Thursday, August 7

the new decor

So what do you think? I actually feel a little overwhelmed. I don't know if I like all the extra fluff on a blog. Sometimes it's too busy and makes it hard to read. But maybe I will get used to it. Changing it freaks me out since I am so afraid that I will accidentally delete my entire blog since 2006. So it's going to stay put for now. For those of you who check this blog on Google the link to see the new "Keeping Up with the Joneses."

We had a fun day yesterday. We got to go see Carol Burless and her sweet new baby boy Brady. Daisy played with Katelyn and had a blast! I was enjoying my time holding Brady till Isaac became Demolition Man...and I had to run interference so he would not destroy the place. Carol and baby are doing great. And we loved hanging out!

Then we got to see Jen Russell and Shelley yesterday. Jen just returned from this AMAZING 23 day camping adventure across the country. They saw all kinds of cool things. I got to see all her pics. She had some hilarious stories to tell! I wish I would have gone! But we were all happy to see her cause it had been a while. She goes to Harding in a few weeks. Go Bison! :)

My book study ended last night which is a bummer. It was a group of moms that discussed lots of topics from the chapters we read. We read "What every mom needs" by Morgan and Kuykendall (MOPS leaders). I learned a lot from this group and this book. It was great.

Isaac has been Fussy Fusserton for the last 3 days. He did cut a tooth (4th one on top) on Monday. But he is always wanting me to hold him...AND IT'S KILLING ME AND MY BACK. He just can't be made happy. I am hoping it's not his ears...but he is sleeping his usual time at night with no I am thinking not the ears. I don't know. So goes the GIANT guessing game of babies/toddlers till they can say, "Hey Mama, my ears hurt."

Isaac is also loving my outlets and cords. He now knows where they all are...when I move him from one he either persists to get to that one again or just moves on to the next electrical accident waiting to happen. I have the covers for the outlets...but this little booger is now trying to pull them off! And yesterday I saw him attempting to plug in my fan in my room...placing the plug toward the outlet! AHH! Little rascal... He is still just standing and cruising. No real interest in walking.


Anonymous said...

where is list of your favorite blogs? That is the way I kept up.
Love your stories.

Jeris and Holly said...

Love the stars. Also, you need to know that it is Go Bisons (There is an s at the end despite the fact that Harding is an institution of higher education and Bisons is grammatically incorrect.)

amber said...

Love this new look. I just checked it out. Is it really free? I might have to get one too. Then I MIGHT get inspired to write more. : )