Saturday, August 23

can't sleep...guess I will blog.

Well this is what I get for going to bed at 9 pm 2 nights in a row. Insomnia. Lovely. So then I can be groggy when I get up with the kids (of course it's my turn tomorrow to get up with them). Of all things! I mean I am a mother of small children...I could nap at any point in the day if given the opportunity. But here I am at 2:23 am...bright eyed and bushy tailed (what does that even mean and where did it come from?). goes some seriously random thoughts...

Few kid details I need to record:

She loves to pretend.
LOVES IT. She always incorporates whoever is around assigning us parts. "Ok, Mom, I am going to be the beautiful princess Sleeping Beauty, call me that, ok? And you can be the evil Queen that tries to get me but won't." Ok Dais. With the Olympics being on TV a lot she had been diggin' the gymnastics. As we watch she declares that she is "Nastia Liukin (said like one word) Princess" and performs in the den with her swimsuit on. I think she picked her out to like since she wore a pink leotard one night to compete. :) Anywho...she also wants Dan to be Nastia's Dad in the pretending. She makes him spot her on "hard parts" of her routine and even hug at the end. HILARIOUS. The move she called for Dad the Russian spotter was her placing her hands on the coffee table, hiking up her left leg like a dog and kicking it out and in quickly over and over. Wouldn't you need a spotter for that? Way to go Dan. :) In other pretending...she has a book called Daisy the Doctor. It's an Usborne book which I love (gotta check into these if you haven't!). She was Daisy the Doctor one day examining all her patients using the names and ailments of the characters in the book. I was impressed. I was assigned the part of Alice, Daisy's reception desk worker who in the book happens to be in a wheel chair. Random, I know, but true. Maybe I was given this part cause I was sitting in the computer chair? I am not sure. But I was "making appointments" for her patients and so on when the urge to go #2 hit "Daisy the Doctor." She takes off to the potty. And moments later I hear from down the hall, "ALLLLICE!!! I WENT POO POO! CAN YOU COME WIPE ME?" That was where the story broke down for me. I mean how can the handicapped receptionist be asked to roll down the hall to wipe the doctor? Nope. Alice has to draw the line somewhere. :)

As we watched mens gymnastics Daisy asked me, "Mom, how come those men still have muscles even when they are not doing this (flexing her arms) anymore?"

She also thinks that her BePops looks like Bob Costas. Everytime he is on anchoring the Olympics she tells me, "Hey! That looks like BePops!"

As you all may have heard, Fay is dumping rain on us. We've had constant rain since Tuesday. I have not seen this constant of rain since I lived in Birmingham. (But the upside is I am not worried about my potted palms now! :)) Daisy looked out our window and said, "Man, this weather is soggy. I think I even see some sog out there!" what?

If Dan or I are not smiling at her (meaning we have any other face on than smiling) she says, "Are you upset about me?"

Above pretending with Daddy at Isaac's party. her NastiaLiukin outfit with Aunt Julie.
Sofia and Daisy (her BF from Gainesville). They came by to visit us after flying in from NY. SO good to see them. Daisy LOVED it too.

Taking more and more steps each day. He has some little train Robeez and I think they are 12 months...too small. FAT sweet to kiss. He loves to be held. He sucks his fingers all the time like Daisy. He copies us driving cars on the floor and then up on himself. He makes noise when moving the car. CUTE. He is cutting his upper left 1st year molar. I have had to put our trash behind a baby gate...not cause we have a dog...cause we have Isaac. :) I have caught him with his little dimpled paws in the trash several times. He is finally (after 12 long months) assisting us a little when we hold him (he'll grip us a little with his inside arm).
above: nose smooshed to the glass....

I guess I am getting a little tired now. I think I will try to go back to bed.


Brittany said...

I love your pictures! My favorite is the one of Doug looking out the window! Too Cute!

Whitney said...

Melanie, I have to admit I have been totally neglectful about blogging and keeping mine current recently. HOWEVER, this evening, I sat down to check out the blogroll and to post news from the Hardy household. Your story about Daisy/Nastia me had me literally laughing out loud... hard. I am still at work, although we're all locked up and I've called it quits. I still feel silly sitting at my desk laughing so hard I can't even read because my eyes are closing! Just thought you'd like to know that I got much enjoyment from your Daisy story. Hope you all are doing well!