Wednesday, August 20

Isaac turned ONE!

Happy Birthday Isaac!

He turned one year old! I can't believe he is not a baby anymore. The last year has crept by and flown by...the oxymoron of raising young children. We had a little party for him here in O town. Since we call him "Bug" it was a bug theme. You know one year old parties are kinda weird. You wanna celebrate but really....the kid has NO IDEA. So there is the fine line of going all out or just celebrating with those you KNOW are just as crazy about your one year old as you are. :) Cause for all Isaac knows, we are at church, or MOPS or small group when there's lots of people's all the same the him! :) My whole family (Dad, Mom, Scott and Julie) flew in town for the big event. It was so fun to have them all here and for my siblings to see the house.

Isaac had fun at the party! He seemed to enjoy the cupcake he devoured. :) He got some "boy toys" that he needed. He loves balls, trucks, and cars. (He had found the 3 cars we owned before him...a Polly pocket car, the sparkly car for a small Barbie and a red match box car that showed up at our house one day. Those were his favs! Now he has more. :))
above: Disaster of the chocolate bug cupcakes.

(Can you tell Daisy chose the colors of the balloons to hang?)
DID NOT like the party hat at first. We had to try again later.
Jen and Jamie Russell
watching Isaac dig into the cupcake...

We had a great time seeing our friends and hanging out!

Isaac at 12 months: He is saying "bah", "ma", "da", "mo"...those are the ones we understand. The rest is screaming and jibberish. He loves balls and things with wheels. He sleeps well. He still crawls mostly. But 2 days after his bday he started taking more steps several times a day and would stand back up to try again. YEA! He is doing more each day. He is still is Daisy's number one fan. She is HILARIOUS to him. In the mornings when I got get him from bed he just looks at me thru his sleepy eyes and then looks at the door like, "are you gettin' me outta here?" But the moment he sees Daisy...ALL SMILES...even if she has not smiled at him. I am glad he loves his sister. He loves his little car we push him in on walks. But he now tries to stand and surf in it...not sit. He is not a big TV fan. Bummer. He loves to be outside. He loves to wrestle with his Daddy. He is taking to a little sheep blanket we have in his crib. He climbs on everything. He is still a stinker at going for cords and outlets. Last week he learned to pull the outlet protectors out...nice. He is a BIG lug but sweet boy.


The week before the party my Dad flew in to hang out with us. It was great! My back was killing me and he turned into Isaac's "pick me up" slave. Isaac was in heaven. He would go to Papa and look back at me like, "I don't need you." Dad was SUPER helpful. Isaac got "the runs" and a BIG BAD diaper rash (like the kind that they scream like you are killing them when they poop and when you change them). It was pretty miserable. We had to bath him several times a day. Dad was such a trooper...he was right in the middle of it! He changed diapers, took him outside to calm him down, bathed him, fed him, was a long couple of days. Dad did it all...dishes, played with the kids, helped with chores, worked in the name it...he did it! It was great! See the proof below.

Isaac loves the little drawer under the oven.
Papa and Daisy dancing the den.
Pooped out after all that dancing!

Thanks so much Dad! It was so fun!!!!!!

We also did a little decorating while the fam was in town. I will post pics of all that later. :)


Micah, Amy & Nicolae said...

LOVE the pics! can you believe the boys are 1?! looks like he had such a fun time with his cake :)

Jessica said...

I feel bad that I didn't get a birthday card in the mail to Isaac. I am so good about those things...and it just slipped my mind! So sorry! It looks like he had a great time! That's so awesome that all of your family got to be there to celebrate with Isaac. I'm sure it was a super fun weekend! ...and your Dad, is so great too...I'm super jealous :)

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the cupcakes and decorations and food for the party was SUPER - and I was there to see it myself! Nothing pleases Jeeg and Memomo more than happy grandbabies with happy parents. We had a wonderful time. I'm already counting down to the "3 weeks" for next visit- a big shout out to Sarah Jones for getting married in Atlanta :)

Love, JeJe

sonyagraykey said...

Mel, 1.big props to your dad! 2. happy b'day to the bug! :) I can't believe it has been a year since your guy was born! (And that we've only seen him once.) :( Hugs & kisses from our fam to yours. Miss y'all!

Lark said...

I think the cupcakes looked adorable! (and yummy too!)

torinem said...

Happy Birthday to Isacc! I can't believe he's one! Your cupcakes were too cute!

Baby Hayden's Blog: said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!! What a fun theme! I'll come visit the next time I'm in Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Mel, I can't believe he's one. I knew it was this month but couldn't remember the date. Happy Birthday Isaac!!!
PS...I wish I had your creativity. The cupcakes look great.
PSS.. What ever happened to the greeting card business? I saw the sign you made!!!You've still got it! Love, Kristy Cox

The Wagners said...

I cannot believe Issac is already one. Happy Birthday! I still remember the little froggy baby curled up on my chest sleeping while I just sat in dreamy baby mode for about 30 minutes...with Phil calling two times and me still holding the baby! Isaac was the best "scrunchie" baby!