in to hang out with us. It was great! My back was killing me and he turned into Isaac's "pick me up" slave. Isaac was in heaven. He would go to Papa and look back at me like, "I don't need you." Dad was SUPER helpful. Isaac got "the runs" and a BIG BAD diaper rash (like the kind that they scream like you are killing them when they poop and when you change them). It was pretty miserable. We had to bath him several times a day. Dad was such a trooper...he was right in the middle of it! He changed diapers, took him outside to calm him down, bathed him, fed him, was a long couple of days. Dad did it all...dishes, played with the kids, helped with chores, worked in the name it...he did it! It was great! See the proof below.

Isaac loves the little drawer under the oven.
Papa and Daisy dancing the den.
Pooped out after all that dancing!

Thanks so much Dad! It was so fun!!!!!!

We also did a little decorating while the fam was in town. I will post pics of all that later. :)

Monday, August 11

Forgot one thing...

As we were leaving Sea World yesterday we saw this...

To quote my sisters line in this situation, "Hey kid....crack kills." :) HILARIOUS. And he busted me getting his pic!

Sea World Addicts

Well as crazy as it seems, we went to Sea World again. We got the passes for the year and are trying to make it worth it! Actually you just pay for an annual pass the same amount you pay for a day pass. We have still YET to see the whole park and all the shows...even though this was our 3rd time. But it works out best just to take the kids for a few hours at a time. We live about 10 mins from there so it's no big deal to decide to go and make it happen. Last night was great. It was cooling off in the evening and the crowds were all pouring out as we were coming in. Those people looked exhausted! We saw the stingrays and the dolphins. We caught the dolphin show too.

Daisy requested I take a pics of her doing this...(above). Notice her sunglasses? "Mom, I have to wear these so my eyes don't squat." (or squint...whatever).

Dais, Dan and Isaac watching the stingrays.
Dais looking for dolphins!
She saw them...and what else can you do when you see dolphins and hear music...BUT ballet?? :)

Below: the dolphin and whale show...

above: Daisy waving to the Princess of the show.
Isaac's side profile...isn't he starting to look a little like Terry Bradshaw (google him if you don't know)? Bald on top and long and blonde on the back? :)

The above pic looks like "I have conquered this part of Sea World. Where to now? Giddy up Dad."

And I have to mention the Beijing Opening Ceremonies....OH MY GOODNESS. It was pretty stinkin' awesome. If you missed it, it would be worth your time to you tube some of it!