Sunday, August 3

the hard life of a Daisy

We got in the car today at 7:43 pm after an afternoon at Sea World with some new friends. This is what I hear whining from the back seat...

"MOM!? Is this all? ALL we got to do today was go to church and then go to Sea World? Ugh."

Seriously? She was so put out. It may have been a weak attempt at getting us to go to a "restaurant" for dinner like she loves to do. But no dice sister. It's a hard knock life for Dais. Worship the Lord in the morning, enjoy the BOUNCY HOUSE in her classroom (yes, there was a mini one in her Bible class), come home to eat, hit Sea World at 2 pm, see a Shamu show, ride a roller coaster, see sharks and penguins, play in the kiddie water section....I mean after all that wouldn't you say the same thing? Sheesh...give me a break! :)


Courtney said...

I know right? We get no credit!

Oh, and LOVE the new template. I want a new one but cant figure out how to make it work!

Lindy said...

cute new layout mel! Keep the Daisy quotes a commin'! so presh!